“If a priest were to bless an unholy act, would he be bringing a curse upon himself?”

From Father Z… (link at the end). We are now in uncharted waters like no other time in the history of Christianity. Go to Confession. Warn your friends and family.

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Serious question – if a priest were to bless an unholy act, would he be bringing a curse upon himself?

God the Father is very clear in the Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena about this particular sin and the standard to which He holds His priests.

I needed some time to think about this and to consult.

First, the reference to the Dialogue, above. Reminder: I wrote about that HERE. In a nutshell, St. Catherine, Doctor and Patroness of Europe and of Italy, in her her Dialogues (ch 124), writes that the Enemy, demons, incite people to unnatural sins (homosexual acts) but that they don’t stick around to see them happen, because those acts  are too repulsive even for them.   As Christ – concerning priests especially – told St. Catherine:

Not that the evil displeases [demons] because they like anything good, but because their nature was originally angelic, and their angelic nature causes them to loathe the sight of the actual commission of this enormous sin. They truly enough hurl the arrow poisoned with the venom of concupiscence, but when their victim proceeds to the actual commission of the sin, they depart for the reason and in the manner that I have said.

Such acts can result in extraordinary demonic activity like oppression, obsession, possession. Demons are legalistic. They claim a right to “attach”, as it were. Their claim has to be broken. Certain sins – including unnatural sex acts – give demons a claim on a person or place. If a priest then blesses a homoerotic couple… what does that imply for the claim of the demons? Could the demons make a claim on the priest for what he did?

Extraordinary demonic activity such as oppression, obsession, possession is morally neutral. As a matter of fact, not that a person should ever undertake such a route, God forbid!, possession can be the occasion for a person to attain to great holiness.

That said – and this has to be perfectly clear – the commission of even a venial sin is morally worse than being possessed. Sin is worse than ordinary or extraordinary demonic activity.

Priests (seminarians, religious) are high value targets for the Enemy, who has limited time just as we do. There is a much higher incidence of extraordinary demonic activity for priests (etc.) who commit sins such as viewing porn as there would be among, say, high school students or your average Joe. Without denigrating them in the least, the latter are a dime a dozen. Priests are high value targets. Hence, anything that might incite extraordinary demonic activity is going to have a far higher risk for priests than most lay people.

The graver the sin, the higher the risk.

A blessing invokes the names of the Most Holy Trinity, naming the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Their very names are sacred. Invoking them to bestow blessings, graces, is decidedly non-trivial.

Think about it: Invoke the Trinity in the blessing of those whom you know intend to be engaging in such acts? It is sacrilege.

An exorcist I spoke to before posting this called it “horrific”…

(Do go read the whole thing. Several more important points… -nvp)


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  1. At times I have access only to the Novus Ordo Mass in a liberal diocese. If I hear that these “blessings” are taking place would it be permissible to avoid Mass attendance anywhere in the diocese? Must I determine exactly which priests are involved?

  2. Father Z really lays it out in this article just how bad and dangerous these things are. Highly recommend everyone read this – it really is quite horrifying.

  3. Hi Mark. This is off topic but I broke my hip today and am in the hospital. May I please have some prayers from you and the good people who read your blog? I’m nervous and scared about surgery. Thanks.

  4. Thank you for the prayers, Mark and Kono. Surgery was this morning, everything went well. I fractured my femur so it was an easier fix. Three screws and three staples to hold me together. Thanks again!

  5. Speaking of blessing the unholy isn’t stating that you would baptize an alien a denial of original sin or a reproach to the goodness of God? No matter how I think about it seems to be saying that baptism does not really forgive original sin or that God would allow other beings to inherit original sin even though they do not have any connection with Adam and Eve.

    1. There are no aliens. Full stop. If the human race encounters something resembling/acting/operating like an “alien,” said alien is a demon. Demons can manifest physically, and they can cause illusions. They may be able to transmit information. More on this in a forthcoming post.

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