They want $100,000,000,000 to hunt you down and round you up, NeverVaxxers.

Did you read about the $120MM appropriation for 500MM pre-filled syringes of magic Gates of Hell vax?

Ha! That ain’t nothin’, pardner. Chicken feed.

Have you heard about the “army” of contact tracers who will hunt you down and round you up?

Have you heard how they are going to pay for this?

Wait, how much was that? $100 billion, with a B.


H.R. 6666, Section 2, paragraph (g):

So… $100,000,000,000 for 2020 and an open checkbook for subsequent years “during which the emergency period continues.” Mmkay.

Folks, you need to wake up and assess the battlespace. This is unfolding before our eyes, with full visibility.

11 thoughts on “They want $100,000,000,000 to hunt you down and round you up, NeverVaxxers.”

  1. I hope and pray that I’m wrong but I fear that President Trump has ceded to the oligarchs and their bitches in the a Congress and the media. The rotten fruits of freemasonry have come to fruition. Only Divine Intervention can save us now and that’s what I pray for.

    Death to freemasonry. Christ the King now and forever.

  2. One can now see why they want to kill off so many billions of us…there is no way their One World Government (Communism/Globalism) could support and feed that many…and they know it.

    Nor could they kill us all without destroying the environment at large via war, nukes, etc.

    Vaccines are their weapons of control and destruction. It’s ‘cleaner’ doncha know.

    I think they bit off more than they can chew and they pulled the trigger before they could control the whole flow of information. I pray their Tower of Babel is toppled soon.

    1. It’s simpler than that. They want to kill seven billion people because they are filled with hate.

  3. Gates of hell. MAN!…wish I’d a thoughta that.

    No coincidences.
    Yes…things are getting very, very visible…the veil is thinning considerably.

    1. GAWWWW!…you can’t make this crap up!….satan is choking on laughter with the brazenness of it all.

    1. Susan, I’m afraid Trump has succumbed to the oligarchs. The evidence is clearly out there that Bill and Melinda Gates are behind all of this. These people aren’t even hiding what they’ve done to create the hysteria and what they’re doing / going to do in regards to mandated “vaccines.” Why isn’t he calling them out on Event 201? Why isn’t he calling out how their vaccines killed and sterilized thousands of Africans and Indians? He’s got the bully pulpit every day on national TV and twitter to do so. The media and the democrats are going to hate on him no matter what he does so what does he have to lose other than the presidency and the sovereignty of this nation.

      At this point, I really believe our national, state and local governments are irrelevant by their own choice. The oligarchs are running the show now with their billion dollar “foundations” and their whores in the media. Freemasonry has come to its rotten fruition.

      Only Gods Mercy can save us now.

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