Arizona is the darling of corona panic, and now it’s inside the Phoenix Cathedral

I am not breaking this news, it has been on the internet for hours. One of the priests at the cathedral parish has tested positive. They actually named the priest in an email that went out to parishioners, but I’m not going to print that here. I’m a little surprised they would do that.

His last public Mass was last Sunday at 6pm. The email reads, “His condition has steadily improved, and he has been taking extra precautions in the rectory for everyone’s health and safety.”

So sometime in the last six days, he got sick, got tested, came back positive, and has already “steadily improved?”

The rector, Fr. Lankeit, is urging anyone who attended Masses or came into contact with this priest to closely monitor for symptoms and get tested if warranted. The rector and the bishop have self-quarantined pending results of their tests.

If you’re a regular reader of this space, you know where I stand on this whole ordeal. Still, please join me in a prayer for these men and their parishioners. An act of charity does not go wasted.

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