Liveblogging the apostasy is now as easy as 1-2-3: Pics and vids, no words needed!

UPDATE 15:50 MST 19/10/19: How in the world did I miss this one? “Burning sage ceremony.”

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It’s now to the point where one doesn’t have to pick and choose what to write about, nor even need to write anything at all. Just cut and paste tweets and official news reports from the usurped Vatican, and watch the VISIBILITY of it all grow each day.
The material below is all from the past 48 hours.

Pope Francis on Friday inaugurated the “Anima Mundi” Ethnological Museum and the Amazonia Exhibition at the Vatican Museums. By Robin Gomes HERE

“Beauty unites us. It invites us to live human brotherhood,  countering the culture of resentment, racism and nationalism which is always lurking.”  Pope Francis made the point Friday evening while inaugurating the “Anima Mundi” Ethnological Museum and the Amazonia Exhibition at the Vatican Museums.
“May this Ethnological Museum preserve its specific identity over time and remind everyone of the value of harmony and peace between peoples and nations,” he wished, hoping that its art collection will “make the voice of God resound in those who visit this collection”.
The inauguration of the museum and the exhibition were timed for the October 6-27 Synod for the Pan-Amazon Region, currently taking place in the Vatican.

Anima Mundi (Latin) World-soul, world-mother; the divine-spiritual-astral-physical source of life and animating principle of all beings. Corresponds to Isis, Bhakti, Shekinah, Sophia, Maria, Ruah, Alaya. The root of the word “Anima” is ‘Anu’, which means ‘atom’ and ‘essence’ in Sanskrit. ‘Anas’ means whiff of air, breath, soul, exhalation.
The concept of the world soul is universal. Anima Mundi extends cross religions, cross times, across cultures and gender. She has a feminine feel, but in essence she is androgynous – on the landscape of creation she stands before the separation into divine feminine and masculine, anima and animus. She is whole. She connects heights and depths, the spirit and the flesh. She is a hidden reservoir of the planet’s past and future, which contains images, memories, mythologies – collective wisdom of all.
As desire for life, love and inspiration, she is diffused throughout all nature, including every cell in your body and every atom in the universe. HERE

“Our Mother Earth”: Pope Francis’ New Book

Pope Francis’ new book, “Our Mother Earth,” will be published by the Vatican Publishing House [Libreria Editrice Vaticana] on October 24, 2019, reported Vatican News.
With a Prologue written by the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I, the work is a compilation of the addresses, messages and homilies in which Pope Francis refers to the defense of the environment and appeals for the promotion of a worthy life for all peoples.
Among all the included documents, is an unpublished text of the Holy Father, in which he requests that we ask forgiveness for all the harm caused to our planet.
Forgiveness and Repentance
Although the book won’t be published until next Thursday, the 24th, the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera has published extracts of the Pontiff’s book reproduced by the Vatican Publishing House.
In one of the extracts, the Holy Father says that without people’s true repentance about their lifestyle, the fight for the protection of the environment will be futile. “I sincerely hope for growth in awareness and true repentance on the part of us all, men and women of the 21st century, believers or not, and on the part of our societies, for allowing ourselves to be carried away by logics that divide, create hunger, isolate and condemn. It would be good to ask the poor <and> the excluded for forgiveness. Then we could repent sincerely, including for the harm done to the earth, the sea, the air, the animals . . . “

Screenshot 2019-10-19 at 12.50.56
Note well that the “priestess” is holding a bishop in white, wearing an inverted cross.
If you don’t know by heart the Confession times of your three closest churches, then you don’t understand the seriousness of the situation.  Start preparing yourself for how much worse this is going to get. Think about yourself and your family.
Every wretched thing is now hatching out of the Roman sewer. We are talking about real demons here, and it seems more likely every day that this really might be the run up to the Big Show. Get confessed, stay confessed, daily Mass, daily Rosary, and as many litanies as you can muster.
Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us. Blessed Mary, Virgin Most Powerful, pray for us. Saint Joseph, terror of demons, pray for us.

25 thoughts on “Liveblogging the apostasy is now as easy as 1-2-3: Pics and vids, no words needed!”

  1. Inverted cross? It’s hard to disagree. I’d like to hear how Catholic Answers will explain this one. Just a slip of the manufacturer’s?

