Last minute Lenten almsgiving: Canceled Carmelite priest in India needs help

“Father Thomas Maria Paul is a Carmelite priest currently residing in Kerala, India and was ordained in the Syro Malabar eastern Rite. He has experienced firsthand the effects of modernism and a loss of faith within the Eastern Rites. Through a deepening of faith and desire to remain faithful to tradition, Father Thomas found refuge in learning the Traditional Latin Mass. His zeal for tradition has left him abandoned by his religious community and Bishop within the Eastern Rite. If it be God’s will, Father Thomas is hoping to build a small chapel and better accommodations for those interested in joining the community. Father Thomas is the only Catholic priest native to Kerala (7,000+) that we know to offer the TLM. Several priests and youth have already expressed interest in joining the community but without dedicated place for worship and formation this has been very difficult.”

“Father Thomas has been interviewed by the traditional Catholic YouTube channel “Ascent of Mount Carmel” and his situation has also been discussed on Anthony Stine’s “Return to Tradition” channel. I have included both links below if you are interested to find out more. Thank you for your prayers and support!”

Ascent of Mount Carmel:

Return to Tradition:

One thought on “Last minute Lenten almsgiving: Canceled Carmelite priest in India needs help”

  1. I’ve seen on New Liturgical Movement that some of the Eastern Rites have suffered from Novus-Order-esque reforms. If this is the case for the Syro Malabar Rite, why not learn a more traditional/older form of the Syro Malabar missal? SSPX has relations with the SSJK. I am sure the SSJK would love to see more easterners with their mindset.

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