DEI Patroness and Serial Plagiarista Gets to Keep Her/Its/Their $900K Salary to Teach Lies to Undergrads

Harvard’s Claudine Gay set to keep her nearly $900K annual salary despite resigning as university president

Outgoing Harvard University president Claudine Gay will still likely earn nearly $900,000 a year despite being forced to resign her position as the school’s top administrator.

Political science professor Gay — who stepped down amid a tempest of allegations that she did not do enough to combat antisemitism and academic plagiarism Tuesday — will return to a position on the Cambridge, Mass., school’s faculty.

Prior to being named president just six months ago, Gay earned $879,079 as a faculty of arts and sciences dean in 2021 and $824,068 in 2020, according to records published by the university.

Her new position was not specified Tuesday, but she is expected to receive a salary comparable to what she previously received — if not higher.

It was also unclear how much of her presidential salary of roughly $1 million Gay would be entitled to after only serving in the post for six months.

2 thoughts on “DEI Patroness and Serial Plagiarista Gets to Keep Her/Its/Their $900K Salary to Teach Lies to Undergrads”

  1. Remember how one upon a time, Harvard University was allegedly the most prestigious, Ivy League school in the country? Remember how in the movies and other media, only the smartest of the smart could get into Harvard and being a Harvard grad meant that you were basically guaranteed money, respect and smarts for life? Well, if that ever existed, it sure doesn’t anymore. You could send a high school graduate to an obedience school for retarded dogs and they’d learn more there than they would at today’s Harvard University.

  2. I think it is the purposeful destruction of education for the masses. If you are not a billionaire or a celebrity and you can apply and get accepted, you are not being educated in the classical sense. You are being trained for a job. You might think you are elite because you are told that over and over, but the elites think you are riff raff.

    Look at how blindly the highly “educated” cannot see how the sciences show that there is clearly a Creator. They are convinced something as complicated as a cell had no designer. They believe kaka like chemicals by chance smashed together and came out as a cell, with complex features like cell division and DNA.

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