Sobering Assessment of the State of the Union and the World

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We’ve embraced no fault divorce, contraception, legalized abortion, not only decriminalized sodomy but use it to defile and mock the Sacrament of Matrimony, we’ve legalized abortion and have murdered tens of millions of unborn children, our latest is instituting federal protections for perversions, we have established as norm a culture of immodesty and slovenliness in dress and behavior, pornography is everywhere, our schools have banished prayer and instead indoctrinate our children with perversion… I could go on. God doesn’t intervene to save a people like that. He burns them down, or rather withdraws grace and allows them to destroy themselves under the weight of their many many grave sins (real sins not the “racism” baloney).

The fault lies with the Church militant. She has failed miserably in her duty. The errors of Russia have spread globally. Like an aggressive cancer they inhabit every nook and cranny of the host. The bloodthirsty marxists are so excited about the impending bloodbath and tyranny that they can’t contain themselves.

Heaven saw this coming and our Lord sent His Mother to instruct us in what we needed to do to avert all this. The Church ignored her. Divine intervention is what we want? I think the Lord might say in response (if I can be so bold), “I already intervened; at Fatima. I sent My Mother with My instructions, and promised Russia’s conversion and a peace upon the whole world. You ignored her, thereby ignoring Me.”

From Roberto de Mattei (I apologize if my comment goes long):

“When Vatican II opened in October 1962, Catholics from all over the world were waiting for the disclosing of the Third Secret and the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate heart of Mary.

“What better occasion for John XXIII ( died 3rd June 1963), Paul VI and with circa 3000 bishops gathered around them, in the very heart of Christendom, to meet Our Lady’s requests in a solemn and unanimous way? On February 3rd 1964, Monsignor Geraldo de Proença Sigaud, personally delivered to Paul VI, a petition signed by 510 prelates from 78 countries, which implored the Pontiff, in union with all the bishops, to consecrate the world and in an explicit manner, Russia, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The Pope and most of the Council Fathers ignored the appeal.

“If the Consecration request had been done, great graces would have poured down on humanity. A movement of a return to the natural and Christian law would have begun. Communism would have fallen many years earlier, in an non-fictitious way, but authentic and real. Russia would have converted and the world would have experienced an age of peace and order. Our Lady had promised this.

“The failed consecration allowed Russia to continue spreading its errors throughout the world and these errors conquered the highest ranks of the Church, inviting a terrible chastisement for all of humanity. Paul VI and the majority of the Council Fathers assumed a historical responsibility for which today we gauge the consequences.”

He is absolutely right. Subsequent Popes as well.

In addition (and I won’t cut and paste anymore) on the ordo dei blog a story related about a certain Father Robert I. Bradley, S.J., who was at the council. After the council had closed, Paul VI, addressing the assembled bishops, proposed to restore an older title of our Blessed Mother and address her as “Mater Ecclesiae” (Mother of the Church). Father Bradley reported that the response was an audible hiss. A hiss! Delivered in response to such a worthy proposal to honor our Mother and our Queen, by bishops of all people and in St. Peter’s! The thought of that will disturb me for the rest of my life.

Now like all good Italian sons I think my mother is a saint (but still pray for her in case she’s still in purgatory which is my duty in general but to her in particular under the 4th commandment). And if my mother were treated thus by people who should know better, I’d probably be moved to a fury. And I am nothing. The Lord’s mother IS a saint, Queen of the saints in fact. And Her Son is Everything, where I am nothing. Imagine His reaction to His Mother being hissed by His bishops in His basilica! I wouldn’t want to be in their loafers.

Now why would they do such a thing? No supernatural faith in my opinion. And because such a title might get in the way of the almighty “ecumenism.” So let’s appease protestant heretics and followers of heathen religions who are indifferent to the Mother of God at best and outright hate her at worst. Her Son will understand, right? Insanity.

Abp. Vigano is right: this is a supernatural battle. And no way anything in the world gets cleaned up until the Church first gets straightened out. And with the mad Argentine running around, an episcopacy filled with effeminates, modernists, and various and sundry poofs; that doesn’t look to be imminent.

Ignore Our Lady of Fatima, hiss Our Lady Mater Ecclesiae, and now the Church and the world are reaping it.

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  1. Excellent post from J T Liuzza. All true. Now we await the Great Chastisement unfolding presently in our midst. Let us prepare ourselves and help others spiritually as best we can. The sunlight at the end will be a reformed Catholic Church with few members. Let us pray we are among them.

  2. Fantastic comment JT Luizza!! May the soul of your mom Rest In Peace.
    Thank You God for sending us strong prayerful support by way of comments, blogs and podcasts. My family is truly blessed sharing these resources with each other.

  3. a thoroughly excellent summary. We ARE on the edge of the apocalypse….these are just the birth pangs….it’s going to get much much worse.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, especially those regarding my mother. Mark and Ann in the recent podcast along with Dr. Mazzo discussed the Katechon of 2Thessolonians. They presented it in the context of the sitting Pope, being the bulwark against the final onslaught of the enemy, abdicating that role and thereby allowing the enemy free reign.

    It occurs to me as a re-read my remarks how much they describe the parallel of that, i.e. the Church of the council abdicating her role in the service of indifferentism which they called ecumenism. The Vicar of Christ the King willingly surrendering the Triregnum and following that up with a surrender of authority via collegiality, morphing into bishop’s conferences and synodality. The self-neutering of the Katechon indeed. And the enemy ran free.

    And then further the parallel to Adam’s abdication in the garden, he being the precursor of the Katechon, if you will, given headship and thereby charged with the protection of his queen and his race. He shirked his duty and thereby unleashed the enemy on us all.

    1. OK, that’s just….wow. Thank you for this insight…seriously….it helps make sense of a LOT.
      God bless you….keep writing!

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