Excuse me, President Trump, but I remember EXACTLY what was happening four years ago

Let’s see. March 2020. You had just shut down the country. Millions of jobs lost, companies out of business, death snorkels being built by Ford and GM, nursing homes turned into death camps, schools emptied, Fauci and Birx running the country (and you never, ever, fired them).

Many, many people saw through this from the very beginning. In fact the first post on the topic on this site was Feb 29, 2020. It was transparent even at that early date, before anything had been shut down.

But now that you shut it all down, let’s print trillions of dollars to save the day, and eventually over two straight years of runaway inflation. Hurts so good.

Oh and what about Operation Warp Speed? Spending 15 minutes on the internet yielded the knowledge that, 1. ModeRNA had never brought a vaccine to market, 2. mRNA vaccines don’t work, 3. Coronavirus vaccines don’t work (even worse, they tend to damage or kill the patient).

Then came 2021 and the great jab resistance. You were out of office at this point, because you failed to use the means you had to stop the steal.  Anyway, as 2021 wore on, the rotten fruits of Operation Warp Speed became more and more apparent. On the one hand, the jabbed were being injured, or else contracting covid multiple times (“but thank God I’m ‘vaccinated'”). On the other hand, the purebloods were getting fired from their jobs and being called grandma killers. Fun times.

To this day, you tout the beautiful beautiful jab, despite all its terribleness now being public record.

But I do have one last question:

What was it that they told you on the morning of March 16th, 2020? What was so terrifying that you completely reversed course and decided to implement 15 Days to Flatten America? You owe us that answer, sir. Did they admit to the biolabs and bioweapons, and that this thing could have a very high death rate? Why is it that the Delta strain, a supposed mutation from the original virus, had twice the death rate of all the other variants?

Answers, please.

7 thoughts on “Excuse me, President Trump, but I remember EXACTLY what was happening four years ago”

  1. I’ve been saying for 4 years Trump is a murderer and is probably controlled opposition. He owned his vax repeatedly for 4 years, despite it being a bioweapon. He has no regrets about doing Fauci’s bidding and he has no answers as to why he didn’t fulfill any of his campaign promises.

    Even if you take away the fact he dumped a bioweapon on the US, he routinely hosts gay weddings at his home, is slavishly devoted to Israel, and wants to regulate abortion. Which means he is for abortion.

    He said he would build the wall and deport in 2016. He didn’t as president. He says the same thing this time around. There is even less incentive for him to do so now.

    This is pro wrestling. There is a good guy, a heel, but the organization keeps on going.

    Oh, and now the Trumps have taken control of the RNC.

    It’s over gang. Time to swallow that medicine.

    1. My sentiments exactly, Mike! We’ve been played. “First time, shame on you. Second time, shame on me”!

  2. Bravo Mark. Trumps of the world are far worse than Dems, imo. With Dems you know exactly what you’re getting; fake conservatives, not so much.

  3. Bravo Mr. Docerty. The excuses I continue to hear from conservative Catholics that “Trump didn’t know,” “Trump was deceived” at this point are embarrassing. Catholics have to stop seeing politics into everything and stop seeing sinful laymen as saviors. Christ is Our King and there’s no political solution to the mess we’ve made. And on a final note… Catholics should seriously ponder the fact that Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians were all titles used during the satanic French Revolution.

  4. I promise you all, and my family, and myself one thing. I will NEVER let any of these people EVER forget what they did. That’s all I know that I am absolutely certain of.

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