Be thankful

Before the sermon last Sunday, the pastor implored us to come to Mass today. The chapel was filled to overflow. We had a visiting priest (pastor was in the confessional) who gave us the votive Mass of St. Therese. He preached a little.
We owe it to God to be thankful not just today, but every day. We owe him.
Give thanks, most of all, for Christ dying on the cross for your sins. None of us merit Heaven… try bringing that up at the dinner table today. Give thanks that He gave you a chance, by cooperating with His grace, to someday get there.
Give thanks for the Catholic faith, passed down unchanged through the centuries. It’s so beautiful and true.
Give thanks for your sufferings. Oh yes, those sufferings are permitted so that you might use them to draw yourself closer to Christ, by uniting them with his sacrifice. Don’t waste the chance. The easiest way to quickly understand how much Christ values suffering is to look at what His Mother went through.
My Rosary today was the Glorious Mysteries. It’s Thursday, but it seemed appropriate.
I am thankful for the mystery of the Resurrection, and for its fruit, Faith. I am thankful for the mystery of the Ascension, and for its fruit, Hope. I am thankful for the mystery of Pentecost, and for its fruit, Zeal. I am thankful for the mystery of the Assumption, and for its fruit, a well-provided death. I am thankful for the mystery of the Coronation, and for its fruit, Trust in Mary’s intercession.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

6 thoughts on “Be thankful”

  1. Amen to all you said Mark. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    I sent this message to my 10 living kids today:
    Happy Thanksgiving today and always.
    Always give thanks to God for all the good and bad things that have happened to you. The good things you enjoy and the bad things teach lessons.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to all here. It’s so hard in this world sometimes, to remember to be grateful. At least it’s hard for me.

  3. Kate—
    Relax. Better yet Rejoice. Don’t let the bastards get you down.
    The boy rapists cannot win in the end.
    Cardinal Bergoglio—Antipope ‘Francis’— is going Down.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. The hardest thing is to give thanks for our crosses; to rejoice in taking up our cross and following him.
    Or perhaps there is a harder of which I am not sufficiently experienced to know.
    Nonetheless, thanks be to God for our work, play, sufferings, joy, death, and life, and most of all for His life, death, and love, without which all else is meaningless. God bless us all and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Thank you Lord for our devotion and confidence in the Blessed Virgin, Who we KNOW will crush Satan’s head! Help us to spread this devotion everywhere and to everyone.

  6. Well said, all here.
    I am indeed thankful for this community’s willingness to take the facts at face value and the continuing mutual support even when we ‘rub’ on each other “as iron sharpens iron…” (Proverbs 27:17).

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