The worst kept secret is finally out!

“Whoever has had, as I have happened several times, the luck of meeting him and speaking to him with the utmost cultural confidence, knows that Pope Francis (sic) conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate. Once incarnated, Jesus ceases to be a God and becomes a man until his death on the cross. The proof that confirms this reality and creates a Church that is completely different from the others is proved by some episodes which deserve to be remembered. The first is what happens in the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus goes after the Last Supper. The apostles who are a few meters from him hear him pray to God with words that were at one time reported by Simon Peter: “Lord – said Jesus – if you can remove this bitter chalice from me, please do it, but if you can’t or you don’t want me to drink it all the way ». He was arrested by Pontius Pilate’s guards just outside of that garden.
Another episode, also well known, occurs when Jesus is already crucified and once again repeats himself and is listened to by the apostles and by the women who are kneeling at the foot of the cross: «Lord, you have abandoned me».
When I happened to discuss these sentences, Pope Francis (sic) told me: “They are the demonstrable proof that Jesus of Nazareth, once he became a man, might have been a man of exceptional virtues, but he was not a God at all”.” HERE

The thing that really caught my attention about all this, besides the not-so-surprising part about an antipope being an arch-heretic, was Scalfari’s first sentence. Did you miss that? Let me clean it up for you:

Whoever has had the luck of…speaking to him…knows that Pope Francis (sic) conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate.”

Got that? Antipope Bergoglio denies the divinity of Jesus Christ, and everyone knows it. This claim is what makes Scalfari’s account so credible. In fact it almost seems like an attempt to diffuse the bombshell. “Hey, what I’m about to say sounds like breaking news, but guess what… everybody already knows!”
Not that you really even need to ask him about it.
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Or maybe it’s just situational knee/hip dysplasia.
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27 thoughts on “The worst kept secret is finally out!”

  1. “Whoever has had the BAD luck of…speaking to him…knows that Pope Francis (sic) conceives Christ as Jesus of Nazareth, man, not God incarnate.”
    There. Fixed.

  2. Heretic: A person with belief contrary to Doctrine.
    Arch heretic: A leader of a heretical movement.
    Apostate: A person who renounces Catholic belief.
    Pagan: A person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.
    The best definition of Bergoglio is pagan. He does not, nor ever has held the Catholic Credal Faith. Answer the Dubia! Reject Scalfari! Kneel before God; prostrate yourself before Holy God!
    Beware, those of you with pictures of this Pagan in your house, your Parish; you Priests who elevate him in Holy Mass. the evidence is overwhelming – you are venerating and elevating a Pagan antipope before God.
    This question *must* be answered by every Catholic if they wish to remain Catholic in a state of Grace. I do believe that. The Cornerstone is inhabited by a Pagan who obviously hates Holy Triune God, and His Blessed Mother. Everything else in the Faith must stop until that emergency is dealt with; correctives and appropriate punishments meted out.

  3. And this from a bishop who was blessed with a Eucharistic miracle in his home diocese (1996). How does he reconcile that miracle with his treatment of the Eucharist? He’s been given exceptional proof that the Sacred Host is no bread but really Christ Himself. Yet, still, we see this.

      1. Good grief. I hope your are wrong, Mark. That is a very, very disturbing thought. (Perhaps that is why I didn’t consider it?)

