The real reason the US Capitol Police are opening “branch offices” all over the country


Five USCP satellite offices have recently opened up around the country.


After January 6, 2021, United States Capitol Police opened 2 satellite offices outside of Washington D.C.. One of those offices was opened in former Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s area and another was opened in Tampa, Florida.

Although Congressman Matt Gaetz and former Florida Representative Anthony Sabatini attempted to block the Tampa office from opening, it opened anyway. In the months that followed its opening, dozens of Floridians were targeted by the Department of Justice and FBI. Many of those individuals were accused of nonviolent crimes. They had their homes illegally raided by the FBI.


USCP claims they’re opening these offices because the threats against members of Congress have increased throughout the years. I personally reached out to USCP and asked them to supply me with the supporting data regarding these so-called threats and they refused to do so.

Earlier this year, USCP announced their plans to open three more satellite offices. These offices are opening/opened in Texas, Milwaukee and Boston. USCP says they opened these satellite offices “due to the increased threat environment.” Again, they make these claims without showing any supporting evidence.


When a member of Congress or their staff are threatened, USCP gather all the information and evidence. Those details are then provided to the FBI. The FBI makes the arrests. So if the FBI is the agency responding to these threats, why would USCP need to open offices?

I spoke with FBI whistleblower and fellow for the Center for Renewing America Steve Friend. This is what Friend told me about these offices:

Why would the USCP be operating outside of Washington D.C.? GREAT QUESTION—so glad you asked. USCP does not have to comply with FOIA requests. Meaning, I cannot request internal emails, memos and information regarding their work or spending. They operate without transparency. So if the USCP were doing other investigations—I wouldn’t be able to submit a FOIA request to obtain more information.

(Read the rest at her substack. This is the same chick who was forced to resign from Fox News for refusing the jab) -nvp


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