Crack that whip!

How’s your Lent? Keep falling short? Now is the time to double down. Go back to your promises and make them count for the next two weeks. Offer your sufferings and cooperate with those graces. God will reward you!

“Jesus, eternal God, became mortal man in order to mediate our redemption, to form a new people that would be His Mystical Self, and to bring all men into an eternal union with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. There can be no living of Christ without living the price of mediation for souls. That price may vary, from mere fidelity in the performance of monotonous duty, to bearing with loneliness and misunderstanding, or even to suffering violence and death. Sin continues, and therefore suffering for sin must continue. Since Christians share Christ’s priesthood through Baptism and Confirmation, His passion becomes their passion, for an “eternal inheritance.””

One thought on “Crack that whip!”

  1. I find it so creepy to cover up statues like that from the 5th week onwards. I especially noticed that at one parish here in Montgomery this morning, with the gigantic statues of the Christ on the Cross, Mary, and Joseph all zipped up in purple.

    I have researched articles today and cannot find any proof that this is actually a longstanding tradition or custom in the Catholic Church. Everyone claims it is, but there is no proof given. I doubt it because it doesn’t seem at all Catholic to me. It seems more Protestant or freemasonic, similar to that freemasonic ritual of masking everyone up during the scamdemic. The same type of sentiments and virtue signaling are given in the articles, similar to those liberals used during the scamdemic: ” People should cover their faces to symbolize that they really care about other people’s health.” In the articles: “We cover up the statues to symbolize our longing. . .”

    We should be laser focused on the Crucifix, Christ, the Blessed Virgin, and St. Joseph, not covering them up in a purple bag.

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