“Catholicism may be wrong, and you, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, may be the one to prove it.”

This is exactly the reason we cannot wait for some imperfect council or wait two centuries for some future pope to set the record straight: Souls are being lost RIGHT NOW, because faithful Catholics cannot square the circle of how Jorge Bergoglio can possibly be true pope of the One True Faith. There is a mountain of evidence that he is an antipope, and people need to be exposed to it.
This is Stefanie Nicholas, who converted just last year, writing at 1P5:

“We all have to face this fear above all fears: that Catholicism may be wrong, and that you, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, may be the one to prove it. The possibility of accepting a life devoid of objective, knowable truth, of an unchanging moral code, of the beauty of our Holy Mother Church…I lived that life for a long time. I don’t know what would happen to me if I had to face it again. You may find that immature. Perhaps even some people reading this letter would refuse to admit ever fearing such things. I’m not sure I believe them. I think we’ve all felt this way in the dark.” HERE

If you don’t check your base premise, this is where you end up. Because if Bergoglio is pope, then the Church is no longer indefectible nor immutable, which means Catholicism is false. Stefanie has 20K twitter followers, myself included. She is solid as a rock Catholic, and yet, she’s in danger. Because she’s an honest person and not entrenched with Trad Inc, she clearly sees that we have a major problem in front of us, with a bunch of things coming to pass that aren’t supposed to be possible, if Catholicism is true.

“By changing the Church, you would cause suffering that is pointless. You would cause suffering that cannot be offered to God, suffering that would not stand at the foot of the cross — suffering that would only be useful to the devil…Do I believe that you can really do it? No. I don’t think so. But if you could? If you somehow did? If some promise of the Church was fully and completely contradicted, continually, with no amendment, with no intervention from God to put it right?
“I think I would lose my faith in God.”

Stefanie, don’t do it. And stop proposing it as an option for others.
(I messaged her before posting this, sharing my concerns and asking her to retract the article)

25 thoughts on ““Catholicism may be wrong, and you, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, may be the one to prove it.””

  1. very interesting that she refers to him as “Jorge Mario Bergoglio”. she attempts at rationalizing it in the first paragraph, but it is nevertheless very telling.
    She says the rosary, so I bet she’ll end up figuring out that BXVI is still the pope (or abandon the practice of saying the rosary).

    1. someone commented on “Catholicism may be wrong, and you, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, may be the one to prove it.”.
      I think God is testing our faith. One should never abandon the faith because of a bad pope, an anti-pope, a heretic Pope. To me it is all pretty simple. The Church is the Mystical Body of Christ not the management of the Catholic Church. Our faith is expressed when we say the Creed every Sunday at the Novus Ordo Mass. The Creed doesn’t mention the Pope. The Church has been in disarray since Vatican II when it was taken over by Modernists and has been (intentionally) leading Catholics astray since that time. Hang in there. Jesus Christ is ultimately in charge of the Church, not the Pope.

      1. things are not so simple though. we are bound by our faith to accept what the pope teaches. the only authority to add articles to the creed is the pope. now, what will happen when a “pope” adds to the creed that, say, death penalty is inadmissible? or that God may command adultery? see?
        so the question “who is the pope?” is not of secundary importance.

        1. someone says: November 27, 2019 at 5:37 pm
          Thanks someone. In my opinion we are under no obligation to accept what any Pope says if it conflicts with what Jesus said and what the historic teachings of the Church have been for 2000 years. This particularly applies to anti-pope Bergoglio. The very fact that he is making these outrageous and heretical statements condemns him of heresy and should be considered his personal opinion only. It is that simple in my mind. Unfortunately, many believe as you do. Pray for enlightenment.

      2. if you are Catholic, you are bound to accept the Papal Magisterium. of course, this is evidence that “Francis” is not the pope. I think we have to avoid two errors: 1) to say that whatever the pope teaches is irrelevant (it is not); and 2) to say that whatever “Francis” teaches is true.
        Please notice that option 1) is Trad Inc’s option. Option 2 is the modernists’ option. Both are wrong.
        You have to accept the pope’s magisterium – as the modernists are NOW saying (and they happen to be right in this).
        However, “Francis” is a heretic, as Trad Inc repeats – and they are right in saying this.
        what is the only rational solution?

        1. someone says: November 28, 2019 at 8:36 am
          Here is my take on the subject: “Pope” Francis is an anti-pope. All that he says, all that has done regarding the Catholic faith should be regarded illegitimate.

  2. Nicholas: “If some promise of the Church was fully and completely contradicted, continually, with no amendment, with no intervention from God to put it right?”
    And the only way to really believe it’s possible is to have assumed a falsehood and to have already mortally sinned against the virtue of faith. It is even to deny empirical facts specifically, as in the case of beautiful things like Eucharistic miracles, or in the case of ugly things like demonic possessions. For both phenomena have been observed — even by non-believers — yet could be true only if Catholicism is also true.
    So I don’t see much value in Catholics considering this assumption, except maybe as a reductio, since the assumption, when taken to be true, entails absurdities that in turn imply the falsehood of the assumption and the truth of the Church.
    Mark and Ann are 100% right. Get the Pope’s identity wrong and you risk losing your faith, whose objects are always true and, therefore, preclude contradictions (contra Burke), as the true never implies the false.

