Earthquakes? X marks the spot

(I have been meaning to write up the New Madrid fault/quakes of 1811-12, and boy am I glad I never did get to it. Here is Jeff Childers with more info than I ever knew. Including, that an eclipse also coincided with those quakes, which were said to have caused church steeple bells to ring a thousand miles away on the east coast. But that’s not all: There is a vaxx angle – several angles, in fact. Childers posted this substack an hour before the NJ quake hit, which was felt from Maine to NC. The best thing about his essay is that he makes no predictions; he simply states facts. Wildly coincidental facts. Please click over and subscribe. -nvp)


In which we tumble down the Great American Eclipse rabbit hole, finding at least one inexplicable element
This morning I gave in to the eclipse hype — everyone else is talking about it. I put it all under a skeptical microscope, but at least one conspiracy theory remained not easily explained… As you are probably well aware by now, on Monday the Moon will blot out the Sun, dramatically dragging its shadow across the entire United States… 2024’s Great American Eclipse is pretty much the same as 2017’s great eclipse, except it’s going the other way this time. Criss, cross.

Eclipses are not particularly rare. Around a half dozen times every year, somewhere or other, fully or partially, the Moon eclipses the Sun. That said, it is unusual to have two total eclipses within a few years of each other crossing the United States in an “X” pattern. The last time it happened — possibly the only other time — it was two eclipses five years apart, the first flying over in June 1806, and the second passing overhead in September 1811. They intersected near Cleveland. Then, three months after the second eclipse closed the “X” in December 1811, came another unique historical event: a five-month series of two thousand of the most devastating earthquakes in U.S. history. It really shook things up.

According to the City of New Madrid, Missouri website, in recorded history of the entire world, no other earthquakes have lasted so long or produced so much evidence of damage as did the New Madrid earthquakes. They occurred along something called the New Madrid seismic faultline — hence the city’s interest — which happens to be located right around where the 2017/2024 eclipses will intersect this coming Monday. That’s the first coincidence connecting the two pairs of “X” eclipses.

Even more eerily, the 1811 earthquakes and the 1811 eclipse were preceded by the appearance of a great comet visible around the world. And what do you know? The 2024 eclipse is also preceded by the appearance of a great comet visible around the world — a great comet the media first creepily called the Devil’s Comet but now ominously calls the Mother of Dragons Comet. It’s green. So that’s another connection between the 1811 and 2024 eclipses.

I teased this story mentioning a conspiracy theory I couldn’t so easily dismiss… and here it is. I have no idea what to make of it. But during my eclipse research, I ran across something I could not so easily chalk up to mere coincidence. This one is really bizarre. Take another look at the map again, at the central intersection, where New Madrid and its earthquake fault line are located. Something else lives there, and it’s much weirder:

(click over to substack to see the images – I couldn’t embed. -nvp)

To set the table, there is a third eclipse we haven’t mentioned yet. On December 14, 2020 — remember that date — a total solar eclipse passed across South America. Nothing particularly interesting to us lay in that eclipse’s path. Yawn. But then … in a mildly interesting coincidence, the date of the 2020 South American Eclipse happened to lie exactly at the midpoint of the two Great American Eclipses. Behold:

August 21, 2017 ←→ 1211 days ←→ December 14, 2020 ←→ 1211 days — April 8, 2024.

Huh. So that’s a little curious, right? But it gets much curiouser. On the same date as the middle eclipse — December 14, 2020 — two insanely significant things happened here in the United States. First, Joe Biden was certified as Resident by the Electoral College. So, there’s that bit of insanity. But that’s not even the big one.

Second, on December 14, 2020, exactly halfway between the two Great American Eclipses, and on the same day as the South American eclipse, nurse Sandra Lindsay became the first American outside of clinical trials to be vaccinated for covid-19. Sandra got Pfizer. But forget about Sandra. The point is, December 14, 2020 was also the vaccine’s release date.

So … the deadliest medical intervention and biggest manmade disaster in history started on the day of a total eclipse, and was perfectly bracketed on both sides of the calendar by total eclipses, eclipses that happen to make an “X” over the same country that produced that same disastrous intervention.

