Tucker goes grocery shopping in Russia

Video is only three minutes. At the end, you will see what a week’s worth of groceries costs in Russia, converted to US dollars. Prepare to be very angry, then google Cloward-Piven.


5 thoughts on “Tucker goes grocery shopping in Russia”

    1. What does this mean? Russia isn’t a communist country. In fact the US is more communist now than Russia.

      People think communism was a misguided ideology about helping workers. It was about greed, about stealing wealth , about envy.

      Globalism is communism. These people are stealing the world’s wealth, they want to control what you buy, what you eat what you drive, how you sleep, where you sleep. They want to control your money by getting rid of cash. They want to control your soul by having you get injected with vaccines that will kill you. They want you to worship their God of Fraternity.

      Vlad Putin is a shark eyed psychopath. Biden and the west and Bergoglio are far worse. We are watching evil people fight over the 8 billion souls. That’s what this is.

      The US had a window to do good. But as with everything else, that opportunity passed when Russia wasn’t consecrated to Mary by 1960.

  1. It’s all cloward Piven. The goal is to reduce us to Venezuela. We will be sick from the vax, desperate, and defeated psychologically. This is how you defeat a country with a 2nd amendment.

    Ushering in the NWO and the Anti Church requires eliminating the threats. Culturally the US may not be Christian, but it has pockets of Christians who are free and that is a huge threat. That is why the FBI is going after Christians and not, say, shutting down state run Chinese police stations in the US.

    The US is over. 2024 will make 2023 look utopian.

  2. With news of (Likely MI6 NGO-floozy) Navalny’s death, it is curious to wonder whether he died of complications due to the vaccine. So in a round-about way… Putin would be responsible for his death, and the deaths of many Russians due to coerced medical experiments.

    “Russia’s anti-vax community noted (somewhat jokingly) that reports of Navalny dying from a blood-clot should raise eyebrows.

    As even anti-Kremlin liberals admit, Navalny was basically out of the picture by 2021, and he posed no meaningful threat to the upcoming elections. It would be strange for Putin to announce that he was ready to negotiate with Washington, and then a few days later order a murder that would likely make negotiations impossible. The timing of Navalny’s death is incredibly suspicious. There’s no way around that.

    However, if the West is able to kill Russia’s most high-profile political prisoner, this means Russian intelligence/security services are clearly compromised.

    Some have even suggested that pro-war hardliners in the Russian government ordered Navalny’s death to prevent a negotiated settlement in Ukraine, which would have likely involved unpopular compromises from both sides.

    Who knows? One thing is for sure, though: This is bad news for the peasants. Most news is bad news for the peasants. Sorry about that.”


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