Full video: “Is the Pope Catholic?” online conference with timestamps

Please click through and watch on Youtube so we can track the views. I will be posting excerpts from the transcript in the coming days. Truly an historic event, many thanks to Dr. Mazza and the speakers.

0:00:00 Holy Rosary, 0:18:00 conference intro, 0:25:00 Father Kramer, 1:15:00 Ann Barnhardt, 1:57:00 Dr. Mazza part one, 2:46:00 Q&A part one, 04:16:00 Dr. Mazza part two, 5:00:30 Elizabeth Yore, 5:52:00 Archbishop Vigano, 6:36:00 Q&A part two, 7:08:00 conclusion/wrap up.

One thought on “Full video: “Is the Pope Catholic?” online conference with timestamps”

  1. Correction. Fr Kramer made at least three mentions of a 1963 article about the third secret of Fátima in a German publication, Neues Europa. That title translates to New Europe, NOT News Europe.

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