The twitter tears of lib cath snowflakes flow into the Tiber with their demon idols

Some of them are even cheering for ‘climate’ change! Bahaha.
Happy Monday, folks.

7 thoughts on “The twitter tears of lib cath snowflakes flow into the Tiber with their demon idols”

  1. Oh no! Gasp!! Don’t call me an iconoclast! (Fan, fan, fan, cool towel please)
    Funny how these Wiccan Amazonian idol worshippers appropriate Catholic language – when it suits their purpose.

  2. (@Mark: Sorry, I wanted this reply to get to Cam and it seemed to have been buried at the other thread. Thank you.)
    Islam_Is Islam says: October 20, 2019 at 4:38 pm Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    @Cam: You ask, ” If I accept your view, does that mean Benedict sees Bergoglio as an antipope?” Not to be obtuse (or end up sounding like Hillary Clinton), but what difference does Benedict’s view of Bergoglio make in the end? After all, it seems to me, Jesus’ promises are to His Bride through fallen human instruments, heroic or not. Moreover, Benedict’s intention and his personal view of Bergoglio’s official title seem to me to be beside the point because either BiP and thus anti-pope Francis or FiP and Jesus does not keep his promises.
    As to your next points regarding the prophecy of Our Lady of Good Success and my take on Pope Benedict’s heroism, you say, “The second part [of the prophecy] would seem to mean that the the prisoner pope will ulimately fail to be a hero. All he has to do is speak and he won’t even do that! Is it possible, then, that, on your view, Benedict made a heroic decision initially but, in the end, might not be a hero in the end?” Ya know, your critique of that prophecy kind of falls into line with Mr. Dowd’s contemplation of a HUGE never-before-seen-or-done chastisement such that no man, no human creature that is, will be the hero. In the end only God and the God-Man (and through Him, His Mother) are our refuge and salvation. His Bride brings us the grace (when we avail ourselves of it and cooperate with it) BUT He alone is the Hero. Perhaps this is why Pope Benedict in the end will fail to speak and we each individually will be presented with questions to answer by Faith: Who do you say I am? Who do you say My Church is? Who do you say My Vicar on Earth is? Will you choose Sede-ism and make your own Pope? Do you think that I don’t keep My promises?
    Not very satisfactory in the end, sorry to say. I still see Pope Benedict as a hero.
    Here’s a question for us all: What if Pope Benedict is following explicit instructions from Heaven Itself for all the steps he has taken, including to not speak and defend himself, “like a sheep led to slaughter”? We simply do not know and may not even be able to parse out any more than has been parsed thus far.

  3. Ah RAAACISM!!! That tired old tactic that white liberals constantly firebomb in order to scare the opposition into shutting up when they don’t have a case to win the argument.
    Death to pachamama! Oh yes, I did just say that.

  4. No! Not Iconoclasm!!!
    Don’t these liberals know that they are insulting the good followers of Islam by using that word to denigrate what Muslims believe and do???
    Such intolerant language! Such inhospitality for the beliefs of the prophet! Such racist microaggressions against a whole nation of peoples!
    I demand that for the sake of the dialogue and the love and the peace-keeping that Cracker Lamb, Joseph the Bee’Esser, Simon Hell-twit, Stoned & Rachael Dumb apologize publicly for using the I-word!

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