3 thoughts on “Fun with maps and fractions”

  1. Yes, leading one to the conclusion that Democrats die at a higher rate or the numbers are fake or the people were just killed off. Probably all three are true.

    I’m waiting for the study that will show that more folks died from the ‘lockdown’ than the virus. See William Briggs answer to my comment. https://wmbriggs.com/post/30804/

  2. enough said. might want to include table of the ages of fatalities. 82% over 65 in NC as of two days ago.

  3. We shut down our nation for this. Destroyed our economy for this map of green. Declared a “pandemic” emergency and shut down representative government for this nation going through a normal flu season.

    And within those tiny yellow and red hardest hit areas, almost exclusively all the deaths are in tiny little pockets of Long Term Care facilities.

    Our Covid response reminds me of our response to 9-11: Muslim terrorists are an identified threat to America, so set up an aviation security agency (TSA) tasked with randomly body checking every passenger … EXCEPT Muslims. Checking Muslims would be racist so focus on young and aged Caucasians – and create long lines and stupid rules just for them.

    Covid response is to lock down everyone not at risk, suspend constitutional liberties, crash the economy, kill jobs, businesses and send (in the case of NY) all the Covid sick to the LTC facilities that are most at risk. ?!?

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