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  1. Can you be fat and need SNAP ? Yes. Anyone who has ever struggled with weight knows that yes, obesity is ofteb genetic and its hard to keep it off.

    I gain weight very easily and its hard to lose it. I lost 100 pounds in 1988, 100 pounds in 1998, and 200 pounds from 2006 to 2008. But your body has a baseline it always works to maintain.

    I am not about fat positivity, but at the same time I’m going to be a black-and-white Catholic trad on this. Being fat does not always mean you’re a glutton, committing one of the deadly sins

    This has always been my problem with trads. They go too far in their snap judgments.

    There’s another thing. Do you know what kind of food people buy with SNAP? Junk food, processed food. Unhealthy food. Do you know why? It’s cheap and you can buy more of it. You can’t eat healthy if you are on SNAP, you can barely afford to eat healthy if you’re not on SNAP.

    I’ve noticed a certain trad blogger who relies on donations who has gained weight and drinks wine. Should donors tell her what to eat and drink?

    Get off the fat shaming. Everybody does something wrong. You do. I do. Everyone. Obesity is not always a choice. It just isn’t

    1. I wasn’t fat shaming, Jmichael, I was SNAP shaming. This is an ad for SNAP, are these the only actors they could find? Sorry you didn’t get the joke. By the way, I am solidly 30 lbs overweight myself.

  2. And that’s the entire point. They’re actors. They were chosen to convey a message.

    As much as your rulers want you stoned, drunk, jabbed, childless, and hooked on porn, Netflix & sportsball betting… they also want you obese, unhealthy, and incapable of mounting any resistance whatsoever.

    “Shaming” people for their personal failings has nothing to do with it. It’s the across-the-board official promotion of all manner of personal failings that’s at issue.

  3. I contend that you can buy a lot more flour, cornmeal, tuna fish, bulk cheese, popcorn, frozen vegetables, eggs, plain yogurt, skim milk, sugar, beans, pasta, and canned tomatoes with your SNAP dollars and make a lot of healthy meals from scratch than buying pre-made Banquet pot pies, Cheetoes, juice boxes, hot-dogs, cookies, Hot Pockets, frozen pizza, crackers, etc.

    Obesity is multigenerational. If your mom never taught you how to stretch your food dollar and eat healthily, you will not know how to do so.

    The obesity epidemic in this country is shameful. The causes are rarely genetic.

  4. So I’m clear, you think being obese is a personal failing, yes?

    How healthy are you? Do you know? I am 5’8″, 310 pounds. 48 years old. Pulse rate is 68. Cholesterol is 180. Blood pressure averages 121/77. Blood sugar in the low 90s.

    I’ll guarantee my numbers are as good if not better than yours.

    Yes, in this instance it is about shaming. Mark says the joke is about SNAP, but the only reason that would be funny is the notion that fat people don’t need food.

    We had obese saints. Most of the luciferians running the church have low BMIs.

    I had a doctor tell me I was the strongest human being she had ever seen. She couldn’t believe my weight. But I’m a failure for being fat?

    What are you a failure for, besides the usual smugness of being a trad Catholic?

    1. Yes, in the vast majority of cases in modern America, being obese is a personal failing. So are the other things I listed.

      I didn’t say a word about you, because I don’t care. Your metrics don’t change that objective reality. Neither do mine.

      As for the rest of your defensive rant, your assumptions are your own. I know you like to try to pick fights in comboxes, so respond in whatever manner gives you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

  5. Being fat is not a thing to be ashamed of; many people can’t avoid it due to metabolism or other considerations. However, living off taxpayers as a permanent deliberate lifestyle IS something shameful. Also, I don’t agree at all that people are obese simply because cheap food is fattening. When I was young I was very thin because I did not have enough to eat; I was working full time teaching but had to watch money so carefully. There have been times like that off and on, always working full time and never ever taking a nickel in handouts.
    Nowadays I am retired and have to eat cheap while I watch twenty somethings load up on steak and lobster at the grocery store, and pay for it with EBT Lone Star cards (Texas welfare). This generation has no shame. Usually you see them pay for luxury groceries with welfare, unroll a wad of bills to buy booze and cigarettes, and then load it all into enormous expensive SUVs. Shameless.

    Widespread use of taxpayer money to pay for food also drives up food prices, making it even harder for those of us who pay for the food of the welfare classes while struggling to feed ourselves with money we earned honestly.

    But the worst part, the really evil part, is that we are so strapped and so tired of exorbitant taxes and so surrounded by the fraudulent that our charity has weakened. It is difficult to want to donate what little we have to those who live well off our extorted taxes while claiming they are poor victims. The layers of hypocrisy boggle the mind. Mostly I donate what little I can afford to my church because so many that claim poverty nowadays are scammers and fraudsters; donation to them would be imprudent. At least I know charity to my parish is put to holy purpose.

  6. How do you know people living off of SNAP are doing so “deliberately “?

    So now you can’t be poor?

    You tell me which is worse: a family of four who can’t make ends meet getting snap, or a bunch of military aged men crossing the border illegally and getting a phone, a reloadable debit card, free food and a free place to live from Catholic Charities

    Smug trad Catholics are some of the most ignorant people…

    1. Who said they were in favor of illegal border crossings and free stuff for them? Jmichael, you’re close to getting banned.

  7. Poster said people get SNAP deliberately, as a lifestyle. Poster says it is evil.

    Catholic Charities is doing something truly evil. In the name of Jesus.

    See the issue, Mark?

    Dude, ban me. Who cares? You’re just another insulated , ignorant trad who thinks fat people deserve to be mocked.

    You’re not that important, this site isn’t important. Get off your high horse.

  8. I recently learned to cook. I think many people are fat because they do not know how to cook or because of lack of knowledge of nutrition. This means that you are reliant on the food industry, which is biased toward making delicious meals rather than healthy meals, so they add sugar, fats, MSG, chemical preservatives, etc.

  9. Not to worry. We won’t be a fat nation for much longer. We all know it deep down inside. As ugly as it is to contemplate.

  10. “Just like being a Catholic isn’t about being perfect.”….. but, it is the goal as Christ commands. Complacency isn’t going to cut it in these probable end times, as it is our purgatory.

  11. Yes, the various upcoming chastisements (some already here) will put a swift end to this obesity-for-all nonsense. In the overwhelming majority of instances, obesity is a moral shortcoming, a vice of deficiency regarding temperance.

    Oh, and yes, SNAP, like all other manipulative handouts and “services,” is evil.

  12. Obesity is occasionally a metabolic disorder, but in most cases it’s the result of poor diet.
    Inflammatory, addictive foods, sugars, seed oils, ultra processed crap…our food supply is terrible. Buy organic, grass fed, local Whole Foods.

    Not to mention the “pro fat” culture now. You can’t say a word without being labeled a fat shamer.
    But if someone’s dog is obese the modernists cry animal abuse.

  13. One factor that contributes hugely to the shameful obesity epidemic is a television in a child’s bedroom. The child grazes continuously while watching TV unattended in the bedroom. This alone demonstrates moral failure of a parent who allows this. TV is a cesspool of soft porn, violence, crudity, blasphemy.

    In counseling parents of obese children in formulating a weight loss program I was stunned to learn 99% had a TV in their bedroom.

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