Did you know there was a time in America when Catholics were banned from having weapons? Might we be close to it happening again?

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…The site Firearms Owners Against Crime lists some of the genocidal results of 20th century governments disarming their own citizens:

  • 1911: Turkey; citizens disarmed – 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered
  • 1929: Russia; citizens disarmed – 20 million Russians murdered
  • 1935: China; citizens disarmed – 20 million Chinese killed
  • 1938: Germany; citizens disarmed – 6 million Jews murdered
  • 1956: Cambodia; citizens disarmed – 1 million “intellectuals” killed
  • 1964: Guatemala; citizens disarmed – 100,000 Mayan Indians massacred
  • 1970: Uganda; citizens disarmed – 300,000 … put to death

But the next may be us, as the website Bearing Arms just reported a court case last week:  “In his ruling, Obama-appointed U.S. District Judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr agreed that ammunition should be considered ‘arms’ that are protected by the language of the Second Amendment, but still found the law in question to be constitutional because it’s meant to keep ‘dangerous’ people from acquiring guns and ammunition.”

The ruling then continues with this shocking explanation in reference to an 18th century law against Catholics: “The government offers several historical examples of laws that were enacted to disarm dangerous individuals, but the Court will discuss only one of the many analogues offered. In colonial Virginia, the legislature dictated that no Catholics ‘shall, or may have, or keep in his house or elsewhere, or in the possession of any other person to his use, or at his disposition, any arms, weapons, gunpowder or ammunition‘ because it was determined that ‘it is dangerous at this time to permit [Catholics] to be armed.’”

(In case it needs made clear, this judge cited an 18th Century anti-Catholic colonial law as PRECEDENT to rule on a case in 2024 . -nvp)

Now it begins to make sense why the FBI admitted in 2023 to targeting Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) Catholics.  Mr. Kyle Seraphim wrote last year at UncoverDC:   “The FBI’s Richmond Division would like to protect Virginians from the threat of ‘white supremacy,’ which it believes has found a home within Catholics who prefer the Latin Mass. An intelligence analyst within the Richmond Field Office of the FBI released in a new finished intelligence product dated January 23, 2023, on Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in ‘Radical-Traditionalist Catholics’ or RTCs… The acronym, new to many in the Domestic Counterterrorism field, comes with a footnote by the writer explaining RTCs are ‘typically characterized by the rejection of the Second Vatican Council.’”

It turns out that “rejecting the Second Vatican Council” has nothing to do with “white supremacy” after all!  Rather, the left fears potential armed resistance to their totalitarian state.  This is why the Obama/Biden Administration proposes disarmament of specific citizens, namely, traditional Catholics who value the Second Amendment

Don’t take my word for it.  Put all of the above website links together and the conclusion becomes very obvious:  The US government does not want conservative Catholics to have weapons because disarmament of undesirable citizens is always the precursor to the eradication of those exact same undesirable citizens. Again, the US government has admitted to not only using the FBI to specifically target TLM Catholics in 2023, but now even admits “it is dangerous at this time to permit [Catholics] to be armed.”  

The leftist Administration in this country has no right to disarm Catholic families as the communists did everywhere across the world in the 20th century from Croatia to Cambodia (before killing millions of them.)  Keep in mind that the disarming and genocide of the exact same civilians always came faster than the victims expected…


13 thoughts on “Did you know there was a time in America when Catholics were banned from having weapons? Might we be close to it happening again?”

  1. Yes, so I suggest carrying weapons anyway.

    Gun Laws –> Ignore Them
    Taxes –> Don’t Pay Them
    Face Panties –> Don’t Wear Them
    “Medicines” –> Don’t Take Them
    Antichurch Novelties –> Don’t Embrace Them
    When the Rulers Are Fake –> Don’t Render Unto Them

  2. Rule of law was always a myth, and toleration of evil always ends with evil victorious.

    We can’t live with these people.

  3. The context for that 18th Century prohibition was Virginia being a crown colony, administered directly by the King of England, compared to a self-governing colony such as Bermuda. Dates were left vague but could include either various conflicts between the Vatican and Anglican/CoE, or the English Civil Wars. Virginia Colony having a UK government, would have been required to enforce royal decrees even if they made little sense in the North American context.

    So, that judge cited England’s laws of religious warfare to override American laws of individual rights.

    It’s like Evil needs to lie for the sake of lying. They can’t just DO evil because that would be honest evil. Why be only half-wrong?

    Meanwhile… Protestants CAN be armed under this precedent? and specifically for waging war on Pope Kiddie-Diddie Frankie? Not that I’d harm Catholics, (or disarm Catholics, Luke 22:36,) but I’d love to hear the FBI say it.

  4. The is a book out there titled “Democide”. It’s premise was the most common reason for mass death in the past century has been people’s own government.

    1. Yes, RJ Rummel’s book should be mandatory reading for every Catholic. You could use it to meditate on Hell, considering how the 20th century democide was enough to create several circles of it right here on Earth.

    2. “By their own government” is kindof a loose description. The Russian government was illegitimate, the Chinese were persuaded by the Jews, the Holocaust didn’t happen.

      The Russian government was forcibly overthrown by Jewish Bolsheviks who then murdered 20million people.

      The Jews were instrumental in orchestrating the Chinese genocide.

      The Germans didn’t genocide anyone as per the Lunde Trial testimony, but the German people were rounded up, put in open air camps and starved to death after the war in what was called the Morgenthou Plan (Henry Morgenthou was also a Jew).

      1. They were revolutionary governments, but they rule over the people that live there. I agree to an extent about Holocaustianity but Hitler was still preaching his weird German church stuff. Euthanizing the disabled. A lot of Jews died. But so did a lot of Armenians, Cambodians, Ugandans, Indians. DIfferent ways but they died. How legit is the Gov of USA? Notice they support what leads to more death -abortion and war.

  5. I carry ‘weapons’ with me: Yes, a ‘bullet’ and a ‘machine gun’. (Miraculous Medal and a Rosary)

  6. At least (or last) the mask is coming off and secondly who cares? More Mass! More Adoration! More confession! MOAR ROSARIES! Full speed ahead.

  7. Still trying to wrap my head around the outlandish idea that we traditional Catholics are “white supremacists.” Are the people promoting this lie honestly unaware that one particularly famous white supremacist organization in the US began as an anti-Catholic group? (Read the history of the KKK.) And are they also oblivious to the diversity of people who attend Latin Mass – there are more people with Latin/Spanish and Latin/Vietnamese missals at my parish than Latin/English, at least at the Masses I attend. Or are they using the story of so-called such white supremacy to justify persecution?

    They know we are not white supremacists but CHRIST supremacists! That is what they can’t stand!

    1. Most of them don’t care about Christ, especially the so-called Catholics who play along. What they care about is the wall that the True Church places in their way towards global hegemony/tyranny. They will stop at nothing to shatter that wall.

    2. They need an excuse to monitor TLM Catholics because they very visibly put Christ before the state. In other words, TLM Catholics listen to their conscience and do not blindly obey the dictates of the state. That is… double plus ungood.

    3. They don’t actually care. It’s just a magical word to justify their illegitimate surveillance and tyranny. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and as it turns out that’s more than enough to keep getting away with it.

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