10 thoughts on “Bergoglio openly thanks press corps for helping to cover up his ubiquitous scandals and crimes”

  1. Thanks also to the RnR crowd, SSPX, Michael Matt, Jeff Cassman, Eric Simmons, Taylor Marshall, the ladies at Les Femmes and all those insisting BerGOGlio is pope…they do much the same.

  2. Amen! They list all of his heretical acts and then endorse him as POPE. Mind boggling! I had a Catholic tell me that she is silent about the pope and that the priest told her that they are to bless individual homosexuals, not couples. I asked if she is a part of the Church Militant or the Church roll over and die?? It seems she is a part of the latter.

  3. Immediately. Upon his usurpation of the papacy in 2013, the secular media was gushing over antipope bergoglio who NO ONE outside of Argentina knew much of anything about. Thats when I knew right away that something was very, very wrong. The media does not treat popes like they do democrat politicians. Other than this site and Barnhardt’s did anyone see any other coverage about Natasha Jaitt? For those who don’t know, she had the goods on bergoglio but “committed suicide.” Dead silence from the press.

  4. On Lifesitenews, Faith and Reason episode 89, at 48 minute mark, John Henry Weston goes on a little rant about the fact that we are basically just protestants if we have to parse out everything the Pope says. He’s essentially calling out the people who are saying that as long as it’s not an ex cathedra pronouncement, we can’t be assured of freedom from error.

    1. Johm-Henry’s problem is that he is more right than he knows. So long as he maintains that Bergoglio is true pope, and then says it’s perfectly okay to decide for ourselves which teachings to believe… that is as protestant as it gets.

  5. Had this comment removed from The Remnant who had been cheering all the bishops, etc “resisting Francis to his face”

    Okay I am going to say it…
    I am Not in union with Bishops and Cardinals who refuse to submit to the one they believe to be the true Pope. This is what Luther and Henry VIII did!
    I will however support every of them who will say they refuse to submit to this man because he’s a heretic, an apostate, an anti Pope!
    A destroyer!
    Catholics don’t keep silent on truth!
    Catholics don’t ask valid Popes to resign!
    Catholics don’t denigrate the Pope or Papacy!
    Catholics don’t refuse submission to the Papacy!
    Ecumenical Council Vatican I (1870),
    “For in the Apostolic See the Catholic religion has always been preserved unblemished, and sacred doctrine been held in honor…And indeed all the venerable Fathers have embraced, and the holy orthodox Doctors have venerated and followed their [Popes] apostolic doctrine; knowing most fully that this See of Saint Peter remains ever free from all blemish of error, according to the divine promise of the Lord our Saviour made to the Prince of His disciples: ‘I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not; and when thou art converted, confirm thy brethren.’”
    St. Catherine of Siena please pray for us!
    St. Bernard of Clairvaux please pray for us!
    St. Robert Bellarmine please pray for us!

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