Where were you when you first realized we had entered “Great Depression II” ???

The following is reprinted with permission.

“I completely agree with my friend Jay Anderson who wrote the above.  In my opinion this national lockdown needs to end soon, certainly no later than May 1, or we will be entering for the next few years a reprisal of Great Depression II, with far more havoc than the Black Sniffles for ten years could cause.”

“Great Deperssion II.” Not hyperbole. It’s happenning.

7 thoughts on “Where were you when you first realized we had entered “Great Depression II” ???”

  1. It is indeed happening. This is exactly what a Depression onset looks like by every measure.

    And still, President Trump backs the medical directives of Fauci/Birx thereby ensuring our economic demise and the end of his political America First movement.

    If they win this election in time of national economic emergency I firmly and confidently predict that America as we’ve known her is over; conservative governance is over; President Trump will, in fact, be led off to jail by his enemies and they will come after all those they hate and see as an existential threat to their aspiration of total, invasive, atheistic communist, permanent control over the polis and the exclusion, incarceration of those who impede their plans.

    Remember the Reality Shows of the last two decades? The weak links get “voted off the island”.

    “Do you wish to get groceries, gas, a mortgage for your home? Please present the microchip that ensures your compliance with all government safety and social requirements. Absent that, you are an enemy of the People. Good day, and go away”.

    This is the big one, I do believe. We need to end this Fauci fraud now!

  2. And I duly note the collapse of the SSPX and its withdrawal of God from the Faithful. Even in States where worship is not prohibited by government, SSPX *VOLUNTARILY* withholds the Holy Sacrifice from God’s Flock.

    Groceries, yes. Auto parts, yes. Restaurant takeout, yes. Airline flight in a self-contained tube, yes. Holy Mass with reasonable social distance restrictions – NO! According to the SSPX, I can get a case of oil or a cheeseburger in variable sized groups of strangers, but I am not allowed to attend the miracle of the Mass with my brothers and sisters in Christ.

    I hoped for them. I am deeply disappointed in them. Broken, they are.

  3. The Christians rolled on this one, and not just the Catholics.

    It does not bode well for our nation.

    Local and county officials are raring at the opportunity to control our movements. Those people you thought you knew are wild-eyed, panicked, and ready to snitch on you.

    This is a dystopian world now.

  4. We have boasted about being a free nation, having rights, having the right to bear arms, being minutemen. But now the “real patriots” have all run away like little boys, at the unsubstantiated claims of a virus. Where are all the libertarians?

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