Today is the Day! “Is the Pope Catholic” free online conference

Is the Pope Catholic? Webinar: Saturday December 9th, 2023
A Conference Seeking the Truth about the “Two Popes”










The webinar will be streamed live and free on YouTube starting at 17:30 UTC, which is:

• 9:30 AM US Pacific
• 12:30 PM US Eastern
• 5:30 PM United Kingdom / Ireland
• 18:30 Central European Time
• 6:30 AM New Zealand (Sunday December 10th)
• 4:30 AM Australian Eastern Time (Sunday December 10th)

The link to join the webinar is:

6 thoughts on “Today is the Day! “Is the Pope Catholic” free online conference”

  1. It is streamed on YouTube, so it should be there even after the livestream ends. You can even go back and watch what you missed even as it is streaming.

  2. Hey Mark,
    I noticed that one of the speakers on the tentative list was MIA.
    Are you free to comment on that?

  3. For anyone who missed it, it looks like about six hours of solid content from terrific speakers (no exception). I think the only disappointment was that fewer than 500 people watched it live (at any point I checked). Content this comprehensive and thorough should get in front of at least 100s of thousands of eyes. I’d consider listening to it as a nice binge podcast, perhaps while traveling during the Advent/Christmas season.

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