Russia says it will strike British targets if UK weapons are used to hit its territory

(Blinken yesterday pivoted to the Cameron/Nuland position, in favor of bombing Russia with our weapons. Today, Russia explains what happens if that line is crossed. Go to Confession. -nvp)

MOSCOW, May 23 (Reuters) – Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Thursday that Moscow will retaliate with strikes on British targets if British weapons are used by Ukraine to strike Russian territory.
Zakharova told reporters that British targets “on Ukraine’s territory and beyond its borders” could be hit in such a scenario.
She was repeating a warning that Moscow first issued earlier this month after British Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine had a right to use weapons provided by London to hit targets inside Russia.
Russia reacted with outrage to that remark and cited it as one of the reasons why it has opted to hold exercises this month to simulate the launch of tactical nuclear missiles.

5 thoughts on “Russia says it will strike British targets if UK weapons are used to hit its territory”

  1. Well, if I didn’t know I better, I’d say Russia has gotten just a tad fed up with NATO attacking them by proxy (through Ukraine). It’s the geopolitical version of someone hiring a local retarded teenager to set fire to the house of a neighbor they disliked. “Haha! Nobody will suspect me of anything.”

    Maybe this thinly veiled aggression has at long last reached its boiling point.

  2. While you all worry about World War 3, I want to stay true to form and point out that a)Donald Trump told Mike Johnson to join Democrats in passing the most recent Ukraine weapons/money package and b)Trump SUPPORTS US weapons being used in Russia.

    Now you MAGA cultists can get upset, but I’m merely pointing out that Trump is a con man, a guy who says and does anything to get elected. That’s why he hugs the flag like an idiot, it’s why he commits sacrilege by personalizing and selling bibles, it’s why he is making the same promises then that he makes now.

    World War 3 is going to happen no matter who is elected: Both have no interest in doing what’s in the best interest of the United States.

    The sooner you make peace with this, the better off you’ll be.

    1. In all reality, Trump is NOT a con man. A con man presents himself as someone he is not. Trump doesn’t do that. Everything he has done entirely consistent with what he has demonstrated in the past.

      That people look to him as some kind of savior is not HIS fault. Its theirs. They have, contrary to Sacred Scripture’s admonition, put their trust in princes. Trump has never been anything different that a decent businessman who excels at showmanship. He has always capitalized on moments to what he been perceived as his advantage. That’s why he pushed the jab.

      As for Ukraine, he has changed tune, because when Ukraine was in the news, and many Americans were against our involvement, his stance was “people are dying, we need peace. I can help with that.” Now that Ukraine is out of the news, and Biden has taken one stance, Republicans, being good controlled opposition, must take the opposite stance, even if it’s a bad one. This is entirely consistent with Trump.

      He’s not the conman. The system is the con.

      1. If the “system ” is a con, then the system needs conmen to keep it going. Good people don’t participate in cons.

        I’m not going to excuse Trump as “well he is what he is.” He poisoned and murdered millions with a bioweapon. He didn’t have to do that.

        When you participate in a conned system and never own up to it, apologize, repent, you are a conman.

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