    1. Think of it this way – if you believed that pope Michael guy in Kansas City (or wherever) is the true Pope, you would get the Pope’s identity wrong and be in mucho spiritual caca. So, why should it be any different if you mistake the Bergoglio guy for the Pope? In fact, it would be worse because he has more of the trappings than pope Michael of KC.

  3. PF is a profaning, blaspheming, supporter of sodomites, sacrilegious, scheming masonic modernist, idolater & denier of the divinity of Christ while on earth Antipope. Having appointed men of similar character to high positions within the prelature & silenced any opposition coming from the right, it is now absolutely necessary for all Catholics to get their heads out of the sand & start demanding that he be denounced & removed from the Papal Office immediately.

    1. Denounce to whom? C. Burke and B. Schneider have been sidelined and have no power and where is anyone else, or enough of anyone else, to remove this man who does not seem to be a Catholic at all? The Cardinals as a whole have declared him pope and so, sadly, he is. An anti-pope most likely. He certainly does NOT have the charism of the papacy. Is Benedict still clutching it but no using it? But even without the holy charism, Bergoglio has the power and that is what has been so devastating. Our Lord Himself must rescue His bride, the Church. May He do it soon.

  4. Catholicism is not wrong; Bergoglio is wrong because he is a heretic and an anti-pope based on Benedict’s faulty resignation..
    Most Traditional blogs will not accept this concept for various reasons, courage being #1. They are only prolonging the agony and loss of faith by their actions, e.g., new Catholic Stefanie Nicholas. Anyone who takes issue with their Francis is Pope fiction is banned from commenting Proving that the devil can get to good people as surely as bad.
    Most Catholics are unaware of much of this, and, if the truth be known, really don’t care very much. Only an act of God will set the Ship of Peter back on the right course.
    But this doesn’t mean that Mark and Ann and those of us who support them shouldn’t continue their good work of exposing Bergoglio as an anti-Pope due to Benedict faulty resignation, heresy, whatever. Onward.

  5. If Jorge Bergoglio is the pope, the Church has been wrong about the prerogatives of the papacy. And if the Church has been wrong for centuries, why bother paying attention to it? No, Francis is an antipope.

  6. The fact that onepeter published this speaks volumes about that site’s leadership. A responsible editor would have referred her to a strong spiritual advisor which she obviously needs. But hey, I if you run a for-profit blog, you gotta suck people in with provocative stories so they’ll whip out the credit card as soon as your pushy “donate now” pop-ups appear.

    1. The reason is often this simple: the person did not have the Holy Faith from the start … or.. received a very poor catechetical formation.

  7. False premise. The fact is the Church and the person who holds the office of Supreme Pontiff is not one and the same. The Church is the Bride of Christ whose perfection is the operation of the Holy Spirit who works through the Sacramental graces instituted by Christ. No man or cabal can ever stop these graces from flowing to faithful Catholics who wishe to avail themselves of these necessary means to salvation and their personal sanctification. Pope Francis does not have the power nor the means to prevent anyone from living a holy Catholic life.

    1. albertafay says: November 28, 2019 at 7:04 am
      Agree as should all Catholics. However, the central issue is that PF is leading Catholics astray. That’s what makes him so treacherous and a tool of the devil. Thus we must do what we can to enlighten others about this man who would be pope and defeat him.

      1. The central issue is that he’s not the pope, and thereby should be zero threat to anyone’s faith. The threat comes from those who claim he is true pope, and thus must pledge unity with him under pain of mortal sin. That’s how this works.

        1. Mark Docgerty–
          “The central issue is that he’s not the pope, and thereby should be zero threat to anyone’s faith. The threat comes from those who claim he is true pope, and thus must pledge unity with him under pain of mortal sin. That’s how this works.”
          I agree. But few do. We all must try to enlighten them. I have done this and been accused of being a heretic or a sedevancantist which resulted in being banned on Crisis blog. So be it. Shake the dust from our feet and move on, as Christ said about such matters.

  8. As far as the Stephanie’s and the Steven’s within God’s imperishable Church …. do nothing at all but wait upon the Lord. The rule of St Ignatius Loyola’s Spiritual Exercises…. it seems you now endure the 3rd spiritual condition which is- desolation … the rule is thus: do nothing. stand your ground. make no changes whatsoever until the Lord restores the 1st condition of your soul… that is- consolation. Untill then wait upon the Lord Stephanie. Peace to your soul and every Catholic’s during this most dire time of ‘white’ martyrdom.

  9. Stephanie Nicholas is not “solid as a rock”. She’s a basket-case convert from about 5 minutes ago, who I’m sure is a wonderful person, but should not have been given a platform to pontificate about anything, mostly because it’s bad for her mental health.

