Neocon WSJ finally throws in the towel on Ukraine… hard

It’s Time to End Magical Thinking About Russia’s Defeat


Putin has withstood the West’s best efforts to reverse his invasion of Ukraine, and his hold on power is firm. The U.S. and its allies need a new strategy: containment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a National Unity Day ceremony in Moscow, Nov. 4. Almost two years after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Putin has reason to believe time is on his side. PHOTO: MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/ASSOCIATED PRESS



As Russian President Vladimir Putin looks toward the second anniversary of his all-out assault on Ukraine, his self-confidence is hard to miss. A much-anticipated Ukrainian counter-offensive has not achieved the breakthrough that would give Kyiv a strong hand to negotiate. Tumult in the Middle East dominates the headlines, and bipartisan support for Ukraine in the U.S. has been upended by polarization and dysfunction in Congress, not to mention the pro-Putin leanings of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

Putin has reason to believe that time is on his side. At the front line, there are no indications that Russia is losing what has become a war of attrition. The Russian economy has been buffeted, but it is not in tatters. Putin’s hold on power was, paradoxically, strengthened following Yevgeny Prigozhin’s failed rebellion in June. Popular support for the war remains solid, and elite backing for Putin has not fractured.

Western officials’ promises of reinvigorating their own defense industries have collided with bureaucratic and supply-chain bottlenecks. Meanwhile, sanctions and export controls have impeded Putin’s war effort far less than expected. Russian defense factories are ramping up their output, and Soviet legacy factories are outperforming Western factories when it comes to much-needed items like artillery shells…

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7 thoughts on “Neocon WSJ finally throws in the towel on Ukraine… hard”

  1. The WSJ still is neoconservative though. They want to contain Russia in Ukraine.

    Russia has said the same thing from the beginning. They want a neutral Ukraine. No NATO. As long as the US wants a presence there, Russia will continue to do what it is doing.

    Russia is stronger than the US militarily, and more stable economically and politically. And now they’re friends with China.

    Time for the US and its puppet to admit defeat and accept Russians demands. We were in the wrong in the first place.

  2. Russia is not stronger than the US militarily. The US has merely slow walked military aid to Ukraine. The current stalemate is a result of that policy.

  3. Yeah Russia is stronger than the US militarily. More troops, more artillery. Better missiles, including hypersonic, more nukes.

    The US has more subs, but that’s offset by Russias advantage in nukes. And aircraft carriers are obsolete as everything is run by satellite.

    There is no “stalemate”. Russia has simply stayed in one position and mowed down 500,000 Ukrainians. At any time Russia could take Kiev. But they don’t want to. They want Ukraine to be a neutral country.

    There is no amount of US aid that will win this war

    Would Joe Pedo Biden use nukes or set up a nuke false flag to go after Russia? I can see that.

    The same ego and pride that makes the US think it can put NATO on Russias borders and beat Russia is the same ego and pride that will get us humiliated.

    The US hasn’t won a war in 78 years. It’s about the MIC. As long as the MIC has its money it doesn’t matter how bad the US military actually is.

    Also the US is broke. The brokest of any country in world history.

    We are a 3rd world country and don’t know it.

    Ps. I hate Putin. He is a demon. But so is Biden. Putin just happens to be right on this.

    1. Yes, there is a deep state in every country. We call it evil.

      If the heart of Christianity, St. Peter’s, has been consecrated to a demon , there’s no place on earth that can escape this preternatural attack.

  4. The US has never won a war since WWII.

    Not Vietnam, not Cuba, not Korea.

    Even Afghanistan finally made them withdraw. And outside the tiny green zone, Iraq is not better off.

    The US is really good at mass destruction.

    It could be the case that these wars are not intended to be won. Merely dragged on and prolonged for maximum profit.

    With recruitment at all time lows, and diversity over competency hiring and promoting, and manufacturing being self- sabotaged for similar + environmental buffoonery goals, it ain’t going to get much better. Leaving only AI/Drones/Islamic proxies as the last competent vanguards besides the suicidal option of nukes.

    But even the AI is programmed to be woke, Iran has better drones, and the aiding of insurgents and terrorists and corrupt regimes will inevitably blow up in your face, just as lefty Jews are discovering what exactly they have been financing in culture and education.

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