Laramie Hirsch on the April 8 solar eclipse

Guest post: Laramie Hirsch on the April 8 solar eclipse

Recently, I posted a link discussing a Catholic view of astrology. Please note I DO NOT, nor would I ever, hold the same view as witches and pagans. As Catholics, we don’t ascribe power to the stars in the sky, but rather view them as part of God’s Creation. After all, He used the stars to guide the shepherds to Our Lord. The stars & planets do not control earthly happenings; rather, everything that happens is due to Providence, not the movement of some planet. In this guest post, Laramie Hirsch, formerly of “Forge and Anvil,” shares with us his knowledge of astronomy & upcoming events in the sky, including the April 8 solar eclipse. For your discernment. – NC

The Second Great American Eclipse
By Laramie Hirsch
The LORD said to Moses, “If they do not believe you and are not convinced by the first miraculous sign, they will be convinced by the second sign.”
Exodus 4:8
“All the world’s a stage.” -William Shakespeare

There has been a large amount of discussion in regards to the upcoming 2024 eclipse over the United States. A lot of the conversation revolves around Providential, prophetic themes of omens and eschatology. It therefore probably behooves us to have an exhaustive, comprehensive overview of the facts and implications for all who are interested in this topic.

But as we delve into this season of wonders, there is something the reader should know. This period of astronomical spectacles we are about to experience consists of more than just the total solar eclipse of April 8th. True, that total solar eclipse is most certainly the centerpiece of the action. However, there are other heavenly phenomena to take note of, which include:

-Two lunar eclipses
-A total solar eclipse
-A later annular solar eclipse-A previous, recent annular solar eclipse (it happened last year)
-A comet
-Unique planetary conjunctions
-Ominous zodiacal arrangements

So, let’s get started immediately before going into the weeds with this subject.

April 8th Scientific Facts:

  1. This will be the second total eclipse to cross the United States within a decade.
  2. In fact, this is the first time two total eclipses, within only ten years, have crossed the United States since it was founded.
  3. If we count the days between these two total solar eclipses in the old Hebrew manner–that is, a day begins at sunset (See Genesis 1:5)–then we can say that this eclipse occurs after six years, six months, six weeks, and six days from the day of the first eclipse.
  4. Also, however, the 2017 and 2024 total eclipses will be exactly 7 eclipse years apart (also known as 7 draconic years apart).
  5. The second Great American Eclipse will cross the previous eclipse path, marking a giant X across the United States.
  6. The precise center of this X will be over the New Madrid Fault.
  7. There was a previous October 14, 2023 annular eclipse in between these two great eclipses.
  8. Venus and Jupiter will be visible during this total eclipse.
  9. A comet will possibly be visible during this eclipse. This comet is called 12P/Pons-Brooks, though it’s been nicknamed the “Devil Comet.”
  10. The Devil Comet should be visible in the skies at this time, and it is named so for a pair of horns it sported a few months ago.
  11. The horns of the Devil Comet were caused because it is an irregular, unique, explosive, highly volatile comet.
  12. The Devil Comet is green.
  13. Two weeks before this momentous eclipse, on March 25th, there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse.

April 8th Religious Facts and Context:


21 thoughts on “Laramie Hirsch on the April 8 solar eclipse”

  1. Perhaps the long-prophesied Illumination of Conscience – God’s final act of mercy before the unfolding of His justice – is about to happen on that date?

  2. Thanks so much to you both for this. Prsy to Mary that the faithful be prepared for whatever comes.

  3. FEMA has conducted exercises for decades to prepare for an earthquake along the New Madrid fault. Says it would be catastrophic for the entire Midwest.

    Confession might be a good way to prep.

    1. Legend has it that during the 1811 New Madrid earthquake (8.2?) it caused church bells to ring on the east coast. There is something unusual about the way the fault lies.

  4. We may not care about astrology… however, the satanist pagans who run the world certainly do!

    Why Is The National Guard Being Deployed During The Great American Eclipse On April 8th?

    FAA Issues Warning For Air Travel Disruptions During Total Solar Eclipse On April 8

  5. The evil ones are preparing for something, because, unlike most people, they know that Jesus is God. They just don’t know when God will do something so they float news stories so they can explain away whatever it is that is coming. Last year they had news stories about 2 stars colliding but it didn’t happen. Whenever God sends whatever He does they will try to explain it away scientistically.

    For example, true miracles like the miracle of the sun plainly show the existence of the supernatural but they buried it in the media like irrational nonsense. Hallucinations CANNOT dry the mud or have other physical effects.

    1. I’ve long believed that plausible deniability for God’s inevitable wrath was the primary reason for the global warming fraud… while being a tool of theft, control, and mass murder were the obvious ancillary benefits.

  6. Reading this while watching the Key Bridge collapse into Baltimore Harbor this morning was the most surreal start to a day I’ve had in going on 23 years.

    I’m starting to think there might be something to this eclipse.

    1. Not to stir the pot, but the Key Bridge impact occurred at astronomical (ie precisely) Full Moon over Baltimore Harbor. I am just stating facts, nothing more.

  7. The scariest thing that can happen during the solar eclipse is someone or their kid uses binoculars to look at the eclipse and the diamond ring comes back into view. It would be the last thing they ever see. And you can NOT use eclipse glasses and binoculars together. Nasa has a demo with binoculars, the sun and a grape: your eyeball evaporating.

    I just saw comet 12P Pons-Brooks last week through a telescope. It’s dim, without color and without tail. It’s
    nothing like comet Neowise in 2020 which had an impressive tail. I would not waste my precious 3 minutes of totality or my eyeballs searching for it.

    OLD dictionary (because so much is being being corrupted now) “astrology” :
    1) A pseudoscience claiming to foretell the future by studying the supposed influence of the relative
    positions of the moon, sun and stars on human affairs. 2) [Obsolete] primitive astronomy.

    The Wise Men were primitive astronomers.

      1. Yes, binoculars, trained at the sun is a disaster. Oh dear, disaster is Latin for ill-starred and has “cough” astrological connotations.

    1. I always thought calling the wise men “astrologers” was an intentional corruption in language akin to calling the two thieves “revolutionaries”, a shift I noticed when I was a kid.

      Always thought they started trying to legitimize astrology, and romanticize revolution, with almost the implication that the robbers were martyrs.

  8. If there’s a solar eclipse, but the sky is cloudy all day so nobody is able to see it, do the prophecies still happen?

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