11 thoughts on “After Toby Keith died from raging turbo cancer, his staff deleted a post of them all receiving the jab in 2021”

  1. When I first learned of his cancer a while ago I found all this stuff and noticed they deleted it too.

    That they deleted it means they, and every single person who got the jab, knows they poisoned themselves.

    What’s going on in Ukraine and Israel is horrifying, it’s World War 3, but the mass culling of over half of humanity is still and will always be the biggest crime /sin in world history. It makes Genghis Khan look like a piker. Same with Mao, same with Stalin, same with Hitler.

    And in the US, I blame Bill Gates for it, I blame Pfizer for it, I blame Fauci for promoting it and pushing it, but more than anyone else I blame Donald Trump. Satan found a chump or an accomplice, I can’t discern which yet, but this man was the bulwark, the gatekeeper and he instead authorized the jab and pushed it and lied about it and now, when it is obvious how evil it is, he still defends it.

    Biden mandated it for fed workers/contractors. Universities, employers, unions, schools mandated it. That’s evil. But before there were any mandates at all 70 percent of America lined up to get the shot, and they did that through the psychological war the Trump administration put the country through. And there would be no mandates of any kind had Trump not authorized the vax.

    The country would have had to wait a year, even if it was already made, for appearances, and by then most people would know they were lied to about the deadliness of Covid.

    I know a girl who moved away for here about 8 years ago, but we dated for awhile. Last week something told me just to see how she was doing, so I went to her Facebook page. And what do I see? Posts on her page asking for prayers because she suddenly got ill, and was in the hospital. THey were trying to save her. She’s alive, but still in bad shape.

    She’s a runner. In tip top shape. But she got the vax.

    Folks, there is no other story that comes close to this.

    Also, and I don’t think other people have considered this, but since basically 9/10 of people in the US are literally sick all the time, since they are spike protein producing factories and they have no immune system, they CARRY other diseases. Which means they transmit them more. Which means even if you’re not vaxxed you’re going to get sicker more often.

    In 2022 I got the flu for the first time since 1990. This winter I got a severe cold. I never get them. Why? Because the vaxxed are illness factories.

    This is a holocaust unlike any other, and if Benedict XVI had chosen to be a martyr instead of a coward, we may not have had Bergoglio consecrating a demon in St. Peter’s and this current hell may have been avoided.

    Ps. The story of the Russian politician Navalny is that he was taking a walk and collapsed and died. Western media says that is absurd and he was killed. Sounds to me like so many true stories I’ve read of people dying suddenly from the vax. Certainly makes no sense that Putin would want to have a guy he already had in prison killed.

  2. My father died from turbo cancer. Near the end, he blamed it all on the vax. He said it was a moment of weakness of his when he got it (and the booster), and he spent his “recovery” preparing for death, and telling people (even his doctors) not to support the death vax. May he rest in peace.

    1. I know a guy who developed turbo lung cancer. He died 3 weeks after diagnosis. He was a door gunner in Vietnam, survived that, was a coal miner, survived that, and then raised his own grandchildren. He got the vax because all the elderly were told to get it to prevent the Wu Flu…..he died a terrible death, like your father. These people who did this deserve execution.

  3. I was talking with my back door neighbor in Montgomery, Alabama, the other day. I had been gone for about two months over Thanksgiving and Christmas and had not talked to him for a while. He said that he had a heart attack while on a trip to North Carolina in November and then had the same type of heart attack the week before and had just been released from the hospital here in Montgomery. He was sure it was from the vax and told the doctors that. He said they privately admitted that the vax was extremely dangerous but cannot publicly admit it. He said his wife has had the same type of heart problems and even his 24 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with a serious heart problem.

    Last September I had a chimney company clean out my chimney because of chimney swifts. One of the chimney sweepers was former Air Force at Eglin Air Force base and probably about 30 years old. He was furious that he felt forced to get the vaccine and succumbed to the pressure. He said he and all his military buddies his age were having bad health problems from the vax.

