Apologies and invitations issued to unrepentant adulterers to be in union with the “Roman Pontiff”

Do you see the problem with that headline? If Catholicism is true, then that headline is impossible.

Bishop apologizes to unrepentant adulterers, invites them back to the sacraments

ROME, November 25, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In a remarkable pastoral letter, issued by Bishop Renato Marangoni of the northern Italian diocese of Belluno-Feltre, those who have separated from their legitimate spouses and attempted marriage in a civil forum have received an apology for the Church’s prior fidelity to her unbroken apostolic discipline, which had hitherto prevented them from receiving absolution and the Eucharist.
The bishop also invites them to attend a “friendly and familiar meeting,” where they will reflect on the words of Pope Francis in his 2016 post-synodal apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia. Chapter 8 of the document, titled “Accompanying, discerning and integrating weakness,” ignited a doctrinal dispute over fundamentals of the Catholic faith on marriage, the sacraments, and the moral life.
Addressing divorced Catholics who have begun “new experiences of union” through civil remarriage or without attempting marriage to their new partners, Bishop Marangoni opens his letter saying: “There is a first word I wish to confide to you: Sorry! This word contains our awareness that we have often ignored you in our parish communities.”

Read the rest at the link above, including Diane Montagna’s full translation of the bishop’s letter.
Are you starting to understand that there will be no end to the heresy, for centuries, even if Bergoglio dies tomorrow? All of his lies will be used against us, against the Church, against Christ, UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD, if he is indeed true pope. Do you understand this? The enemies of truth have been supplied with an arsenal of error with magisterial backing. If Jorge Bergoglio is true pope, none of this can be walked back. Active adulterous cohabitating couples, who have abandoned their true spouses, are now issued an APOLOGY and welcomed, unrepentant, on the road to Hell disguised as union with the Roman Pontiff. Unity with the pope as a vector of damnation.
Tell me again how, at this point, what difference does it make? Tell me again how “we just need to wait for him to die. Hush hush, sweet child, don’t worry your pretty little head. Place your bets on “Francis,” dear brethren. He’s universally accepted! A bet on “Francis” is a bet for Christ, you know.” <not sarcasm… trad priests are preaching this line>
Everyone out there telling you we’ve had plenty of evil popes before, who all were heretics, no big deal… please note that these people need to openly attack the papacy in order to defend the papacy. Do you see how that doesn’t work? Ask them this: Can you point out a single time in 2000 years that a true pope officially taught, as part of the ordinary magisterium, that objective mortal sin can actually be a moral good, willed by God Himself, and that the faithful who find themselves in such a situation should remain there, unrepentant?
Oh, and the next logical step on this path of Amoris Apologies is for the bishop to tell all the abandoned spouses in his diocese to stop honoring their vows and go get laid, already.
Just sayin’.

24 thoughts on “Apologies and invitations issued to unrepentant adulterers to be in union with the “Roman Pontiff””

  1. The simple argument for Bergoglio being an anti-pope are his acts of heresy. If he speaks like a heretic, acts like a heretic and encourages others in heresy he must be a heretic. And his heretical followers in the hierarchy confirm the damage. No need to trot out realms of canon law to make the case.

      1. Mark Docherty says:
        November 26, 2019 at 4:17 pm
        “But then you would have to explain how that could happen. The BiP/invalid resignation is, by far, the simplest answer.”
        Not for me Mark. Explaining the invalid resignation doesn’t mean anything if folks don’t understand that Francis is a heretic and has a problem. If Francis wasn’t a heretic the invalid resignation issue would have little traction.

