“This Is Deplorable. So I Hereby Deplore It.”

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The magnitude of the constant filth coming out of the Vatican in the last decade can and does get one down. One disastrous evil follows another, and it can be difficult to retain our sense of righteous anger and outrage over the insults to Our Lord and His Church.

In this environment, I believe it is important not to become inured to this pattern to the point of numbness. We need prudence, yes, but it is no virtue to fail to be offended and outraged about what is happening.

So, here it is. To reinforce the above point, I want to publicly deplore this announcement of blessing unrepentant homosexual “couples” in the Basilica housing the relics of the first Pope and Rock of the Church. It is despicable. Evil will come from it. It cannot but anger God and call down His anger upon those responsible and those complicit.

May God have mercy on us. May Mary shield men of good will from His righteous anger. Her Immaculate Heart’s triumph cannot come soon enough.

6 thoughts on ““This Is Deplorable. So I Hereby Deplore It.””

  1. The Catholic Church is a laughing stock in the world today. People are dropping out of the RCIA/OCIA because of the F.S. Document. The Orthodox and Protestants both don’t take the Church seriously anymore.

    1. Where did you hear and/or experience people dropping of RCIA? I’m a converts myself and am very dismayed by the Bishop of Rome. I was received in the Church about 20 years ago. At that time, I was told the problem was “AmChurch”. SInce I have determined that the problem goes straight to the Vatican. An example is Sister Lucy and the morphing of the message.

  2. “Numb” is a good word. I knew it was coming many years ago before I even entered the Church. But as horrible as it all is the worst thing for me is to NEVER HEAR ANYTHING about what’s going on from the pulpit – even by those who have the appearance of being orthodox and even at the Latin mass.
    I thank God for those of you who are not afraid to tell it like it is.
    And I thank you.

  3. It would be better if God destroyed St. Peter’s basilica to powdered sand rather than allow it to be desecrated as a sodomite “wedding” destination.

  4. If he is the false prophet he will tempt people to leave the Church or follow him into hell. Why would hell be empty unless mortal sin does not exist either theoretically or practically? What did Christ die for if not to save us from hell? What is the point of confession if hell is empty? Where is the devil, his friends and his servants who control the world going when Christ returns, provided the humans do not repent?

    Once the new, inclusive one world church teaches this everything will fall apart. For example, if no one goes to hell, why should breaking the first commandment, or any of them matter?

  5. He just might do that, too. Have you seen the dome lately? And the baldacchino is under scaffolding to be restored/renovated… remember how Notre Dame was under a restoration/rebuild when it burned?

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