    1. Let me take a shot: It is a doll of the Pope, who is the successor of St. Peter. St. Peter was crucified upside down, so it represents the successor of St. Peter! See, no worries!

  2. Once the “Pope” Francis new wave “Catholicism” is fully implemented no good Catholic can continue going to the “Catholic” Church. It will have become the Church of the devil. He will have to become part of an underground orthodox Catholic movement staffed by priests who will probably have to reside in our homes. That day is not far off now.

    1. Indeed. If your parish priest assents to this apostasy and idol worship through the idea of obedience to Rome, then he is inviting demons into the parish community. We have seen nothing yet.
      So many people will not know what hit them. Lambs to the slaughter.

    2. i appreciate your predictions, Mr. Dowd. How things are about to look at the grassroots level is a constant concern of my own. What will faithful priests have to do to continue? The laity? These are questions we need to be asking. I’ve long doubted the SSPX’s claim to a state of necessity. But now? The SSPX now strikes me as ahead of their time and a great model for how to continue the life of the Church.

      1. The question that plagues me is how many faithful priests and laity are there, really? So many are mired in darkness, or just going along to get along – all the way to Hell.

        1. Uriel says:
          October 20, 2019 at 10:01 am
          “The question that plagues me is how many faithful priests and laity are there, really? So many are mired in darkness, or just going along to get along – all the way to Hell.”
          I would assume small numbers: 2% of laity; 5% of clergy.

      2. Cam says:
        October 20, 2019 at 9:47 am
        “The SSPX now strikes me as ahead of their time and a great model for how to continue the life of the Church.”
        SSPX could very well be the right solution. But of late they seem to lack the courage of their founder’s in regard to standing up to the Francis. Hope I’m wrong.

      3. MD: “But of late they [SSPX] seem to lack the courage . . .”
        Sadly, that is true. The silence on the part of the Society today is unbelievable. I would’ve thought they’d be the very first to cry foul on the ‘pope emeritus’ sham. Though I wonder how united they are on the matter.
        Perhaps we’ll find out soon, as the Bergoglians seem to be going full steam ahead right now, which could force everyone to make a choice soon. What exactly the breaking point will be, however, is anyone’s guess. Will it be a new Eucharistic Prayer? Lady ‘deacons’? Or, worse, lady ‘priests’?

  3. It’s that time of year. I (and probably all of you) are getting Catholic charity mailers asking for donations. All of the ones I’m getting are going straight to the trash. I simply don’t trust that donations intended to help the poor won’t instead be diverted to Antipope Bergoglio’s satanic pet projects.

  4. How long before the blood letting begins? cannibalism as the Aztec’s indulged? How long before these idols are in virtually all N.O. churches ?

    1. The idols in N.O. Churches? I predict they’ll start popping up any second now: if they haven’t already started. Be prepared for blasphemous Nativities this Christmas but don’t you dare criticize them because that’s RAAACIST!!!
      As for blood-letting, I’m going to say what most of us already are thinking… antipope Bergoglio is 100% supportive of abortion. We know this because early in this antipapacy, one of his first instructions for us was “not to obsess over abortion.” Not too long after, he publically praised Emma Bognino (mis-spelled probably), the notorious Italian abortionist as “one of Italy’s greatest.” Be prepared for news From the Vatican that abortion is now ok and encouraged in order to “save the planet from over-population.”
      Stay the hell away from the Vatican. It is now infested with demons. If you’re still going to a N.O. parish, stop going and stop writing them checks (diocesan funds will very soon be diverted to Bergoglian pet projects). Find a church that exclusively offers the Traditional Latin Mass or the Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy.

