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  1. I’m just going to point out that Donald Trump said we would get out of Afghanistan, and we didn’t. And he negotiated the deal where the Taliban was left in power. Sure, *his* plan would involve the US sticking around at Bagram, but anybody with common sense would know that Biden wouldn’t honor that.

    Trump could’ve been a busy boy doing the right things as president. What he did instead was play on Twitter every night and compare himself to Jesus.

    1. Mike….I don’t comment much anywhere anymore, but I’ve just got to say, you’ve shown yourself to consistently be one of THE most arrogant, condescending, hypocritical prigs I’ve ever seen in a combox. Your constant, mal-toned obsession with Trump is beyond irritating and pathetic. Between satan’s jockstrap (biden) and an imperfect but left-despised Cyrus (Trump), I’ll take the latter any day and five times on Sunday, and at this point, JUST because hell howls against the man, I’d crawl through fire and broken glass to vote for him….not that the vote matters a whit anymore, but I’m still gonna do it. You offer nothing else but vitriol, bile, and putrid phlegm…just like the left.

      And as to your one-man pogrom on 1% injectable taken orally, answer me this self-appointed Einstein; how is it that the said ivy version has the exact same pronounced visual effects on me (and my husband) that the tablet human-form does….every single time, if it doesn’t get into the system and is destroyed in the stomach? Other people have noted this also. You threw the most awful invective against Ann B, including excoriating her (and others) for a gaping lack of humility.

      Hey Mike; *mirror*–*you*….take a good, hard look. Self awareness is a good thing. Try it sometime.
      And just for once, seriously, try to hold back the bile….it gets really, REALLY old.

      1. Wow Susan, just want to second everything you said! You said everything I was thinking, except one thing nobody seems to have considered regarding injectable ivy…(unless it was posted after I last read that thread)…bovines have four stomachs and regurgitate their food. I doubt any ingestible drug would be effective. In other words, the only way to get drugs into an animal that pukes its food back up would be to INJECT it. Hence injectable ivy for cattle. Horses, by contrast, cannot vomit AT ALL. That is one horrible reason it is so easy to poison horses, as has been done in the past (Never forget Phar Lap🐴) I have used both forms of ivy, but I kind of like the taste of the horse version, oddly enough.
        Once again, a spirited reply!

      2. Hi Susan,

        Trump had a massive responsibility and was elected based on promises he made. I focus on him because everything we are going through right now is because of him.

        He didn’t drain the swamp and now the swamp is jailing you for protesting and being Catholic. It’s more powerful than ever. He didn’t build the wall nor codify his border policy and here we are. He ruined people’s lives with unscientific Covid protocols and a bioweapon that has been proven to be a killer and Trump doubles down on it.

        I am bewildered that you are mad at me and not the man who broke all these promises. Trump and Biden are the same person.

        You realize that Trump now supports US weapons bombing Ukraine?

        As far as ivermectin, if it affects you so badly don’t take it. Also it’s possible some ivm makes it through your digestive system with the injectable but it’s not enough to be effective.

        If the 1 percent worked orally it would be given to stock…orally.

        And I know this as I try to help my father as he languishes with colon cancer. I don’t say things unless they’re true.

        Take care .

        1. Mike – you claimed there are additives in the IVM paste or pills that enable absorption that the injectable lacks – but never bothered to list them. Is that the science of “Trust me, bro” or are you just talking out of your 4th point of contact?

          1. Part of the reason why America is in this current situation is that everyone is lazy. Edison, you have the same internet I do. I don’t want you to trust one thing I say. You are an adult, you be a big boy and do your own research.

            But since apparently we are a lazy nation, I’ll give you the ingredients. In tablets for human consumption, there is ivermectin, and then colloidal silicon dioxide, corscarmellose sodium, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and starch.

            In the horse paste there is polysorbate 80 (an emulsifier), silicon dioxide, and maize oil.

            Our tummies are very acidic, our liver is one big ole filter. The reason why you can take, say, insulin via subcutaneous injection and not orally is that the tummy and liver destroy it. MANY drugs designed for subcutaneous use have to go that route.

            Some drugs can be taken orally that are designed for subcutaneous use. But Dr. Anne Barnhardt saying that it’s perfectly fine to take the injectable orally is hogwash. She called a doctor who said what I said a “mid wit” but there is zero evidence at all that it works that way. And basic knowledge of our gastrointestinal tract would be enough for most people to confirm it.

            Then there is the issue of small molecule drugs. The smaller the molecule the easier it is for the body to absorb. Biologics like ivermectin are bigger, and thus harder for the body to process as is. THough the molecular weight of ivermectin is smaller, it is still higher than those used for most drugs.

            Ergo, it needs help to get through your liver, stomach.

            I do this not to be a smart-arse. I’m doing it because I believe in ivermectin, I know it works. I just want you to take the right kind.

            If you want to pinch some fat on your body and inject the 1 percent ivm subcutaneously, go for it. But it won’t do much orally.

          2. Mike – thanks for the reply. However, when you make a claim, it’s not up to me to provide support for it – that falls to you. I asked what additives allow absorption by the liver, you just regurgitated the ingredients – not persuasive. If there’s a specific ingredient that enables absorption, you should already know it and be able to identify it for us. Otherwise, it’s just “Trust me, bro”.

