Welcome to 2024 and Witchcraft on Fox News

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I Predict In 2024, Witchcraft Will… Already Went Mainstream

I’m back from vacation with plenty of material as soon as I get a moment. For now, my only prediction for 2024 is that witchcraft… which has been on the rise for years… will go mainstream.

In 3… 2… 1…

Psychic Delivers Prophecy For Trump On Fox News, And It Doesn’t Sound Good

Video: www.yahoo.com/news/psychic-delivers-prophecy-trump-fox-104228857.html

By Josephine Harvey for Huffpo, 3 January 2024

Former President Donald Trump may have a “sense of loss” in his future, according to a psychic on Fox News.

Alas, this story didn’t originate at Huffpo. Dumping that CIA-asset Tucker Carlson has apparently freed Faux News to hang itself like Jeffrey Epstein didn’t. I’d call ‘em Faux Noose now, except that story already ran in NASCAR.

On his primetime show Tuesday, Jesse Watters said he had recently received a “delightful reading” from a fortune teller at a dinner party.

“And when I asked her about Trump, she said there’d be a grave injustice this fall, and we may not even have an election,” he said.

He introduced Paula Roberts, “The English Psychic,” to give a second opinion on what’s in store for Trump.

Roberts, whose website describes her as a psychic, clairvoyant and seer, pulled an ominous-looking tarot card from her deck.

“Uh oh,” Watters said.

Uh-oh, indeed. Pink pussy hats were only the beginning. Sometimes I wonder if all the angst about Drumpf is part of the Clown world show. Other times, I read “news stories” like this one, and know beyond doubt that they ain’t faking Trump Derangement Syndrome.

“A sense of loss,” she predicted. “A sense of loss, but it’s very specific,” she continued stammering, ”no, let me move on.”

“It’s as if he may be thinking more about what he’s lost and not still taking full advantage of what he still has,” she concluded.

Watters replied: “That’s a great interpretation, Paula.”

My interpretation: a grifter got paid to read some lines. I guess the real actors are still on strike from last year? Didn’t check. Didn’t care. Didn’t really notice.

The real story here is that Fox News cited a witch as a reliable source of information. This is New Year’s Day, not April Fool’s Day, so why would they do that instead of just making a prediction of their own? The incredible answer, is they tried to buy credibility.

From a television psychic…

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to 2024 and Witchcraft on Fox News”

  1. They are normalizing paganism and the New Age. I think Maitreya will show himself before 2030, probably as the man of peace. Maybe we’ll be told that religion was created by aliens and misunderstood by men.

  2. I haven’t watched Fox News in YEARS. They always were controlled opposition and whatever credibility they did have was lost during covidism.

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