Feast of SS Peter and Paul: We FINALLY have a major prelate calling out Jorge Bergoglio as an antipope

O God, this day is sacred because of the martyrdom of Your apostles Peter and Paul. May Your Church follow the teachings of these two saints in every respect, for from them she received the faith in the beginning. 

“But even if we or an angel from heaven
should preach to you a gospel other than the one that we preached to you,
let that one be accursed.
As we have said before, and now I say again,
if anyone preaches to you a gospel other than the one that you received,
let him be anathema.”

Gal 1:8-9

So it came to pass that Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has leveled the charges of heresy, apostasy, schism, and usurper antipope against Jorge Bergoglio. Further still, he recognizes the whole of anti-church occupying the rightful ecclesiastical spaces of the One True Faith. As such, he logically denies the authority of those who charge him with schism, and explains why the accusers are the ones actually in schism.

This is going to take several posts to unpack. First, you need to go read the whole thing HERE.

It gets a little complicated (but if we’re honest, not really) because the scope of his statement goes well beyond the current Freemasonic antipapacy, to a condemnation of the errors of Vatican II, all of the rotten fruit it has borne, and how nuChurch is very much a different religion than what came before, and how its staunchest defenders will come right out and proudly admit it.

Yeah. Go read the whole thing. I’ll be back.

8 thoughts on “Feast of SS Peter and Paul: We FINALLY have a major prelate calling out Jorge Bergoglio as an antipope”

  1. He even gave a nod to the fact that Benedict tried to be half-in half-out.

    Now Burke, Strickland and co. need to one by one join their voices to Vigano’s, before their credibility evaporates. Staying silent and not ‘going there’ won’t save them from Jorge, never mind answering to God for their inaction. Le the dam break!

    But in any case, the laity should get involved and lead the effort alongside Vigano before waiting for anyone else. The sheep need to ‘make a mess’ all over Jorge’s lawn. Let him know that we righteously judge and hate him. It’d be nice if he repented, but you cannot count on it any more than you can count on the crazy axe murderer approaching your family with his axe raised will suddenly change his mind at the last minute. Shoot him! Leave the rest to providence.

  2. “Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud” – Then There Were Four!

    Among the Catholic Hierarchy who have made statements that Bergoglio is not the Catholic Pope. First and foremost, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, Apostolic Nuncio to United States of America who, formally accused Jorge Bergoglio of heresy and schism. https://exsurgedomine.it/240628-jaccuse-eng/

    The Polish Archbishop Jan Paweł Lenga, M.I.C., Bishop Emeritus of Karaganda, Kazakhstan who, in a very harsh interview, declared that he still recognizes Benedict XVI as Pope and that he has abandoned the “usurper and heretic” Bergoglio after concluding that he was spreading “lies and sins,” “leading the world astray.” https://wiez.pl/2019/09/19/nie-papiez-a-bergoglio-abp-lenga-o-franciszku/

    The American Bishop René Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas, USA, supported Lenga’s position in denying Bergoglio as the true pontiff. On his blog, https://abyssum.org/i-believe/ he publicly declared that he doubted the validity of Ratzinger’s resignation from day one and of the subsequent conclave for the same reason.

    In Italy, on a softer but equally disruptive position, Archbishop Luigi Negri †, Archbishop Emeritus of Ferrara-Comacchio, Italy, declared: “Benedict XVI has undergone enormous pressure. It is no coincidence that in America, also on the basis of what was published by Wikileaks, some groups of Catholics have asked President Trump to open a commission of inquiry to investigate whether the Obama administration exerted pressure on Benedict. For now it remains a very serious mystery, but I am sure that the responsibilities will come to light.” https://tufortitudomea.it/magistero-mons-negri/la-ragione-di-benedetto-xvi/


  3. Unfortunately, His Excellency did not state that Benedict’s resignation was invalid in accordance with Canon188 thus rendering the “conclave” of March, 2013 invalid as well. Nevertheless, I hope that his statement will bring out good. May more Catholics come to see that the Holy Ghost still guides the Church.

    1. The more I think about it, the more the “Beneplenist” position becomes problematic.

      To accept it, we must accept that Ratzinger had very heterodox views on the Petrine Office, and Ann Barnhardt has demonstrated that such was the case. Can he really be said to have accepted the Petrine Office if his conception of the Office was so poor, that he believed he could bifurcate it?

      In that regard, Vigano’s position is less problematic: Jorge cannot be pope, and there are 3 explanation as to why.

      1. You are right. As a pope he cannot promote formal heresy either.

        That is why I think he did a false resignation, spoke in mental reservations and died a prisoner in the Vatican.

        Any other view on what is going on, IMO, makes mincemeat of the Church’s dogma of indefectability, which SSPX has conditioned trads to speak and act like it doesn’t really exist or is uncertain or a form of esoteric gnosticism.

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