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  1. What boggles my mind is that these men are not dumb. That makes their *appearance* of stupidity even worse.

  2. Long time ago I had a nasty encounter with Marshall. He’s a trad bro and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.

  3. Men can be women.

    Women can be men.

    Sodomy can be marriage and blessed.

    Adulterers can be in a state of grace and receive communion.

    God Who is Truth positively wills all contradictory religions.

    Mary full of grace still felt decieved by God.

    Immortal souls can be annihilated if they are really really extremely bad.

    Open Heretics can be Popes.

    Two Men can share a Papal Ministry.

    Obedience to this non-dogmatic non-infallible non-binding council is mandatory.

    Par for the course for Catholic Conservatism. Very American! Very Hegel and hip! The worst sin is that someone might get upset because you raise uncomfortable inquiries! If you don’t think everything is legalistically fine within the dotted lines, then you must lack faith! So put on your smile and remember that paradise is only one vote away!

  4. I am convinced that Taylor Marshall, net worth $5 million, is a freemason or CIA. He has that “look” of FBI Hollywood actor. Mission? Control the opposition to buy time and prevent orthodox Catholics from realizing Bergoglio is an antipope.

    Convert? Check.
    Came out of nowhere? Check.
    Suddenly had the capital to create a very professional and highly influential Catholic media empire? Check.
    Still on YouTube, is promoted by them, and has never been banned? Check.
    Diabolical narcissist? Check. https://youtube.com/shorts/wPZbsJ1Cuvc?si=bgjWrWgJfHAtsH3U

    1. Methinks a “Catholic Media Empire” might have in its possession more than a webcam and a few books for sale. Marshall regularly has Ed Mazza on his show, whom he treats with great respect. Is this evidence that Mazza is controlled opposition? And how about Kennedy Hall? What’s he hiding behind that beard? Rather suspicious!

      I’m sure you’re sincere, Mr. Mcneill, but these are confusing times (by design), and we should allow that there are going to be differences of opinion among sincere and faithful Catholics on important and legitimate questions. Those varying opinions are not reason enough to suspect anyone of working for the enemy. For the record, I disagree with Marshall and Hall on the identity of the pope.

  5. I sincerely believe that antipope bergoglio could preside over an internationally televised and live-streamed black mass, complete with human sacrifice, and performed atop a Mayan pyramid… And the vast majority of Catholics would still think he’s the pope.

  6. Yep. The question is, do most people find it difficult to see past “common sense” – in other words, the way the herd is moving… or are they incapable of moving against the herd?

    And is this with, or without supernatural grace? And in which cases does God provide that grace?

    Questions to keep yourself up at night. Thank God we are instructed to mind our own business, and not others business.

  7. The thing is, as Ann Barnhart pointed out, many of them ACTUALLY DO THINK Francis is an Anti-Pope, or believe Barnhart is right.

    They are just too PROFESSIONAL to say it, for the same reasons many of them can see and know the US Election was stolen and Jan 6th was a bunch of nothing that doesn’t even raise to the level of a successful false flag.

    But they can’t professionally SAY THAT, because they face a TIDAL WAVE of opposition to the narrative which will demand onerous ridiculous burdens of proof and videographic evidence to shut them down, or take advantage of the crisis to put down the Church, and they have the excuse that weaker Catholics or potential converts who follow their channels will get upset if the Pope so much as harms a fly for no good reason, or they have careers or are financially dependent on Catholic donors or institutions who take marching orders from Rome or are just as concerned about all of the above and just want to operate on smooth sailing waters.

    There is no doubt that Marshall et all KNOW, and even Peter K initially publicly stated so before recanting. But they don’t want to risk their necks or at the very least “scandalise” Catholics.

    Someone should point out that they are potentially behaving like Judas Iscariot who got very upset that Christ told everyone they’d have to eat His flesh and drink His blood, and He wasn’t being metaphorical, to the point that ALL those followers and potential converts walked away.

    Of all the excuses, “scandalizing Catholics” is the weakest. They are already scandalized by Francis. Telling them, “It’s all still legal and Papal in the fine print” (It’s actually not), only makes them look like idiots, further scandalizing things, and causing anxiety as people doubt their intelligence and cease thinking further as a result.

    They, like Voris, think they are doing their duty by pretending not to see and covering things up like Noah’s sons, but fail to realize that entire generations will be cursed as a result, and that Noah and the world are going to FIND OUT ANYWAY, so they are not going to accomplish anything past the short term, and also that the reward due to the coverup was not exactly for Shem or Japeth’s deed, but as a natural result of cursing Ham’s descendents, which naturally benefitted them. But this was also Noah’s own initiative, not God Himself explicitly willing the state of affairs, hence inevitably compounding the situation into an evil generation of Canaan and WAR, so I hope they are ready to live and die by the sword, when all these sexual immoral calamities are finally born.