I’ll grant you, all of that is weird and wildly coincidental. But I don’t put much stock in numerology, or astrological coincidences, and I’m not supernatural about eclipses. Thus, given only the facts I’ve reported so far, I still probably would not have taken up the time this morning to write about the Pfizer triple-eclipse connection.

But then, one more domino dropped and that was it. It got even weirder.

Turns out, the first batches of Pfizer, including Nurse Sandra’s shot, were almost certainly produced in a Pfizer manufacturing facility located in Chesterfield, Missouri, which was one of Pfizer’s very first facilities that made the vaccine. Check this out: the Chesterfield, Missouri Pfizer plant was in or near 2017’s total eclipse path, and is also in or near 2024’s total eclipse path. In other words: the Pfizer shots, which were first deployed precisely halfway between the two Great American Eclipses on the calendar, were also made inside the paths of both of those Great American Eclipses. Meaning, right where they intersect at the “X”:

image 9.png

9 thoughts on “Earthquakes? X marks the spot”

  1. Very very interesting. I try not to read too much into stuff but that really is “odd”. Thanks for posting.

    1. That’s why we aren’t reading into it at all. Just observing facts. But God did tell us He created the Sun and Moon for the purpose of Signs. Gen 1:14.

  2. Eclipse paths are entirely predictable astronomical occurrences, not “astrological coincidences”
    Hence the 5 millennia of eclipse tables published by NASA up to 3000 Anno Domini.

    If you look at these charts, published in 50 year blocks, you will see lots of X’s

    The “criss” downward 2017 Oregon to South Carolina track is a Fall pattern
    The “cross” upward 2024 Texas to Maine track is a Spring pattern.

    Moon travels eastwardly. So the moon and its umbra come from the west.

    So look for the first bite out of the sun (using your non-counterfeit eclipse glasses or #14 welders glass)
    at its 4 o’clock or so position. That’s because it’s a post meridian event and you consider the line
    of the ecliptic. An indirect viewer can be easily made from a cereal box.

    Comet omen? Hardly. Hence the name Pons-Brooks for its discoverer and rediscoverer.
    Not to mention the comet is not evident nor green without hunting for it, optical aids and
    long exposure times.

    Earthquake “presumably somehow related to tidal forces” :

    A solar eclipse can only occur at New Moon. Twice a month at new and full moon, the 180º
    alignment of earth, sun and moon moon create a greater tidal force call spring tides (nothing
    to do with the season.)

    If humanity has decided to turn its back on God and his beautiful laws, that’s on us and we don’t
    need an eclipse to see it.

    1. Agree. The problem with all “sign reading” is, 1. creepy coincidences are everywhere in Nature and 2. confirmation bias.

      Remember when Protestants were atwitter over _The Bible Code_? That was some serious, high-powered coincidences. It only fell apart when somebody proved you could do it with Tolstoy’s _War and Peace_ also.

      We all know Judgment is overdue, for Pfizer and a lot of things.

      Guess what else is overdue? A Yellowstone supereruption.

      Now go check Matthew 24:36 & 24:44. If you think you have some insight into when Judgment comes: Well, you don’t.

  3. Looking into the research by Electric Universe scientists and historians, and what we know about God’s precision in Creation, it would be prudent to consider how astronomical phenomena affects the weather and terrestrial movements. Earthquakes and natural disasters occurring around eclipses and comets have been documented since the earliest myths. Animals and birds and insects are also very responsive. It’d be interesting if there were effects on the human psyche aside from the obvious societal reactions.

  4. Thanks for posting. Signs and wonders. As a geocentrist (debunk it before you jump to call names), these “coincidences” are more meaningful than we know. With the Operation of Error in effect, how many will even pay attention? People no longer look to the heavens, they watch TV for the “authorities to tell them what to think. The longer Substack article has a great explanation for the hype and declarations of emergency over this latest “crisis”.

  5. Another thing – Different maps show different paths, different ‘X’ marked. I’m not convinced of any.

  6. X over the Pacific ocean also 7 years apart 2009 and 2016.

    Total Eclipse viewing today was grand! I think God in His providence allowed us to see it.
    The weather odds were against it.

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