Ho ho ho… Get the Corona, get accessorized!

Have you or a family member been exposed to the Corona? You will enjoy forced isolation, adorned with ankle monitor, imprisoned in your home (or eventually real prison). Coming soon to a city or state near you.

Two Louisville coronavirus patients and a family member have been ordered by circuit judges to isolate and wear tracking devices after health officials learned they’d been in public against medical advice.

Issuing health-related civil orders is new territory for the courts, according to Judge Charles Cunningham, who issued two Friday. The third was issued earlier this month when a South End resident who tested positive for coronavirus refused to self-isolate.


But the orders are essential for keeping the community safe when infected patients refuse to self-quarantine, officials said during Mayor Greg Fischer’s Facebook Live briefing Tuesday.

“Essential for keeping the community safe” … as in,

Committee of Public Safety?



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