Let’s continue to keep all the schools closed, because there might be lightning. It’s for the children, you know.

It’s almost as if this were a mild chest cold in young, healthy people. But in the older and/or compromised population, people die in Covid-related ways. So we should certainly make everyone stay home and cancel 33 million jobs.


When they tell you no one is allowed outside or to go back to work until the virus is totally gone, ask them if we also have to stay inside until lightning doesn’t exist.

4 thoughts on “Let’s continue to keep all the schools closed, because there might be lightning. It’s for the children, you know.”

  1. This is obviously not about the virus. The virus is dumb. Anyone who can’t see that is already lost down the rabbit hole. The virus is merely the useful mechanism and propaganda device through which they get to declare an “emergency”, cancel representative government with its checks and balances constitutional rule of just law, and place dictator power in the personal possession of very active and inter-coordinating Executives.

    Why? Revolution. A bloodless (so far) revolution.

    You cannot create a failed Green New Deal Communist society in an economically strong America. No one would choose such a thing, ever, except the evil, insane apparatchiks. Kill the economy. Kill government. Nurture fear. Nurture submission. Burn all we knew to the ground. Out of that, there are possibilities for the motivated and focused communist True Believers.

    They couldn’t creat panic from Global Warming as the existential threat to our existence. But the Covid zombie virus – the walking “dead“ who don’t even know they’re dead (the two week incubation) – that will “kill“ everyone on the planet if we don’t do e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g they say in precise detail (very important to inform on your former friends, neighbors, family who fail to comply) – that seems to have turned the trick for these commies. We relate to a virus and stories of people who die, normal annual virus fatalities dressed up by the multi-media fear machine as the zombie apocalypse.

    It is absolutely crucial we stop complying with these illegal, immoral orders and throw sand in their emergency government gears to break their machine before they impose it deep into everyone’s inner psyche and make former free men and women into submissive communist drones.

  2. I’ve tried to post “Out Of Touch“, by Kevin James, twice now. Double checked it, the second time. Both times came up “quarantine birthday”.

    YouTube sucks.

    Watch it, though. Out Of Touch. So relevant.

    Sorry about the extra YouTube’s, Mark. You have my permission to delete one of them. Maybe you can get Out Of Touch to post instead. It’s quite good.

  3. The idea of colleges shutting down is complete insanity unsupported by any statistical data

    Based upon Coronafraud, sure. But there are other stats that may justify closure, starting with the ratio of useful:useless degrees.

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