NYT board, all of them never-Trumpers, call on Biden to quit

June 28, 2024, 5:59 p.m. ET

…At Thursday’s debate, the president needed to convince the American public that he was equal to the formidable demands of the office he is seeking to hold for another term. Voters, however, cannot be expected to ignore what was instead plain to see: Mr. Biden is not the man he was four years ago.

The president appeared on Thursday night as the shadow of a great public servant. He struggled to explain what he would accomplish in a second term. He struggled to respond to Mr. Trump’s provocations. He struggled to hold Mr. Trump accountable for his lies, his failures and his chilling plans. More than once, he struggled to make it to the end of a sentence…
As it stands, the president is engaged in a reckless gamble. There are Democratic leaders better equipped to present clear, compelling and energetic alternatives to a second Trump presidency. There is no reason for the party to risk the stability and security of the country by forcing voters to choose between Mr. Trump’s deficiencies and those of Mr. Biden. It’s too big a bet to simply hope Americans will overlook or discount Mr. Biden’s age and infirmity that they see with their own eyes…

4 thoughts on “NYT board, all of them never-Trumpers, call on Biden to quit”

  1. You’re telling me after a week of debate prep, nobody told Joe that the “very fine people” hoax was officially debunked and dumped by the entire MSM? Somehow, this news never made it anyone in the White House?

    The moment Joe opened his mouth to talk about Charlottesville, you knew he was being sacrificed.

    Unless you knew it all along, which most of us did.

  2. Are the NYT people really this gullible? If they were honest they’d say something like, okay it worked, Joe Biden went down in flames as we knew he would, since he is obviously cognitively impaired with moderate dementia. Now we can switch into “surprise” mode, act as if we never guessed this was true, and realize only now, today, that he cannot possibly be our candidate, much as we’d love to have him. Remember this has nothing to do with our decision to have the debate this early, to everyone’s surprise, don’t accuse us of needing extra time to yank Joe and insert our next guy, that had nothing to do with it. We’re surprised, really, shocked I tell ya. We thought he was fine, and you’re all liars.

    Joe Biden is a horrible human being and a lifetime grifter, but the Democrats prove they are just as ruthless and brutal as is possible by putting an obviously demented and struggling old man on a global stage to humiliate himself in his waning career, such as it was. He’s awful, deserves everything he’s getting, but they are bloodless ghouls to allow it to happen to their own. There are no words for Jill Biden and his “family”.

  3. As much as I’d like to believe that Trump is not just playing his part in this national kayfabe, it just seems to be even more the case after the debate. It will seem even more likely if Biden does not drop out and a Trump victory seems inevitable.

    I see the deep state using a Trump victory and presidency, paired with a massive 9/11 scale terrorist attack in the next few months to sweep up young men into both patriotism and bloodlust for an attack blamed on Russia and Iran. Word War III and hundreds of millions of deaths are what they are after and I think that they get this with Trump. I foresee a Tet Offensive style attack, long predicted in Europe by Matt Bracken, that sees small groups of terrorists carrying out attacks in numerous cities all at the same time across the nation, effectively shutting it down for weeks. Power stations, dams, etc. will also be important targets. These attacks are blamed on not only Russian and Iran, but on Biden’s open border. A massive victory for Trump would be guaranteed.

    A Trump presidency will also finally push the left into kinetic civil war and tear the country apart. Oregon, California, Washington, New York, etc. will secede from the nation and leftist insurgents will attack government buildings all over the country. Trump will call on young men to join the military to fight these enemies both foreign and domestic. I just don’t see how getting American men to join up and willingly fight in World War III with a democrat president. A military under Trump though, sure.

    Or Biden is replaced with Michelle Obama or Newsom who wins handily and things continue as they have been. World War III still breaks out, again maybe due to a terrorist attack, but under the democrat president, those who do not support “our democracy” and join the war effort are cut off from banking, being able to work, buying food, etc. just like during COVID. The choice will be clear, either fight for the US and “democracy” or not be able to work and starve.

    God only knows what will happen, but what we have coming out way is not good. God help us.

  4. All pre-scripted like a bad novel about a deadly respiratory virus, miraculously traveling to every corner of the world within 48 hours. I’m going to predict that the second chapter in this trashy masonic novel will feature a destructive, pro-infanticide governor of California, ushered in to slay the bad, bad orange man. Anyone wanna guess the fate of the train-wreck, pant-suit wearing ho sitting in the VP chair right now, doing nothing?

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