I’m not sure what’s going on with this pivot, but it is one hell of an Overton Window moment

“Within minutes of getting the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine, Michelle Zimmerman felt pain racing from her left arm up to her ear and down to her fingertips. Within days, she was unbearably sensitive to light and struggled to remember simple facts.

“She was 37, with a Ph.D. in neuroscience, and until then could ride her bicycle 20 miles, teach a dance class and give a lecture on artificial intelligence, all in the same day. Now, more than three years later, she lives with her parents. Eventually diagnosed with brain damage, she cannot work, drive or even stand for long periods of time.

“”When I let myself think about the devastation of what this has done to my life, and how much I’ve lost, sometimes it feels even too hard to comprehend,” said Dr. Zimmerman, who believes her injury is due to a contaminated vaccine batch.”


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      1. Any experiment needs a control group, and a need to identify who got what. Further evidence that this was deliberate action.

  1. I believe this article is the perfect illustration of a violation of the law of non-contradiction.

    After describing a horrific and probably permanent vaccine injury, the writer for the NYT immediately describes the COVID vaccines as a triumph of modern medicine and public health.

    It’s pretty obvious that vax injuries will be disguised as the upcoming Disease X.

  2. Hmm, first the mainstream normies turn against the Jews, then their beloved death-vaxxes. What happens next? They might want to do something really silly, like, uh . . . END THE FED?!

  3. This reporter’s friends, family, coworkers, etc. – maybe even herself – are and have been suffering in silence, in denial. Dead or dying.
    It’s reached critical mass. And they can’t ignore it anymore.
    They talking to each other.
    The biggest “Me, too” moment of history.
    That’s what I think prompted this to be in the NYT.

  4. Zimmerman believes it was just a contaminated batch. But all the batches were contaminated to some degree. Not by incompetence or through haste, however. Could it be that some batches included immediate toxins while others had timed released poisons. Just my speculation based on how some reactions were immediate while others seem to take longer. Somehow I think not all batches were the same.

    From what I read, combining the vax with the flu shot in the elderly raises stroke risk. I believe this because after a dear elderly family member received both shots together in December, she began an immediate decline with a series of strokes. Before this she had no serious bp problems and had good health. She passed away this spring after being nearly paralyzed. We are all still in shock.

    Thanks for keeping us informed about these atrocities.

    1. Never ascribe to malice what can be ascribed to something else…in this case greed or ambition.

      I find it MORE likely that ambitious scientists wanted to find a way to change the human genome to their liking, and believed mRNA was the perfect way to do that. Government was totally on board with that agenda.
      Pharma companies, like Pfizer, saw such a thing as a massive moneymaker. So, the vax is unleashed. However, “gene therapy” isn’t very amenable to human test subjects, so they needed a more acceptable method: vaccines. Hence, the EUAs for mRNA “vaccines”. You get an experimental gene therapy tested on the public that makes billions for the pharmaceutical companies, and gives the scientists massive amounts of data…AND a vector to make more changes to the mRNA therapy, to get their desired result.

      If my hypothesis is correct, they NEED the silence on any shot-related damage. If people stop getting their shot, they can’t make their “superhuman syrum”… I mean, how many times do they have to admit that they really DO want to make supersoldiers?

  5. Politicians profited.

    The CDC knew, but kept quiet.

    Japan revealed skyrocketing rates of cancer

    Professional health care workers refuse any more boosters.

    Add to this that there are now more open admissions of gain of leathality research by the USA and even the vexxine companies are showing they deliberately covered up and ignored warning by their own staff thanks to FOI filings and things are spiralling out towards the exposure of the greatest act of mass murder and suffering ever committed on Earth. Fitting for our time.

    Maybe the Times need something to distract from Gaza.

  6. This is part of the plan. They are testing the message. “The primary message would be one of gratitude to the American people for remaining strong during the pandemic. Another key message would convey appreciation for adhering to public health recommendations, including vaccination, to hasten the end of the pandemic in the face of considerable uncertainty. The group vigorously debated whether it was appropriate for the President to acknowledge the sacrifice that vaccine recipients had made on behalf of their communities or to console them in their grief over that sacrifice.”

    1. Yep. What Mike Campbell said. The New York Times is less trustworthy than Pravda was during the worst days of Stalin.

  7. I would just be wary of any savior who rises up to deliver us from the not even hidden secret new world order, to establish a new age of peace and prosperity. If it’s not hidden it’s likely part of the plan.

  8. The overton window might be opening to admit some selective truths in exchange for greater narrative control.

    Such as – scientists were afraid of speaking up about some faulty vexxines and side effects because they were afraid of being associated with anti-vexxers, therefore more needs to be done to censor so that science can happen…

    It is always your fault, never theirs, and they won’t apologize, because despite everything, they were always doing the right thing.

    They will be martyrs, see? Suffering for what the cause is really ultimately about.

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