Russian Ministry of Justice asks Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ movement “extremist”

While the FBI is hunting Trad Catholics…

Russian authorities ask the Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ ‘movement’ extremist
Story by By DASHA LITVINOVA, Associated Press 

TALLINN, Estonia (AP) — The Russian Justice Ministry on Friday said it has filed a lawsuit with the nation’s Supreme Court to outlaw the LGBTQ+ “international public movement” as extremist, the latest crippling blow against the already beleaguered LGBTQ+ community in the increasingly conservative country.

The ministry said in an online statement announcing the lawsuit that authorities have identified “signs and manifestations of extremist nature” in “the activities of the LGBT movement active” in Russia, including “incitement of social and religious discord.” Russia’s Supreme Court has scheduled a hearing to consider the lawsuit for Nov. 30, the ministry said.

It is not yet clear what exactly the label would entail for LGBTQ+ people in Russia if the Supreme Court sides with the Justice Ministry, and the ministry did not immediately respond to a request for comment. But the move in itself represents the latest, and possibly by far the most drastic, step in the decade-long crackdown on gay rights in Russia unleashed under President Vladimir Putin, who has put “traditional family values” at the cornerstone of his rule.

The crackdown, which began a decade ago, slowly but surely chipped away at LGBTQ+ rights (sic). In 2013, the Kremlin adopted the first legislation restricting LGBTQ+ rights, known as the “gay propaganda” law, banning any non-critical public depiction of “nontraditional sexual relations” among minors. In 2020, Putin pushed through a constitutional reform to extend his rule by two more terms that also outlawed same-sex marriage.

In 2022, after sending troops into Ukraine, the Kremlin ramped up its rhetoric about protecting “traditional values” from what it called the West’s “degrading” influence, in what rights advocates saw as an attempt to legitimize the war in Ukraine. That same year, the authorities adopted a law banning propaganda of “nontraditional sexual relations” among adults, too, effectively outlawing any public endorsement of LGBTQ+ people.

Another law passed this year prohibited gender transitioning procedures and gender-affirming care for trans people. The legislation prohibited any “medical interventions aimed at changing the sex of a person,” as well as changing one’s gender in official documents and public records. It also amended Russia’s Family Code by listing gender change as a reason to annul a marriage and adding those “who had changed gender” to a list of people who can’t become foster or adoptive parents.

“Do we really want to have here, in our country, in Russia, ‘Parent No. 1, No. 2, No. 3’ instead of ‘mom’ and ‘dad?’” Putin said in September 2022 at a ceremony to formalize Moscow’s annexation of four Ukrainian regions. “Do we really want perversions that lead to degradation and extinction to be imposed in our schools from the primary grades?”

5 thoughts on “Russian Ministry of Justice asks Supreme Court to declare the LGBTQ movement “extremist””

  1. We in the West get more and more sick and depraved while Russia is clearly being purified in preparation for the Consecration. No wonder Biden (actually Bidens minders), Clinton, Graham, and the rest of the secular, Masonic globalists hate Russia so much. Oh, and for anyone who hasn’t heard, it seems as though the long-lost Our Lady of Kazan icon has finally been found. That’s a very good thing for Russia.

  2. The crack down on perversion began a decade ago. That flies in the face of those who argue that Putin’s Russia is Christian in name only. It means the movement towards true Christianity has been ongoing. Sure, there are 70 years of Bolshevik propaganda to overcome, and that’s not easy. However I believe the assault on perversion is thus not a current reaction to the empire of Usury, Sodomy, and Abortion…

  3. It’s funny how MSN, like most Western propaganda, is spinning Putin’s reform of the government to “extend his rule for two more terms.”

    The fact is that prior to Putin’s reform, a Russian candidate could be President for as many terms as people elect them, no different than Canadian Prime Ministers. Putin, in fact, LIMITED the terms to 2, similar to the U.S. Presidency. Considering this reform only recently went into effect, Putin can have 2 more terms, then no more, whereas if he didn’t institute the reforms, he could’ve run as many times as he wants.

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