      2. Do you mean we would have to explain how God would allow an apostate in the Chair? That by his being a heretic indicates there is no supernatural protection, that the church is not indefectible? Has it never happened before? I know we’ve had bad popes, haven’t any of them been heretics? If there have been, we know it can happen. If not, you’re right. But there is something wrong with that argument, it’s hard to say why, but it seems like the tail is wagging the dog, as if we would be declaring him not being a heretic by merely saying, if he is his existence proves God is not in charge of His church. There’s something wrong with that argument. Perhaps we have misunderstood indefectibility.
        I am occasionally one of those who says what does it matter only because, we have not one faithful bishop or Cardinal willing to take up the issue. We have no men left in the church, we have only effeminates. If they aren’t outright sodomites they are so effeminate they are incapable of defending Christ or the papacy. Very probably most of them don’t even WANT to, they agree with Bergolio!
        Anyway it has always seemed to me to be 100% valid either way, when you have a questionable resignation AND an obvious apostate, who, on the Feast of Christ the King invoked, prayed to, worshiped, and blessed, a pagan/demon ceremony on sacred ground, what more does anyone need to see? Either way seems a valid rationale to remove him IF there is the will to remove him.
        He’s a demonic, possessed man. He loves Satan, not Christ. But where is the man to call him out.
        These weak men are the ones really destroying the faith. Their scandal of cowardice and lack of belief in Christ is far worse than even the demonic spawn, as you so elegantly put it.
        Lord, raise up that man from this crowd of cowards.

      3. The bigger problem with the heretic position is it puts us back to square one. That is, Bergo gets the boot, new conclave, and if B XVI is still alive (with no corrected valid resignation), we get another anti-pope. Problem not solved. Reality is what it is, traction or no.

    1. @Mr. Dowd: Sure, you can note the symptom–former Cdl Bergoglio and his anti-reign–in order to become alarmed enough to look to the cause–the words of Canon 332.2 and Feb 11, 2013. Tragically, some people can’t get PAST the symptom and thus they start and and end with the false base premise. This only leads to getting the solution badly wrong: just remove him and have another conclave. NOPE, Nope, nope. If your way gains traction towards the wrong end, what have you gained?

      1. Islam_Is Islam says: November 27, 2019 at 11:13 am
        My way or your way or Ann’s way or Mark’s way will make no difference at all. Even if everything was admitted and Benedict re-became the official Pope the Cardinals would most likely elect someone else to carry out their Masonic agenda. What’s probably needed is an act of God that clearly shows the hierarchy for what it is and destroys it. Anyway, I see little likelihood of much happening prior to Benedict’s death, which, by the way, might be hastened if Benedict’s improper resignation gets any traction.
        My Francis is a heretic concept was meant as a trigger to broaden the perception of the laity that something is “rotten in Denmark”.

  2. The American bishops did their part in laying the groundwork for the Amoris heresy. Only about ten American bishops don’t allow pro-abortion politicians to receive Communion, thus achieving the total de-coupling of Communion from manifest grave sin. Just to focus on the Archdiocese of Washington: Since Roe v. Wade, no archbishop of Washington has denied Communion to any pro-abortion Catholic. McCarrick, Wuerl, and Gregory have been fanatical about stamping out Denial of Communion, and have ensured that Communion was given to Buddhist lesbians, entire congregations of active sodomites, etc.

  3. Again I say as I said within a couple of months after this man began occupying the Chair of Peter, we are looking at the most evil man ever to walk this earth. How many will die in the state of sin compliments of Francis, the perverter of Truth. He will be followed by bishops and priest who remain silent. Have mercy oh Lord, please have mercy.

  4. Sheen’s words of a future anti-Church seem truer than ever, and in light of Michael’s words, they bring to mind yet another argument I’ve been thinking of, but which relies on the metaphysical principle of proper causality, which is a principle about cause-effect resemblance.
    The principle holds that agents generally produce things in light of what they are (e.g., a smoking habit corresponds to the act of smoking), and so the effects of a cause generally reflect what the cause is (‘like begets like’). Thus, if the church that Bergoglio is leading is clearly a false church, then in keeping with the principle that effects resemble their causes, it would seem Bergoglio has to be a false pope.
    At any rate, the argument that Michael summarizes above, to put it metaphysically, would be an argument from the principle agere sequitur esse, or ‘act follows existence’ (i.e., ‘as a thing acts, so it is’, or like Forrest would say, “Stupid is, stupid does.”), and there’s definitely some merit to thinking this way in the case of Bergoglio (and even Benedict, but in reverse). I just doubt that it’s the best argument to give because, even if successful, it still doesn’t show that, ultimately, the reason for which Bergoglio isn’t Pope is that Benedict’s resignation was invalid, in turn leaving us with still more things to explain and more work to do.