    1. The Bloody Sweat on the La Plata
      May 1, 1992, Buenos Aires, Ave. La Plata 286, the Santa Maria church; feast of saint Joseph the Worker, first Friday of the month. When, after giving away communion, the priest hid the cyborium, he noticed two Hosts lying loose inside the tabernacle – he took them out and put them in the vasculum. If he did so, it means that another priest picked up these Hosts from the floor and placed them in the tabernacle instead of consumption, or as a last resort – if they were extremely heavily soiled – put in a container with water.
      May 8, 1992, Buenos Aires, Ave. La Plata 286, the Santa Maria church; Friday in the 3rd week after Easter; in Argentina, the feast of the Mother of God from Lujan; Apparition of Saint Archangel Michael in Gargano. The discovery of the first in a series of Eucharistic miracles: two Hosts deposited in Vasculum did not dissolve, and tiny droplets of blood appeared on their entire surface.
      May 10, 1992, Buenos Aires, Ave. La Plata 286, the Santa Maria church; 4th Easter Sunday. The priest noticed droplets of blood on the patten used to give Communion to the faithful. This fact, combined with the earlier discovery of droplets of blood on the Hosts, indicates the real presence of the Lord Jesus in the smallest particle of Eucharistic Bread. It is a reminder of the Church’s eternal teaching on the nature of the Blessed Sacrament, as well as a call to treat the Body of the Lord with the utmost care.
      There is another aspect of this miracle. Droplets of blood on Hosts are associated with the bloody sweat of the Lord Jesus in the Olive Garden after the establishment of the sacraments of the Eucharist and Priesthood. It seems that through this kind of torture, our Savior anticipated all the insults and blasphemy He would experience as a Prisoner of the Sacrament of the Altar from his chosen friends: priests and their assistants. These specific two Hosts were abandoned in the tabernacle, which is an expression of the Savior’s complaint that Argentine priests neglect his presence in the Eucharist. Why two hosts? Because Jesus and Mary: the Man and the Woman of the Eucharist, the Father and the Mother of the Bread. And these countless Holy Particles? They are their children, God’s children, who feed on the Holy Bread for eternal life.
      The Garden of Olives, in which the Lord Jesus sweated with blood, also witnessed the treacherous act of Judas the Apostle. The Saint Mary church at Avenida La Plata 286 (Spanish: ‘the Silver Avenue’), where Eucharistic Miracles occurred, is an edifice contemporary of a certain Jorge Bergoglio. The apostle Judas, Jesus’ companion and perhaps his peer, assisted the birth of the Church and sold his Head, Jesus Christ, for thirty pieces of silver. The vaunted Argentinean in the Vatican, also from Jesus’ company – in his spiritual narrowness he even kept the Argentine passport – is the payment which Benedict XVI, the last** successor of Saint Peter the Apostle, received for treason of the Mystical Body of Jesus, for adultery with the spirit of this world and release of the Roman Catholic church for crucifixion. A deceptive argentum (silver) of temporality, a mountain of silver on the Tiber – treachery is felt from afar. Poor Papa Benedict did not expect such payment for his act of betrayal of the Church: now tied together with this Argentinian “Living Silver” in the Vatican like Judas with a pack of silver coins in the courtyard of the Jerusalem Temple. Our merciful Mother the Holy Church, however – as She announced in Fatima – will give “the bishop in white”, the last Pontifex, the opportunity to show remorse and perfect regret, as She gave this grace to the first one – Saint Peter the Apostle.
      *Medical tests of a sample taken from the Miraculous Hosts have shown the presence of human skin tissue, so the droplets observed on them are bloody sweat.
      **Judas Iscariot appears in the New Testament as the 12th, last apostle. Pope Benedict XVI, as the last of the successors of Saint Peter the Apostle, got into the shoes of Judas and committed treason. After the Ascension of the Lord Jesus, the college of the apostles was completed by Matthew or ‘God’s Gift’. After the betrayal of Benedict XVI, his place was taken by the Paraclete, another Comforter – the divine gift of God the Father and God the Son for the last days.
      May 20, 1992, Buenos Aires; feast of Bernardine of Siena – Father Jorge Bergoglio SJ, despite the negative opinion* of the Jesuit General Peter Kolvenbach, is nominated as auxiliary bishop of the Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Antoni Quarracino, Primate of Argentina. Apparently someone really wanted to push this candidacy through the sieve of the Vatican curia.
      The patron of the day, the Franciscan of the strictly observance Bernardine, was a great worshiper of the Name of Jesus. He always appeared in public with a plaque with the “IHS” christogram elaborately integrated into the radiant sun, as if to reproduce the monstrance with the Blessed Sacrament. In the 17th century, the Jesuits adopted this Bernardine emblem as their own. However, the aforementioned tablet is only painted wood – did this weigh heavily on the spirituality of some Jesuits? Did the Lord Jesus, through Eucharistic Miracles in the Church of Santa Maria, not remind the bishops of Buenos Aires about his real presence in the Sacrament of the Altar and persuade them to appropriate devotion so obvious for Catholics?
      *Remember that the book “Dictator Pope” by historian Henry Sire claimed that a Jesuit assessment by the then Superior General of the Jesuits Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach thought Francis was “[u]nsuitable to be a [b]ishop” and lacked “psychological balance” according to a review by
      “[T]he assessment Father Bergoglio received… accused Bergoglio of a series of defects… vulgar language to deviousness, disobedience concealed under the mask of humility, and lack of psychological balance… the habit of saying diametrically opposing things from one day to the next.”
      (, “Unsuitable to be a Bishop,” December 3, 2017)
      May 24, 1992; Buenos Aires, Avenida La Plata 286; Sunday and feast of Our Lady Help of Christians. On the inner wall of the tabernacle a drop of blood was observed. The Lord Jesus is being scourged – 4 days earlier the Primate of Argentina announced the appointment of Father Jorge Bergoglio as bishop.

  4. Good catch Mark. Yes, offhandedness of it all, i.e., everyone already knows Francis doesn’t believe Christ was God like it was really unnecessary to even mention it. Thus Bergoglio is clearly a heretic and everyone knows it but does care. Because that’s what most clergy in Rome believe. The Church is in the hands of the devil.
    Conversely, on EWTN Fr. Murray and Raymond Arroyo generally tried to explain away the interview. But the comment section on You Tube indicated no one was buying their coverup.

  5. There are other photos (and videos) out there of antipope Bergoglio literally staring down Our Lord in the monstrance with an “I hate you” scowl on his face. Those photos and the ones you’ve posted here speak volumes. Never once have I seen any sign of reverence from Bergoglio for Our Lord’s Real Presence, only pure hatred and disrespect.

