St. Stephen’s Day and the tradition of “boxing”

Blessed Feast of St. Stephen, Deacon and Martyr. Today is also referred to as Boxing Day, not due to boxing up Christmas decorations, God forbid, but for the alms box and the gifting of boxed alms to the needy.

The campaign below was started several months ago for a local TLM family, but has recently stalled, and far short of the goal. A major reason I don’t have a donate button on this site is so that I can post campaigns like this and ask the readership to contribute. If you find value in this blog, I pray you are able to return some value via these causes. Please read Marianne’s story and consider boxing some help to this family as they reconstruct their lives. -nvp

Rebuilding for Marianne

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In the heart of our community resides a woman whose strength and resilience have not only touched our lives but have also inspired us to come together in support of a remarkable journey. Meet Marianne, a mother of six young children, who has faced unimaginable challenges with an unwavering spirit. Her recent battle against a life-threatening septic infection left her a survivor but also necessitated the amputation of both her legs above the knee and several of her fingers. As she bravely rebuilds her life alongside her husband Mike, we believe in the power of God and community to stand by their side and provide the love and assistance they deserve.

Marianne’s home, where she and Mike have cared for their children and created countless cherished memories, is now in need of significant renovations to ensure it aligns with ADA regulations and caters to Marianne’s new mobility needs. This fundraiser aims not only to make their home accessible but to create a haven where Marianne and Mike can care for their family and find comfort, security, and hope.

Imagine the daily challenges Marianne faces, from navigating her home to tending to her children’s needs, with Mike steadfastly by her side. These challenges are not just theirs alone; they resonate throughout their family’s lives. As we gather around Marianne and Mike, we believe in the power of God and community to create positive change. By donating to this fundraiser, you are becoming a part of their story, helping to transform their house into a safe and accommodating space that allows them to focus on recovery and embrace their roles as loving parents.

Marianne’s journey is one of determination, courage, and a testament to the strength of the human spirit. She has faced adversity head-on and emerged as a symbol of hope for us all. Let us rally together to show her that she is not alone. Your support, whether through a monetary contribution or by sharing their story, will make a significant impact on her live and her family’s lives.

Every donation, regardless of size, brings Marianne and Mike closer to their goal of a home where she can move freely, care for her family without hindrance, and embark on this new chapter with a renewed sense of purpose. Together, we can help them rebuild not only their house but also their dreams.

Join us in this journey of faith, compassion, and transformation. Let Marianne, Mike, and their children feel the warmth of a community united by the power of God and the shared belief that brighter days are ahead. Your generosity will forever be etched in their hearts and in the story of a family overcoming adversity together.


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  1. Mark, is there anyway to send them a check?…we don’t do anything monetarily on the net, but would very much like to help them.

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