        2. 1) “He didn’t drain the swamp…” DUH! Were you even awake at the time? He was UTTERLY alone and fighting on every front….the marxist media was TOTALLY exposed because HE took them on, and it drove them recklessly insane; everybody else kissed their asses. CNN is in ruins, NYT is a visible joke, MSNBC is on life support, the left’s media hegemony is on the ropes, supported only by their own circle-fests, and it’s SOLELY because of Trump.

          The alphabet agencies and departments were totally exposed as the traitorous marxist termites they’ve become. Russiagate…are you kidding me? The DOJ, FBI, CIA, foreign govts., hillary stinkin’ clinton, et. al., all in cahoots, BIG money, lying, felonious, perjuring rats all trying so damn hard to bring one man down….why? That says a LOT to me.

          Moles EVERYWHERE, even his own administration, calling the Washington Post with his latest fart. Nobody knew how stinkin rotten Pence was, nobody knew how feckless and probably blackmailed Sessions was, nobody knew what a fat bastard Barr is, nobody knew what a lying-judas Pompeo is, nobody knew what a boil on the ass of America the Bush family is…..Trump exposed it all; if by no other means than their seething hatred of the man…left AND ‘supposedly’ right. It was preternatural. That says a LOT to me.

          Do you have ANY idea yet of how huuuge and fully pervasive the ‘deep state’ is??…it knocked me back on my heels when I finally did…how the hell does one man drain that??….especially when he’s trying to do it utterly alone?!? His exposure of it was worth its weight in gold.

          2) WHY on God’s green earth do you blame Trump for the Covid fiasco? Yes, he was rolled…do you seriously think YOU wouldn’t have been? I would have. Have you read on how incredibly deep, dark, and long-planned this was? Peter Dasjak, Eco Health, Pence bringing in Fauci (just threw up a LOT in my mouth), Birx, Borla, Pfizer, Moderna…American gold! NOBODY knew how demonic they all are. Now we do. And they HATE him rabidly….THAT says a lot to me.

          3) And I continue to take Ivy in spite of the eye issues because…now listen closely….it works! The eye issues are EXACTLY the same with human tablet or orally administered injectable because.…now listen again….they both get into the system with the same potency. What you’re saying is utter conjecture. You have an interesting theory, but instead of presenting it humbly as such, you come out with full guns blazing, mowing down the very people who disseminated info (at great personal risk) that saved a lot of lives…ask Ann how many people have written stating so.

          Now….Mike, I’m terribly sorry about your father, but understand, Ivy isn’t a panacea for anything. It may work for some, not for others; different systems, different pathologies, different levels of illness. Fen-ben might also be a good adjunct, but it’s not a cure-all either….especially where cancer is concerned, and especially where it’s advanced. At one point you wrote here saying that you all but cured him…now it’s 180. And while it might not have worked for your father in terms of cancer, it DID work for a LOT of people regarding covid. Once again (as you do with Trump), you play loud, boisterous arm-chair quarterback against others who ran out on a blazing field trying to do the best they could with the info available, and in fact DID save lives.

          I know it’s easy to lash out when we’re in grief, but do realize that your lashing out with a THEORY (and that’s all it is), and presenting it as stone-cold fact, when people have benefited in direct opposition to what you propose, is the height of arrogance. I’m not mad at you….I’m just giving you a mirror, and with good intentions, for your own sake, telling you to cut the bile….it’s like sawblades on a sunburn to read, again and again and again, and no doubt to deal with in person.

          I WILL be praying for your dad….and for you.

          1. It should also be noted that the alphabet soup agencies you mentioned, Suze, all lie under the authority of the executive branch. The president runs those agencies. Basic civics.

            His first year as president Trump moved the embassy in Israel, played footsie with North Korea, and gave us an unneeded tax reform. Oh and he was on Twitter a lot.

            He didn’t do one thing he promised.

        3. Trump not only didn’t drain the swamp, he HIRED them, most notably Pompeo, Bolton, and Barr. He pushed Warp Speed, abortion tainted, he locked down the country and let Fauci rule us. Plus he blew it with Epstein, Barr should have been at least fired over that episode. Epstein was such a high value witness, he should have been secured on a base somewhere, but no, Trump plays dumb….maybe because he used to hang with the guy? Then there is his big sodomy party at Mar a lago with Kari Lake. And he couldn’t pardon Assange?? I voted for Trump, but he does not walk his big talk…maybe because he “used to be” a Dem?? His unqualified slavish devotion to Israel is a big problem. You are right, Mike.

      3. “Satan’s jockstrap…” Very fitting and a new one for me. I’ll add it to my lexicon and give due credit when applying it. Thank you.

        ….and thank you for the ivermectin commentary. You quelled concerns about my veterinary supply store sourced / 1% injectable formula that I take orally.

        1. John injectable won’t work orally. Not only do I know this anecdotally, from treating my father’s cancer, it’s a scientific fact.

          I guess a personal attack against me is persuasive, though.