    1. If they know it and they say nothing then the idea they believe in hell is questionable. Many Catholics will leave the Church because they are persuaded that an imposter is the legit pope and that to question that is schismatic, and popeslainers will be accountable to divine justice for that. Either they never taught of that or the don’t fear hell.

  8. James, Catholics today are brainwashed in democracy and scientism and to always rely on the Government and Experts to tell them what to think and what to do, and NEVER to act, because they have to sit and wait for the police, least they be arrested for trying to protect themselves or their property, after all, the criminal could get hurt, and it might turn in a hate crime and they’ll have to settle for a plea bargain of 20 years in prison under an American Just-us System, and just imagine what people and the media will say about them on the internet where they are suddenly Nazi Terrorists!

    Hence why many will do nothing despite the obvious. They have been trained and groomed not to act, but to be helpless and pay their taxes.

  9. Kwasniewski’s Amazon review debacle is the most compelling evidence I’ve seen that there is nefarious, well-funded control of the entire Trad Industrial Complex. He didn’t just get a phone call from his 1P5 editor asking him to reconsider. He was relentlessly badgered until, after a frenzy of edits, the review said precisely the opposite of what was originally written. That episode had all of the hallmarks of orders coming hard and fast from on-high. Much higher than Skojec (though possibly from the same area code as Steve’s old Northern Virginia stomping grounds). Where “Dr. K” has taken the argument since then, into an endless extrapolation on the “Vatican I was wrong” theme (also posited by Skojec) is just more kindling on the fire.

    Other examples would be Voris and Skojec suddenly and viciously turning on the TLM to coincide almost perfectly with the release of Traditiones Custodes. Or the Freemason Salza turning on the SSPX to the point of blaming the Society for TC. And don’t forget the intel op with the “I Dream of Jeanie” ringtone, whose life’s mission is to make sure you know that The Francis is absolutely totes legit. A point the entirety of the Trad Industrial Complex not only universally agrees upon, but ties itself into constrictor knots to promote, even at the expense of the very tradition they presume to defend.

    And then there’s the sudden, meteoric rise of Taylor Marshall, and everything you laid out above. If I can add to that, I’d remind everyone of the staged Pachademon/Tiber River stunt, which Marshall bald-faced lied about to his followers on camera. Also of note is his accomplice Alexander Tschugguel’s Wikipedia page, which details the incident as if it had been a wholly organic act of protest, while making no mention of Taylor Marshall’s duplicitous involvement in staging it.

    Through the Soviet Vatican’s “punish one, educate a thousand” policy, the real shepherds — the priests and Bishops — have been bullied into silence, complicity, and ultimately, cowardice. That leadership vacuum has created a market for lay “experts” with six-figure theology degrees to guide the faithful through the meticulously-constructed mess. We’d be foolish to think that market wasn’t as tightly controlled as the bureaucracies (from Rome and DC) currently propping up the Bergoglian antichurch. They are. These people are playing for keeps, and the clock is running out. Nothing is left to chance at this stage of the game.

    Everyone needs to be very careful who they trust, and who the support financially. We’re probably living through the most confusing time in human history. Discernment is everything.

    Get confessed, then stay confessed. And in spite of all of the raging chaos, have a blessed Christmas.

  10. Among the top earners in the Catholic media space, there are no varying opinions. FiP is dogma. Even among those who call him “non-Catholic”, who pray for conversion to the Faith, and declare him anathema.

    The open embrace of that which is logically impossible (a non-Catholic, anathematized Pope) by obviously intelligent, learned men is what’s suspicious. Not so much their studio gear or facial hair.

  11. Controlled opposition:

    1) a party, whose allegiance lies with the ruling party, that plays an opposition role, within controlled parameters, to gave the impression there is, actually, legitimate opposition. Said “opposition party” acts only in ways to keep people under the illusion that the “system” isn’t fixed. Example: The Republican Party

    2) a party which earnestly believes they are the opposition, yet is permitted to conduct opposition operations only within set parameters, minimizing their reach and import. When said party gets too close to home, or could unravel the established order, they are silenced or roped in. I place Alex Jones in this category.

    These two are one of the above. Not sure which.

  12. Fwancis is good for business. How many people would watch or follow Taylor Marshall, Michael Voris, Steve Skojec, etc., etc., if we had a holy (real) pope enforcing the Catholic Faith?

  13. Likely credible sources (e.g. Fr. M. Martin) suggest the Third Secret states – states – that there will be a pontiff who is actively & wittingly in league with the Enemy. Good Pope John is said to have fainted when this was read to him.

    It would seem unlikely that such a pope would be Catholic. Like-wise “the destroyer”, a future pontiff, as described by St. Francis in his death-bed visions.

  14. Psalm 117:8-9 “It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than have confidence in man. It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes”

  15. St. Francis talks about an invalidly elected pontiff raised to the Chair. The assumption that a valid pope can destroy the Church runs totally contrary to EVERYTHING ever taught about the papacy.

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