Two simple truths behind the jobs report


“…since March 2023, the number of full-time workers has collapsed by 1.347 million while the number of part-time workers exploded by 1.888 million.

“There’s more. Regular readers are aware that all the job gains since 2018 have gone to immigrants, mostly illegal immigrants, something we spent last month’s jobs post discussing in detail. So what happened in March? It will come as no surprise that there was more of the same, and after the collapse in native-born workers in the last three months when nearly 2.5 million native-born workers lost their jobs, March saw some pick up, and 929K native-born workers were added. Meanwhile, after last month’s record increase in foreign-born workers, in March illegal immigrants added another 112K jobs, pushing the total number of foreign-born workers to a new record high of 31.114 million.

“Said otherwise, not only has all job creation in the past 6 years has been exclusively for foreign-born workers…

“… but there has been zero job-creation for native born workers since July 2018! This, as we have been saying for months now, is a huge issue – especially at a time of an illegal alien flood at the southwest border…

“… and is about to become a huge political scandal, because once the inevitable recession finally hits, there will be millions of furious unemployed Americans demanding a more accurate explanation for what happened…”

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  1. Wow. Speaking as a foreigner, this is a terrible set of numbers for ordinary US citizens. It is clear that the Democrats really serve the plutocrats and those who hire unlawful non-citizens, paying non-union rates.

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