          Mark, I notice I have to be on my toes with you, if i wrote something like the above you wouldn’t publish it.

          Very insulting, very personal. Obviously you feel the same.

          A rad trad characteristic.

          1. Hello Mike,

            Thank you for the ivermectin follow-up.

            I’m not submitting this as a “wise-ass” question:

            I have experienced the “vision side effects” so should I conclude that only my digestive tract processes / admits only selected “molecular components” of the Ivermectin formula?

            Totally agree with your President Donald Trump assessment – rumor has it he purchased an island off the coast of the Carolinas’ and has fortified it. Hmmm…..

            One of Trump’s major bankers was asked why they rescued “the Donald” from bankruptcy and he responded, “Trump is worth more to us a promoter so we sustain him.” The banker did not elaborate on what Trump was promoting and the interviewer did not pursue.

            Zionism anyone?

            Maybe the banker was an WWF enthusiast?

            “Ipsam Sequens Non Devias”

          2. “A rad trad characteristic.”

            Using the term “rad trad” alone is enough reason to dismiss you, and that’s before we even get to the nonsensical generalization of an entire community.

            If you’re going to try to influence a traditional Catholic blog, maybe skip that page of the Shea/Skojec/Mike Lewis playbook. You made some decent points before you got emotional. I mostly agree about Trump (but see no percentage in demoralizing his supporters at this stage), and there’s logic to what you’re saying about injectable IVM.

            But after the “rad trad” dig, it all comes across like agenda-driven forum disruption.

      4. Biden and Trump are both controlled by the Jews, who deny that Christ is the Messiah, and for whom abortion is a fundamental Jewish value.

  2. Well this thread took a turn. Anyhoo. Back on topic. Please don’t insult the fabulously tasteful swine by calling sir poops-a-lot a pig. Pigs are useful. Poopy pants isn’t useful. Well he has one use and that is to humiliate the people to show us our defeat. Every thing he says or does is planned out specifically to humiliate us. They (whoever they are) have been quite successful.

  3. One doctor and one nursing instructor I spoke with both agreed injectable medications are injectable so as to avoid being digested in the GI tract. Your own personal experience doesn’t mean very much (especially if you were treating something that may well not exist anyway, like Covid). My own experience with Trad Caths confirms that sometimes they are indeed very, very nasty but I guess anyone else can be like that too. And if you trust Dr. B …. drink your insulin and be sure you get AB blood if you ever need a transfusion.

    1. Just out of curiosity, are these nasty trads actual people in real life? Were you accosted at a Latin Mass parish? Or is this assessment based on online and antisocial media experiences, where viciousness is practically a form of currency and most of the “trads” are faceless, anonymous, and unaccountable for their words?

      I ask because it bears no resemblance to the real-life experience I’ve had in the ten years my family has been attending the Mass. Our parish is the one place I’m almost able to forget that we’re living in the free-fall stage of complete civilizational collapse. I don’t know everyone there, but I know quite a few, call many of them friends, and find them to be thoroughly decent and generous people striving to be holy in an unholy world. The very last word I’d use to describe my firsthand, real-life experience with traditionalists is “nasty”. If anything, it’s a respite from the nastiness of the world we live in.

      I know this is what Rome would have people believe about us, so they can justify shutting the Mass down altogether. I’m just curious why it keeps popping up in comboxes, and what exactly it’s based on.

      1. It did have to do with an online experience. A Trad Cath man – a smart enough computer professional – commented on a major social media platform that women should not be “allowed” their right to vote and when I opposed that he said that I personally should not be allowed on that social media platform. My account subsequently was blocked and I am about 99% sure that he did it and who he is and a few more knowledgeable computer people than I am agree with me. It was not so much “vicious” as enormously presumptuous (and will be expensive! to us (a nurse, a teacher, a secretary) who share the same laptop and desktop). We are discussing how we’re going to divide the expense of paying a computer professional to get us back onto that major social media platform and from there all the news items that link to it that we’re blocked from now. There is a Latin Mass about a 25-minute drive from us but we have some vision and mobility issues and it is difficult to get there so we go to a nearby Novus Ordo – where there is we believe a very holy priest. There are great people there.

        1. Well, the man’s feelings about the 19th Amendment are certainly representative of the views of most traditionalists I know who aren’t outright monarchists (including women, including my wife), but his reaction to your taking issue with that view is vindictive, pretty, and worthy of a trip to the confessional. That isn’t how we handle disagreements, it’s not how we make our case when we believe in something.

          Any traditionalist worth his salt could defend the idea that universal suffrage was national suicide without ever getting angry or having to block & silence you.

          1. Elections matter and 81 million women voted for Joe Biden? What has happened, among other things, is that a huge number of voters understand that they can vote themselves benefits paid for by others. I don’t remember who originally said that but that is one of the most fundamental reasons for the decline of the republic – people are elected who cater to that greed. No system created by human beings will ever work perfectly. (Monarchies will lead to people like King Charles and who wants that?) Probably the best answer is that only taxpayers should be allowed to vote and no one else.

  4. Agreed….was hoping Ann would resurrect a “long time ago piece” she wrote on this topic. Don’t have time to search her archives.

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