  5. Trad Inc tells me Francis is definitely Pope and I’m a schismatic to believe Benedict is.
    Trad Inc also tells me (except Dave Armstrong) that I could not receive the Sacraments if I were still in my “second” marriage.
    Trad Inc tells me Francis IS Pope, but he has not the power to bind and loose….unless we agree with him.
    So then, why the hell did I convert? I left Protestantism first for THE Sacrament and secondly for authority. If Peter no longer has the authority to bind and loose…we’re all Protestants.
    They are truly destroying the papacy, which destroys the Church and faith. Think Robert Spencer and Jonathan Byrd.

  6. Morenowthanever says: November 26, 2019 at 8:31 pm
    Anti-pope Bergoglio is a product of Vatican II which was an orchestrated Masonic plot to overthrow the Church. Vatican II emphasized Man at the expense of God. The Church’s mission and focus became helping make the world a better place to live, rather than help us prepare for eternal life. Francis is the apotheosis of all that. He is a preview of the anti-Christ and what he will bring with him.
    We should thank God for our enlightenment about Francis, Vatican II and the coming of the anti-Christ. Our mission must be to help enlighten others. A thankless task to be sure. But necessary for our own salvation.

  7. I should clarify, these men cannot destroy the faith, it will go on regardless, in the TLM or the SSPX if they get around to Summorum Pontificum, as soon as Benedict is in the ground. But the mainstream church, that they will run into the ground with Benedict. It’s course seems certain.

  8. You’ve been on (holy) fire of late Mark….most excellent work. I keep you and the other ‘front-line’ warriors in prayer with every Rosary I say. God bless you.

  9. Mark Docherty says: November 26, 2019 at 4:17 pm
    “But then you would have to explain how that could happen. The BiP/invalid resignation is, by far, the simplest answer.”
    I was under the impression than an heretical Pope would cease to be Pope.

  10. so true!
    Alas, in the Italian speaking world nothins is happening…
    We need an Italian version of your blog and Miss Ann B.’s blog.