  5. And we thought not so very long ago what a scandal it was that Bergoglio was a Lutheran……if only that was all it was.

  6. Rome sealed its fate
    Sr. Lucy of Fatima wrote down the 3rd Secret on one sheet of paper on April 1, 1944, (Saturday before Palm Sunday), This document appeared on the web over 9 years ago in April 2010. At that time, no one thought that Benedict XVI could abdicate without saying already about the fact that he will destroy the Office of Saint Peter himself and he will let the False Prophet into the Vatican The entire 3rd secret here:
    Apart from the declaration of authenticity of this document by a forensic graphologist, Begoña Slocker de Arce (see Jose Maria Zavala’s book “The Best Kept Secret of Fatima”), the very course of events in the Vatican confirms its veracity. This secret was not published by the Vatican either after Pius XII or before 1960 as requested by the Holy Virgin, or at any later time. Rome did not turn away from its abominations, on the contrary it is sinking in spiritual and moral dirt more and more, the supposed Pope Benedict he looks at it all up close with a nice smile! Rome has lost faith and Antichrist will soon install there. Rome sealed its fate: 69 (Holy) Weeks (= 69 years) passed April 1, 2013. The 70th Holy Week (April 24 – 31, 2013) was already celebrated under the leadership of Jorge the Apostate, the destroyer of Rome as we knew it. The execution of God’s judgment on this city is happening right now before our very eyes.
    What after destroying Rome? Imperio do Divino Espirito Santo! The Holy Virgin wanted to appear in Portugal in 1917 because of the devotion to the Holy Spirit that ruled over the nations perpetuated in this land by Saint Elizabeth the Queen (+ July 4, 1336). Imperio do Divino Espirito Santo is equivalent to the Kingdom of God on earth, for which the whole Church has prayed persistently for almost 2,000 years.
    We are not dealing with any crisis in the Church, it is a transition to a whole new era. When you set out in a large group of people on a long journey there is always a commotion. [Apocalypse, 18 : 4b-5] “Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities.”
    Until the daily Sacrifice ceases, receive Holy Communion (and other sacraments) even though the Roman Catholic Church is turning into the Great Whore*. The Lord Jesus will let us know when the Holy Sacrifice ceased.
    *If you question this possibility, then remember the Temple of Jerusalem and how it turned into a synagogue of Satan.

    1. MyronM says:
      October 20, 2019 at 11:44 am
      Rome sealed its fate.
      Myron. Yours is a statement of fact, not a guess as to what is to come. Big question is how will the laity and clergy respond. My guess is most (90%) will stay in the Nu-Church of the devil. Hope I’m wrong. Lord have mercy.

    2. I went to Mass in a town in Massachusetts that I was visiting today. It was a devout Novus Ordo Mass, with a pious young Vietnamese priest. The Communion wafer had an odd, chemical taste, somewhat like bleach. No, I don’t think the nice young priest had anything to do with it. But I suspect all I got today was a contaminated cracker, and not the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
      When you go to Communion, it might be a good idea to make a spiritual Communion at the same time. Catherine Emmerich did say something about seeing people in a cellar doing something odd with Communion wafers.

  7. Dymphna posed a question on her blog “what will you do when the earth mother shows up at your parish?” What is the answer, I’m scared I’ll be too chicken to do other than walk out.

    1. The answer depends on your station in life. The default is to do whatever is needed to keep the faith. If you are strong enough to do more, to play offense, then you’re called to do that. Prayer and fasting are key to being prepared.

    2. Any parish that allows that pachamama demon, or anything like it, into the church needs to be closed down. Seriously. This is not Catholicism and as an idol to a demonic spirt-god, it’s presence inside a church, along with reverence to the idol, calls upon demons to enter into the church. I hope nobody reading this will come upon this tool from hell in their parish but if they do, they should immediately approach the priest and politely tell him why this is evil and has no place inside the church. If he refuses, go to the bishop. If that does not work, write that parish and probably all of your diocesan parishes off as lost causes.
      Pray, fast and only attend Mass going forward in the Traditional Latin or the Eastern Catholic Divine Liturgy.

    3. I love the honesty with which you put this. Not as easy as it may sound. But you’ll be ready. We all need to be prepared, by thinking this through – as you do.
      It’s like the moment when Neo has the choice: red pill? blue pill?
      The moment of choice is when you are face to face with Pachamama next to the Parish Altar Of God. Blue pill and all is as it ever was. Quiet. Peace. Calm. Red pill unleashes the forces of reality in your life.
      The red pill is the pill of freedom because it corresponds to objective reality. And we must (as you infer) be ready to accept all consequences.
      Bust the evil thing over your knee and take the pieces outside. And see what happens next. God sees, guaranteed.

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