The Modernists turn their backs toward Christ, 50 years ago today, in one picture

Just look at it. Doesn’t everything about this picture scream, “Wrong”?
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  1. Those of us who lve in large cities like Philadelphia where I am, know that 50 years ago, people answered the name of their parish church when asked what was their neighborhood. Most of those parishes had schools which all the neighborhood kids attended. Those parishes and their schools, year after year, delivered vocations to the priesthood and religious. Priests and nuns (who actually wore cassocks and habits) were an everyday sight on neighborhood streets and in the Catholic hospitals that were plentiful. Sunday Masses were filled to capacity with well-dressed families who made attending Mass priority no 1 on Sunday. Everything I just described is now in the history books and it all started to rapidly disappear 50 years ago today.

    1. Yes, I also remember “stair step” large families that would take up a whole pew. And we dressed for holy Mass as we were going to see the King. Due to a storm, I could not get out yesterday morning but later in the day attended a Novus Ordo at a small local parish. I was the only woman to wear a skirt (and a veil!); pretty much every one else came in blue jeans, both male and female.

      1. Magdalene, as painful as it must have been to endure that novus ordo, your presence there, in a veil, may have been just enough for one person to potentially change.
        I can see how a young girl, bored out of her mind by the novus ordo narcissism; totally turned off by the painful 1970s and 80s “pop hymns”; and sadly ignorant of The Real Presence she’s never been taught, just might notice you in your veil and wonder why.
        Imagine that young girl, researching the veil on her smart-phone and that research leading her to learning about The Traditional Latin Mass. Now imagine that (now curious) young girl finding a church offering The Mass and one day, decides to see what it’s like.

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