  10. Stephanie Nicholas, as a recent convert from Eastern Orthodoxy is bound to wonder if a cgurch that places Pachamama statues in sacred places is the same as the church whose martyrs would sooner be thrown to the lions than sprincle a pinch of incense on charcoal embers in front of an emperor’s statue.

  11. Ms. Nicholas’ article is, as the kids say, cringe-worthy. Who would pen such a mewling piece of tripe and expect it to be efficacious? Is she deluded? Who does she think she is addressing? Bergoglio is the desolating abomination, standing in the Holy Place. Is she so purblind as to not understand that he is a Masonic infiltrator, working to complete the destruction of the Church begun so long ago by generations of infiltrators, of wolves in sheep’s clothing? “We’re stranded, the tide is rising, and we are afraid. Can’t you see that? Can’t you feel even a little compassion for us?” Imagine writing that to a contract killer, hired by the Mob, who, having slaughtered your entire family, is now about to finish with you? What embarrassing nonsense.
    “I will assume the very best of you and say that perhaps you truly do think that Jesus Christ wants these changes you are working for.” Hey lady, you’re addressing someone who long ago gave himself over to Satan, who has expressed in word and deed his contempt for people like you, who has openly mocked the devout as “neoPelagians,” laughed at people who say the Rosary, who unclasped the praying hands of an altar boy. This is the creature who never genuflects before the tabernacle but eagerly drops to his knees to lick the feet of “refugees.” He chooses to live with sodomites! “Maybe you want to make a way for these people, these people who are divorced and remarried, or who are struggling with same-sex attraction and don’t think they can stay chaste.” Yeah, and maybe Charles Manson was trying to help Sharon Tate and her infant achieve self-actualization. Because you would have a better chance of finding compassion in Manson than in Bergoglio the Imposter.
    “But the suffering that you want to heal will not go away, Jorge.” What insipid and laughable pablum! He’s not trying to relieve suffering; he delights in suffering! He has aligned himself with the Enemy of Mankind! How can anyone at this point not understand what is going on here? Any one of the readers of this blog could name a dozen things that a real Pope would go to war over, starting with the blatant Moloch-worship being practiced in the USA and most of Western Europe. He would excommunicate those “leaders” who refuse to make it illegal! He would defend the work of Project Veritas in exposing the monstrous crimes of Planned Parenthood. He would defend life! But look at what he does. Appearing before the US Congress he NOT ONCE says the name of the Savior. He loving places disgusting little wooden idols on the altar in Rome in a blasphemous mockery of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and instead of confronting human evil he drones on about “the environment.” He seeks at every opportunity to destroy any vestige of the True Faith. His honest critic Vignano has to go into hiding for fear of being murdered. And Ms. Nicholas writes to him as if he’s not an agent of Hell.
    “Do you know what it would mean for us, us simple Catholics, to lose faith in God, Jorge? Do you understand?” Hey Stephanie, I hate to break the news to you, but that’s his job number one! He WANTS you to lose your faith. It’s not that he doesn’t “believe” in God, he HATES God, and he hates the Church created by his Son. It might come as news to you, ma’am, but he literally seeks the destruction of every human being on the planet. He has allied himself with Darkness, swearing fealty not to Christ but to a Nefil, who was a murderer and a liar from the beginning. There is no Truth in Bergoglio. You are writing your “dear baby Jorge” letter to one who is a white-washed tomb.
    Listen to her maundering on and on and try not to laugh…”that suffering would be infinitely greater than the suffering of a woman who must live as sister and brother with her unlawful husband (what?), or of a young man with same-sex attractions who must fall asleep alone….” I can’t even lampoon this kind of idiocy. Does she mean the adulteress who has abandoned her own kids, leaving them to cry themselves to sleep, so she can play the slut? Is she talking about a young man who has been abused by an uncle or coach or priest, now kept from exploring the splendor of homosex orgies? What is she on about? “The suffering you are causing? The chaos, the lack of clarity…the souls who are losing Christ because of you?” My dear madam nitwit, that’s precisely what maggots like Bergoglio live for. It’s their reward, their delight, their sustenance.
    There is no rapprochement with evil. “Begone, Satan!” is the only useful response to the vile termites who, as always, seek the destruction of the Church. It’s pathetic that 1P5 would even publish such stuff. Imagine what Belloc would think, or Charles Borromeo, or St. Anthony or Fulton Sheen. What did Moses do when he found the Israelites had fashioned and were worshiping a golden calf?
    We, like Puddleglum in the Narnia stories, have had a spell cast on us and will only be awakened when we find our feet in the fire.

    1. He would excommunicate those “leaders” who refuse to make it illegal! He would defend the work of Project Veritas in exposing the monstrous crimes of Planned Parenthood. He would defend life!
      To be fair, none of the occupants of the chair of Peter since 1973 have done that. And the current one even had a “catholic” US VP (not to mention any number of other prominent “catholic” politicians around the world) who supported these monstrous crimes to go all Middle Ages on.

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