  4. I know nothing about Mr. Keith (RIP), but a 62 year old man dying of cancer two
    years after diagnosis is not at all unusual. Hardly “turbo”.
    Cancer, because of all it variations in type, stage at diagnosis, existing treatments for type
    and the patient themself, is one of the least useful diseases to try to prove vaccine harm.

    If we make it sound as if we are saying that prior to the vax, no one got cancer
    in the history of ever, we sound- I hate to say it- stupid and certainly ignorable.

    All I’m saying is argue intelligently.

    1. Skeinster, these are facts about mRNA technology and the Covid jab. I can’t link the science but any curious mind can verify it. Here we go.

      MRNA tech has been around 40 years. The chief obstacle to its approval has always been that it caused treatment resistant cancer.

      According to many scientists including Janci Lindsay, the mRNA jabs all have Simian Virus 40 in them. This was a contaminant originally found decades ago in the polio vaccines. It is oncogenic. It causes cancer.

      Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist , has discovered that the mRNA vaccines destroy your body’s T4 cells, the lymphocytes that fight cancer in your body.

      Since 2021 there has been an explosion of treatment resistant cancer. Any oncologist will tell you this. There has also been a commensurate chemotherapy shortage because of all the cases. What is the only major difference between post 2021 and pre 2021 ?

      Yes people got ill and got cancers before the jab. But if you got the jab and it wasn’t a placebo, any illness you get will be caused by or become lethal because of that jab. It’s a scientific certainty. The jab changes your DNA, your very essence.

      So let’s argue intelligently. Your turn.

  5. Intriguing article and intriguing comments. One of the concerns I have about the vax is the tendency so many older people have to dismiss its evil effects as happening only to the young. Right now my 82 yo mother-in-law is declining incredibly fast from no discernible cause. She has been hospitalized for almost two weeks; tests find nothing, but she went from being articulate and chatty to sleeping 24 hours a day. Yes, she is old. Yes, people her age decline. But…there is something different about this. I saw the same odd rapid decline with my then 83 yo mother last year – she ended up under my care in hospice and died last summer. Both were AVID vaxxers. Vax, booster, booster, booster, and so on. My in laws shunned me for opposing the vax and for refusing it: I missed all family functions for a couple of years because of my refusal. And of course they are huge fans of J. Bergoglio, who pretty much equated vax refusal to a mortal sin, or would have if he believed there were such a thing.

    Sorry to ramble. My point is that we hear of under 30 yo people suffering acute side effects, but the side effects in older people are not so clear. They are so easy to shuffle off as normal old people problems, but the information here about damaged immunity makes me tend to think there may be more to this.

    1. The vax kills all. Is not prejudicial. In old people they may go fast because of the lipid nanoparticles in the jab. That’s how the mRNA gets in, they’re coated in this very toxic lab-made “fat”. These lipid nanoparticles have a positive charge. The positive charge disrupts the negative charge of your cells (which is a normal thing) and your cells start to die faster and operate like a car with sugar in its gas tank.

      They’re aging at an accelerated rate. Due to the vax.

      1. Hi Mike, thank you for the reply. Yes, this makes sense. It’s an odd accelerated onset of dementia. I have taken care of many elderly relatives at end of life, but this is really different. Your post corroborates my experiences. Pax Christi.

    2. GneissLady,

      I have noticed the exact same thing about the elderly declining rapidly. It is very strange. My father has a house in Venice, Florida, which has a lot of elderly retirees and snowbirds. I have noticed from observing neighbors over the years when I am down there, as well as parishioners at the Cathedral of Venice when I go to Mass there, that over the last couple of years, those in the 70’s and 80’s seem a lot frailer and are getting a lot more health problems than what I have observed in the past. Some people might just say, “Well, they are in their 70’s or 80’s. What do you expect?” But it different now. Last year, a next door neighbor down there went for routine back surgery while he was at his other home in North Carolina, and two days later died of a stroke. A neighbor across the street, who was a huge vaccine and booster proponent, got frail very fast and had a hard time walking, and he and his wife recently moved to assistant living in Sarasota. The other next door neighbor and his wife are in their early 80’s seem to be aging really fast over the last couple of years. It is not normal.

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