Complete economic ruin, explained in one picture

We are undergoing a complete economic takeover, nationalization, forced poverty and extreme socialism, without a shot being fired.

The automated chart/gif below shows weekly jobless claims for the past 53 years. I’m not sure if it will autoplay in the window or if you will have to push play to make it run, or if all else fails, cut and paste it into twitt twitt.

53 YEARS of weekly data. So there are 53 x 52 = 2756 data points.

Are you starting to understand we are past the point of no return?

6 thoughts on “Complete economic ruin, explained in one picture”

      1. Aqua, good. So do I. Prayers for Trump as usual, but now for Putin too….And that this be the setting up for the Trimph of the Immaculate Heart!

    1. I admit that I’m more into the tinfoil side of the aisle mainly because the lamestream media lies about everything. (And I believe in Fatima and Akita so that automatically makes me a kook in the eyes of NuChurch Catholics).

      When you get into what I call the “rabbit hole media” it’s easy to get bewildered because while they all agree that the mainstream narrative is the Matrix, they all disagree fundamentally on what the real world is.

      Case in point: one side insists that QAnon and Donald Trump is the harbinger of a great golden age, while another claims they are the Biblical False Prophet (example of the latter: and of course, don’t fully believe any alternative info source; she believes the earth is flat and has Jack Chick ideas regarding Catholicism)

      1. Aethelfrith: All I know is that the *nation state* must prevail over the *One World New Order* (OW NO!). In this, it appears our two nations are (possibly) allies against this satanic totalitarian movement.

        Presidents, Governors, Mayors, School Boards, Parents are rendered irrelevant by OW NO. Elected leaders, Constitutions and cultural variations, irrelevant. Bill Gates will decide what’s best; George Soros and who knows which other faceless powerful names we will never see. Who lives, who dies, what we do, what we believe etc – decided by the Oracles.

        Lord Of The World – Msgr Robert Hugh Benson (1907)

        OW NO, crystalized in the goofy face of Bill Gates, his ominous brain and heart terrifies me like nothing else in my experience. Terrifying.

      2. *If* Bill Gates gets his way, then the only proper response is to resist, even if it means poverty, hunger and incarceration.

        But the thing is satan is no dummy. We were all already duped into “microchipping” ourselves vis a vis the smartphone. And we were sold on a device that gives us unlimited knowledge, connectivity and CONVENIENCE. The smartphone is basically a handheld monolith that has the potential to induce all seven deadly sins. Yet at the same time you don’t need a smartphone to survive, except in a highly contrived technocratic society.

        I think Gates and the Cabal are realizing they overplayed their hand so they’ll find another way to ensnare us. Managing this crisis is a tightrope walk. It has to be bad enough that the sheeple will look for a solution but not so bad that they will get angry and take things into their own hands.

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