  11. The Trembling Bride
    The pope francis has excommunicated himself from the Church for adultery. Spiritual adultery is the worst kind. By insisting that unrepentant adulterers be received into Christian fellowship within the Church, the pope francis has become a partaker in another man’s sin. Pity. He is doing no favor to the adulterer by patting him on the back on his way to hell. This is not compassion. It’s a damnable lie. And every catholic knows it. The pope francis is not a catholic. The Church has always taught what our Adorable Saviour taught, that divorce was an adulterous thing to do, and to marry another was a mortal crime that kills all sanctifying grace in the soul from Baptism – A catholic excommunicates himself from Christ when he marries outside the Church. This is the reality of the situation, I’m afraid.
    Mark 10:11 – Read it and weep.
    There is a dead corpse in the Church, and it stinketh; an adulterous body of death, seated right there before us. Beware. It’s got the Church by the neck, and seeks to suffocate Her to death. And how does the enemy plan to do this? By corrupting the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony and causing the Church to eat damnation to Herself! The Church of God is under an attack the likes of which the world has never seen. Satan would seek to thrust a dagger forthright into the Heart of the Church, in the Sacrament of Her Matrimony, as the knight falls on his own sword. The Father has chosen to use the Bonds of Holy Matrimony as an analogy of His relationship with His Church, and right now, there are few things as important as protecting the integrity of this analogy. What we are seeing the pope francis of Rome doing, on the other hand, is tearing asunder the Marriage between the Son of God and His bride. If successful, this would be a death blow to the Catholic Faith, for without Holy Matrimony, there is no Catholic Religion.
    The Church, the pope francis has been quoted as having said, looks upon those in such situations with a maternal heart and, “always looks for the good and the salvation of persons,” in reference to Catholics in adulterous marriages. But the Church’s maternal heart can be found in the loving embrace of the tender and desirable arms of the Mother of God – The Holy, Spotless and Lovely Mary. To attach the heart of our Mother to that of a whore-monger is an unspeakable outrage of skulduggery against Her Immaculate and Sacred Heart – It is a suicide mission. Mary, the most powerful of all of God’s creations! St. Anthony, the hammer of heretics, learned at Her feet. She must be so very beautiful! True devotion to Mary can drive heresy out of the heart of the obstinate Professed Religious heretic, by a recognition of Her Majestic authority to reveal that the Catholic Church is the True Church, and the realization that without Mary the Gospels would have never been written.
    But, I must forewarn you my ordained friend, you will be devastated. It is a great wonder to me how Christ can send His Mother to us with the way she is so mistreated. I couldn’t do it. I could not send my mother to do something for me knowing that she would be so hurt, so maligned and outraged by such barbaric and ungrateful men as Mary is! Knowing that She would be blasphemed by every false and abominable counterfeit misrepresentation of Her True presence by minions of the fallen angel who have been wholly given over to the rebellion of their own hearts; attributing to the Holy Mother of God the attributes and character of the despicable imagination of their own hearts with the likes of that damnable lady of Fatima… But He does! He does! Is it little wonder then, why He may be hesitant to allow His Mother to be exposed to such trauma? I don’t see how He can do it.
    A rescue attempt by the Mother of God can truly be a last ditch effort at converting the hardened and obstinate Professed Religious sinner. So, I must warn you. If Jesus Christ sends His Mother in an attempt to persuade the Professed Religious obstinate heretic to forsake his sin, and he rejects Her – he is doomed.
    Speaking on behalf of the young children of these adulterous unions, the pope francis insists that there is an, “urgency of developing in our community a real welcome toward the persons who are living in such situations.” Our, “language and attitudes,” must change with the times as well it seems, as the pope francis struggles to reconcile the Church’s responsibility to influence parents to raise their children in the faith, while they continue to live in sin, with the clear teaching of the Church that what they are doing is morally repugnant.
    Their children are illegitimate quite frankly, and he knows this right well. To, “hold them at a distance from the life of the community, as if they were excommunicated,” the pope francis opines concerning the adulterous couple, will somehow prevent the Church from catechizing the next generation of children of these adulterous relationships which seem to be so prevalent in the Church today. This is a real dilemma for those in the Vatican who have created all these societal anomalies over the last fifty years with their Vatican II theology for which they now pretend to offer remedy. I’m sorry. If the Romans do not offer up this compromise, their church will disintegrate.
    The pope francis refers to the pope john paul II’s, Familiaris Consortio, and demands that we must distinguish between those who caused the breakup of the initial marriage and those who endured it. This sounds so very familiar to the protestant ideology of the “innocent spouse” in such situations. The pope francis is here representing Christ as replacing death with divorce, in a roundabout way. But is this not who our Jesus died for? The guilty party? This is nonsense to say that there is an innocent spouse in a divorce who is somehow thereby justified in contracting a subsequent marriage while their true spouse is still alive.
    This is not Catholicism. It is Calvinism, of the worst kind. We don’t execute the adulterer, no, we simply divorce the offending party and then go on to marry another, while the guilty spouse must eek out an existence, void of any hope as one who is “spiritually” dead. After all, we’re Catholics, and would never advocate that mortal sins in God’s Moral Government, should also be capital crimes in the civil law as well!
    Ladies and gentlemen, what the pope francis is doing here is rotten at the foundation. It’s disgusting. No wonder he nearly got a standing ovation. “Tell us what we want to hear! Or else!” the crown jeers…

  12. All this new mercy for sinners is to cover their own indescretions, how many Priests, Bishops And Cardinals are leading double lives. If they no longer judge sinners, then sinners can no longer judge them. There’s method in their madness.

    1. Mazara says: November 27, 2019 at 10:44 pm
      “All this new mercy for sinners is to cover their own indiscretions”….
      Right on. Next we might expect ‘the man who calls himself Pope’ will abrogate Confession as redundant by making the Confiteor at Mass the replacement.

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