“We will penetrate into the heart of the papal court, from which no one can chase us away anymore, until we have broken the reign of the Pope.”

“Freemasonry aims at blaspheming God and, in its fight against the Decalogue, opposes each Commandment with an anti-law, in order to bring people, with the help of their vices, to worship idols.” – Communio veritatis, 13 October 2019

Remember, Satan is incapable of creating anything. So his game is anti-creation, which means anti-reality, anti-law, inversion of truth, and tricking people into believing that lies are truth. What is playing out in plain sight is not just the abolition of the Decalogue, but rather the inversion of the Decalogue, starting with the First Commandment: Worshiping “Mother Earth,” our lady of the Amazonian lifeforce, menstrual blood face-painted chanting shamans, suckling piglets for the circle of life, processing INTO SAINT PETER’S with elevated idols.
The true God is not their god. They worship a false god. They are enemies of the true God.
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The following excerpt is from a declaration/warning from a group of German priests (the Communio veritatis group, Archdiocese of Paderborn), as translated by Maike Hickson. HERE

“Another portent appeared in heaven: a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads” (Apoc. 12:3). With the October Revolution, the adversary also appears in the same year, 1917, on the stage of world history. The fiery red dragon represents the atheistic Communism, which aims at destroying faith in God. In this battle, two animals come to the aid of the dragon.
“And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads; and on its horns were ten diadems, and on its heads were blasphemous names. And the beast that I saw was like a leopard, its feet were like a bear’s, and its mouth was like a lion’s mouth. And the dragon gave it his power and his throne and great authority (Apoc. 13:1–2). This black animal is Freemasonry. It hides itself in a shadowy way so that it can enter everywhere without being recognized. The aim of this black animal is that the people do not walk the path of Grace and of salvation as given by God. Freemasonry aims at blaspheming God and, in its fight against the Decalogue, opposes each Commandment with an anti-law, in order to bring people, with the help of their vices, to worship idols.
“Then I saw another beast that rose out of the earth; it had two horns like a lamb and it spoke like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast on its behalf, and it makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast” (Apoc. 13:11–12). The animal which is similar to a lamb is the ecclesial Freemasonry which has entered the inside of the Church — especially its hierarchy. Its goal is to overcome the Catholic Church from within. It wants — and also even attains it for a short time — to create an idol — a false christ and a false church.
In 1917, Saint Maximilian Kolbe witnessed the march of the Freemasons on St. Peter’s Square in Rome, on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the foundation [of Freemasonry]. The Apostle of the Immaculata read their express plan on one of their banners: “Satan has to reign in the Vatican, the Pope will be his slave!” Twenty years earlier, this very goal had also been approved by the Grand Lodge Grand Orient from Paris at the Congress of Freemasons in Basel: “We will penetrate into the heart of the papal court, from which no one can chase us away anymore, until we have broken the reign of the Pope.”

The program of the enemy…has been described…as follows: “The substitution of the Roman papacy with a ‘pluri-confessional’ pontificate, which is capable of adapting to a universal (polyvalent) ecumenism.” The enemy wanted to attain this by way of an infiltrating long march through the hierarchy, as Manfred Adler reveals it in his book The Anti-Christian Revolution of Freemasonry: “Here, however, it is important to see that all these destructive thoughts are secretly aiming at one unified goal, that is to say, to create the Counter-Church or the ‘New’ Church” (p. 71).

Antichurch and antipope.
There is a bunch more over at LSN. Click the link up top and read it all.

5 thoughts on ““We will penetrate into the heart of the papal court, from which no one can chase us away anymore, until we have broken the reign of the Pope.””

  1. At this point, I would advise faithful laypeople to avoid going to the Vatican: even if they’re with a Church-group on pilgrimage.
    We all by now have seen the blasphemy of the “Mother Earth” idols that were clearly being worshipped inside St. Peter’s Basilica this past weekend. By praying to false gods, those praying to them are actually calling upon demons (because, there’s only one God). So what Bergoglio and company have done is literally invite demons inside the Vatican.
    Yeah, I know: the 50 plus years of Freemasons and sodomites doing their thing inside the Vatican already opened the door but we have never actually seen a televised, unrepentant, in-your-face act of Satanism like what is going on now.
    The Vatican is now a very dangerous place. In my opinion, for what it’s worth, it should be completely avoided until the Bergoglian anti papacy is resolved and the entire place has been re-consecrated.
    Don’t under-estimate how spiritually dangerous demonically-infested places are. The demons are a lot stronger than us laypeople. If you must go to Rome, there are a few churches away from the Vatican that offer the Traditional Latin Mass.
    Oh and pray daily for the destruction of freemasonry!

  2. Vatican II was the charter the Church inaugurated in line with Masonic long term ambitions. The idea was to weaken it by via Protestantization and then Paganize it as we now see. John XXIII was reputed to be a Freemason.*** Benedict was removed because he wasn’t moving fast enough for the powers that control the Vatican. Pope Francis appears under total Masonic control.
    The puzzle of the last 50 years is now nearly fully visible. How many Catholics will be alarmed and take some sort of action to reform the Church? My guess is not very many. Most Catholics have grown fond of being closet Protestants. We are headed for an underground Church without a Pope.

  3. Mr. Dowd, thank you for the link. Unfortunately by using ‘anti’ to preface John XXIII, Paul VI, and by extension, perhaps, JPI, JPII, and BXVII, it seems to support the Sede-ism position. I do not question the evidence supporting the Freemasonic connections of some of these men, BUT I wonder, is it prudent to contribute to the angst created by promoting well-intentioned Sede-ism errors?
    As to what we can do, a suggestion has gone out from Veri Catholici and seems to me to be right up your ally as it calls upon talents and connections that you have from your past work in the Vineyard of the Lord since you and your dear wife were NOT part of the BAD example of 60 years ago.
    What do you say, Michael? You up to a little “Community Organizing” or at least being a support person?
    DEAR CATHOLICS — Do not repeat the BAD example of 60 years, when instead of fighting to preserve the FAITH you were counsels either to submit to error or hide away in private chapels. It is your Baptismal Duty to speak with Bishops in your part of the world against Apostasy!
    The desire only to save yourselves and not Christ’s Church is a form of SCHISM with Jesus, because He regards His Church as His Mystical Body. Just as you cannot remain His friend without loving the Whole of HIM, so you cannot remain faithful to HIM without saving HIS Church.
    If you by yourself are not able to convince the priest or Bishop to remain faithful to Jesus and reject Apostasy or Heresy, then ORGANIZE the Faithful of your area and petition the clergy as a Group. This is what Veri Catholici is doing. Don’t be a by-stander! Act and God acts!
    And do not be STUPID. If the tactics of the Traditionalist Movement have not saved the Mass nor restored the Mass, then certainly they will not save the Church from Apostasy. If you only love yourself, you do not love God or neighbor!
    This is why ONLY true Charity prevails to win the Battle. And Such Charity is always that which serves God and saves neighbor and oneself!
    If you wish, you can found locally a Chapter of VERI CATHOLICI and begin to do in your diocese, what our Association does internationally. There is ample material on our website and in our tweets to form, organize and motivate any group of Catholics anywhere!
    Every Bishop you convince is an entire Diocese saved. Every parish priest you convince is an entire parish and church saved. Every person you convince is an immortal soul saved. ITS TIME TO GO TO WAR by spreading the truth!
    The Official Site of the International Movement to restore Pope Benedict XVI to the Papal Throne
    @VeriCatholici share in person!

  4. Is it possible for obsequious Catholics to look at the very devil himself standing in the Sanctuary… yet still not know it is he?

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