      1. Ah, I’m a newbie to your site (which I very much appreciate by the way). You, Ann and Canon212 are pretty much all I read these days.

  6. @ James Andrew Dunn, normally this is considered bad form but knowing what (I think) I know, I suspect NonVeniPacem won’t mind if I plug for one of his co-laborers in the field – Brother Bugnolo Of From Rome blog.
    I’m with you, reading just a few faithful blogs. NonVeni is at the top with Canon212. Do check out From Rome, and the history he has compiled there of what has happened from a logical and Canonical perspective. It is a really good blog.

  7. Saint Theresa d’Avila
    The worst is likely true here, Mark, as you surmise. Antipope Francis knows exactly Who Our Lord Is, and hates Him for it. It’s an excellent point you caught–that everyone knows that Francis denies Christ, who knows him well, that is, “with cultural confidence.” Of course an athiest easily could be best friends with Antipope Francis based on a shared perspective on life’s most important questions, like Death, Judgment, Heaven, and Hell.
    It’s a very similar worst-case-scenario, a Doomsday Scenario in fact one might say, with Antipope Francis and Hell.
    In the exact set of circumstances a little more than a year ago–Holy Thursday, 2018–Antipope Francis had a little chat with the usual suspect here, Eugenio Scalfari–who by the way is a completely reliable witness primarily because his whole career is based on something Bergoglio never had: credibility. He’s lived by his word for more than three score years.
    In that chat, at any rate, Antipope Francis denied the existence of Hell, as well as the immortality of the soul. That Antipope Francis said it does not, however, mean that Francis actually does not believe in Hell. It is most likely far worse than that, namely: Francis knows Hell exists, but Scalfari nonetheless rightly reported exactly what Francis said: Hell doesn’t exist. That doesn’t mean Bergoglio actually believes that Hell doesn’t exist. Considering who his master is I believe he has every reason to know very well that Hell does of course exist.
    Why say otherwise?
    Here’s why. If you were the Pied Piper leading people into Hell–well recall one of the Devil’s oldest tricks: to get man to disbelieve in his very existence. So too with Hell–would you tell them true about the last stop on the train?
    And remember, the third secret of Fatima–the one authenticated by Zavala in his 2017 book as written in (the real) Sister Lucia’s handwriting, warns of nothing other than apostasy in the Church, apostasy at the highest levels (which all independent eyewitnesses to the reading of the Secret, like Cardinals Ciappi, Oddi, Capovilla, and Fr. Malachy Martin corroborate) and more chillingly, a “false pope” “leading the people into a church of Hell.”
    Beware Bergoglio! To arms! Among other things, grab that Rosary, the Weapon of Mass Destruction, and wield it, Men! And of course, valiant Ladies too, like today’s saint.

  8. I sense more than disbelief for the Eucharistic Christ in Bergoglio’s actions. I sense a supernatural defiance and a deep hatred coming out of him. He makes a point of not doing what believers do. His actions are so very pointed. There is no humility nor any kindness towards those who truly believe in the Holy Eucharist.. How can anyone really believe he is a true pope? He radiates contempt for the divine as well as a demonic presence. He is the leader of the false church and is preparing the way for the antichrist.

    1. Looks good. Downloaded. Will take some time. Thank you for this.
      This, and all these sorts of contributions are shared and spread, they do much good, as God delivers those faithful to him in this trial.

  9. After that was done way back in July, they uploaded this recently……
    If it’s all the same to you – I have to state that after hearing of the St Gallen Mafia, a double Papacy, Pagan Idolatry, outright Blasphemy and a host of other criminal offences against God – that a valid Pope would be something to be investigated and debated by Lawyers NOW!!. If Archbishop Vigano says “No!” (as I suspect he may) then perhaps the idealistic Orthodox Patriarch might be persuaded to rebuild the Church. His bravery is formidable. (As must be the Archbishop Vigano’s also)……. God Bless faithful representatives of Orthodox Catholic Doctrine.
    God bless and protect us all!

    1. It is shocking to see the Vicar of Christ stand defiantly (always standing, never kneeling, never prostrate) before the God who created heaven and earth; who gives us breath, salvation, eternal life.
      It is shocking to see the Vicar of Christ, prostrate himself before and kiss the feet of Communists.
      It is shocking to hear the Vicar of Christ does not believe Jesus Christ our Lord.
      It is shocking to see the Vicar of Christ venerate and adore pagan idols and Wiccan symbols.
      But then, shock quickly turns into anger. Hot anger then turns into cold anger, which is more purposeful and useful.
      This man is the enemy of Christ. He must be exposed for what he is and stopped.

  10. Just watched the videos linked by Caroline.
    I am stunned by this, and perplexed with her, why no one is commenting on this.
    Careful, precise Anathemas pronounced in Orthodox Catholic Extraordinary Council against Roman Catholic Pope and Bishops.

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