“Antichrist will assume the role of Messiahs; his prophet will act the part of Pope; and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church.”

More breadcrumbs in the combox. There are a number of things to unpack here, but foremost are the quotes from Fr. E. Sylvester Berry, about whom you will be hearing more very shortly. Happy Sunday.

“The chiefs [bishops], the leaders of the people of God have neglected prayer and penance, and the demon has obscured their intelligence; they have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. God will allow the old serpent to place divisions among those who reign, in every society and in every family. Physical and moral agonies will be suffered; God will abandon mankind to itself and will send chastisements which will follow one after the other[…]” – excerpt taken from Our Lady of La Salette’s Secret to Mélanie Calvatin in September 19, 1846. In 1879, the full text received the imprimatur of Bishop Salvatore Luigi Zola, C.R.L., the Bishop of Lecce, Italy and Melanie sent a copy to Pope Leo XIII

“That Satan will [must] rule from the Vatican… the pope will be his [servant] slave.”
– St. Maximillian Kolbe heard this from Masons marching in Rome (16 Oct 1917)

“The Papacy will be attacked by all the powers of hell. In consequence the Church will suffer great trials and afflictions in securing a successor upon the throne of Peter… It is a matter of history that the most disastrous periods for the Church were times when the Papal throne was vacant, or when anti-popes contended with the legitimate head of the Church. Thus also shall it be in those evil days to come.” – Rev. E. Sylvester Berry, The Apocalypse of St. John (1921), p. 120-128

“The prophecies of the Apocalypse [book of Revelation] show that Satan will imitate the Church of Christ to deceive mankind; he will set up a church of Satan in opposition to the Church of Christ. Antichrist will assume the role of Messiahs; his prophet will act the part of Pope; and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church. There will also be lying wonders in imitation of the miracles wrought in the Church.” – Rev. E. Sylvester Berry, The Church of Christ: An Apologetic and Dogmatic Treatise (1927), p. 119

14 So the Lord cut off from Israel head and tail,
palm branch and reed in one day—
15 the elder and honored man is the head,
and the prophet who teaches lies is the tail;
16 for those who lead this people lead them astray, and those who are led by them are swallowed up.
– Isaiah 9:14-16 (RSVCE)

In Isaias 9:15-17, the tail is the symbol of lying, hypocrisy and false doctrines. – Rev. Herman Kramer, The Book of Destiny, pdf p. 201 (1955) [NOTE: The tail is also the symbol of error and deceit.]

“The tail of the devil is functioning in the disintegration of the Catholic world. The darkness of Satan has entered and spread throughout the Catholic Church even to its summit. Apostasy, the loss of the faith, is spreading throughout the world and into the highest levels within the Church.” – Pope Paul VI, October 13, 1977 in a formal address marking the 60th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun as quoted in the Milan-based daily Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, p. 7 of its issue dated October 14, 1977

“The Message of Fatima is a call to conversion, alerting humanity to have nothing to do with the “dragon” whose “tail swept down a third of the stars of Heaven and cast them to the earth” (Apoc. 12:4). […] In her motherly concern, the Blessed Virgin came here to Fátima to ask men and women “to stop offending God, Our Lord, who is already very offended.” It is a mother’s sorrow that compels her to speak; the destiny of her children is at stake. For this reason she asks the little shepherds: “Pray, pray much and make sacrifices for sinners; many souls go to hell because they have no one to pray and make sacrifices for them.” – Pope John Paul II Homily for the Beatification of Jacinta and Francisco at Fatima on May 13, 2000 [NOTE: “a third of the stars of Heaven” has been traditionally interpreted as fallen clergy; cardinals, bishops and priests who are at the service of Satan]

Anyone think the quotations above are happening now and continuing to enfold with each passing day?

8 thoughts on ““Antichrist will assume the role of Messiahs; his prophet will act the part of Pope; and there will be imitations of the Sacraments of the Church.””

  1. Source for the St. Maximillian Kolbe quote…
    – Rev. Karl Stehlin, The Immaculata Our Ideal – The Spirit of the Militia Immaculatæ according to Father Maximilian Kolbe, German edition copyright © 2004 by Fr. Karl Stehlin FSSPX English edition copyright © 2005 by Fr. Karl Stehlin FSSPX, English edition copyright © 2017 by Kolbe Publications, pdf p. 48

  2. Yes, we certainly do think these are the days foretold. We shudder to think we might be at the beginning and not the end. God be with us.

  3. The commentaries I have read regard the “third of the stars of Heaven” as fallen angels.

    This seems more consistent with other Scripture references to stars, such as Job 38:7, Daniel 8:10, Apocalypse 1:16-20.

    From numerous subsequent private revelations, it seems that the proportion of Catholics including clergy who will remain faithful and ultimately be admitted to Heaven will be substantially lower than two thirds, which applies to the angelic realm.

    I would be very happy to be shown that I am wrong on this, or have misunderstood something fundamental.

    1. At this point, I think it’s safe to assume that substantially less than a third of the worlds priests are willing to practice, teach and uphold the Church’s teachings no matter the consequences. In the US, I’d say we’d be lucky if one sixteenth of our shepherds would willingly be martyred rather than betray the Church. A few hours ago, Supremacist Justice Court leader, John Roberts, sided with the court’s liberals, striking down Louisiana’s requirement that abortionists have admitting rights to hospitals. Don’t expect much, if anything, to be said by our bishops and cardinals.

  4. Apocalypse 12 Verse 4 – His tail drew the third part of the stars: a great part of mankind. This is spoken with an allusion to the fall of Lucifer from heaven, with the rebellious angels, driven from thence by S. Michael. — According to Pastorini, this passage refers to the angels whom Lucifer drew after him by sin to the earth. Menochius interprets it of those bishops and eminent persons who fell under the weight of persecution, and apostatized. — And the dragon stood before the woman, &c. The devil is always ready, as far as God permits him, to make war against the Church and the faithful servants of God. The woman, the Church, brought a man child, or rather many men children, stout and valiant in the profession of the true faith, able to resist and triumph over the attempts of the persecutors in all nations, not of themselves, but by the grace and power of Jesus Christ, their protector, who is able to rule all nations as it were with a rod of iron, to frustrate all their attempts, and turn their hearts as he pleaseth. – Haydock Bible Commentary, pdf p. 547
    This Catholic commentary on the New Testament, following the Douay-Rheims Bible text, was originally compiled by Catholic priest and biblical scholar Rev. George Leo Haydock (1774-1849). This transcription is based on Haydock’s notes as they appear in the 1859 edition of Haydock’s Catholic Family Bible and Commentary printed by Edward Dunigan and Brother, New York, New York.

  5. Apocalypse 12 Verse 4 – The tail of the dragon represents the cunning hypocrisy with which he succeeds in deceiving a large number of people and pastors a third part of the stars. Arianism led away many bishops, priests and peoples. The pretended Reformation of the sixteenth century claimed still larger numbers but these cannot be compared to the numbers seduced by Satan in the days of Antichrist. The dragon stands before the woman ready to devour the child that is brought forth. Tn other words, the powers of hell seek by all means to destroy the Pope elected in those days. – Rev. E. Sylvester Berry, The Apocalypse of St. John (1921), p. 123

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