CDC finally admits TENS OF MILLIONS of people in the U.S. have already had the corona, never knew it, and LIVED

At least 20,000,000 people, most of whom never knew it. It’s a mild cold virus, in most people. HERE

And if 10x more people have had it then reported, you know what that means? It means the mortality rate is ten times lower than reported. Around 0.005, actually. But even that isn’t right, because almost all who died at the beginning were either purposely murdered by vent, murdered by forced contamination of congregate settings, or otherwise compromised/elderly/nursing homes. Meaning, the death rate moving forward in time with continue much lower.

I’m short on time today, but Denninger has two great write ups on this, including an explanation of why the corona is much more serious in some (very few) people:

How The NIH, Fauci And @RealDonaldTrump Killed Mom

OK, enough of the bull**** (again)

We know at this point Covid-19 is a bi-phasic disease.  That is, in most people it presents either asymptomatic or with mild to moderate flu-like symptoms.  That’s what the vast majority of people experience, including a very significant percentage of people at “high risk.”

Indeed even the CDC is now admitting that ten times the number of people that have “tested positive” have actually had Covid-19.  This, of course, means the death rate is 1/10th that reported.  I pointed this out — that the data we had was only supportable as valid if there was a monstrous number of people who were “silently” infected in March.

In some small percentage of the people infected they may or may not get that set of symptomology but irrespective of that they also get a far more-serious set.  These are the people who wind up the ICU and die.  We know what the co-morbidities are that greatly increase the risk of that happening — in some cases by a factor of 10 or more.  But there is no guarantee for anyone that they won’t get the more-serious set of conditions.

The NIH explicitly recommends against screening for two markers (sequentially, if necessary) that we know, through clinical experience and have known since March, are markers for the more-serious form of the disease when someone originally presents to a medical facility.  The cost of such a screening test is about $20.

Further, there are exactly zero circumstances under which a high reading on that first test is not indicative of a serious problem of some sort in the human body.  D-dimer, the test in question, is a byproduct of blood clotting; if it is elevated there is abnormal clotting activity going on somewhere; it does not tell you where, but it does tell you what.

One potential cause of the first test being abnormal is cardiac clotting.  That’s very bad for obvious reasons, and ruling it out costs about an additional $10-12 to test troponin level, which is a cardiac enzyme indicating distress in the heart muscle.  (If that one’s positive, by the way, you’re probably being admitted to the hospital, but not for Covid — for a serious heart problem!)…

Full article HERE

More pesky facts:

The Nasty On Coronavirus: Quick Hit

Presume the following, all of which are facts:

1. CDC says we have 10x as many people who have had Coronavirus as were tested (e.g. for every symptomatic tested we have 10 who never were and are either asymptomatic or think it’s something else — they sneeze, etc)  By the way, they really do say this — that’s not conjecture on my part.

2. We know there is material cross-immunity.  We knew this in February (Diamond Princess)

3. NY has recorded 390,000 positives.  Multiply by 10, that’s 3.9 million people.  This is almost-exactly 20% of the population.

4. If 50%, more or less, have cross-immunity the remaining susceptible population is approximately 30%.


This is why you can loot, burn and riot in NY, with zero social distancing, and nothing happens.  There should have been tens of thousands of primary infections from that event and over 100,000 secondary infections before the primary infected persons got sick enough to seek treatment in NY.  The facts are that this didn’t happen…

Full article HERE

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  1. And yet our governor just started another shutdown process in Texas.

    I’m so fed up with this stuff. These politicians play games instead of being truthful. Either cowardly or too lazy to do the right thing.

    Elections coming up, etc.

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