UPDATE: Turns out the Cindy McCain synod demon is not the priest murderer but a child murderer

TLDR: The Arizona traitor widow gifted the antipope with a goddess of child murder. Take that, Pachamama.

Original story and video HERE.

It was originally thought that the demon in question was the priest-murdering demon warrior, since Cindy was whispering, “it’s a warrior” in the video released by the stolen Vatican. However, eagle-eyed reader “L. Williams” spotted the distinction from my original post and called it out in the combox, pointing to this: 

“The spirit represented in this figure is called Soyoko Mana by the Hopi. This figure is distinguished from other ogre women because of her butterfly whorl hairstyle, which indicates she is not yet married. She carries a knife and crook and has a basket on her back. These items are used to catch her prey, children, and carry them away. Children are expected to provide food for her, and if they don’t, they are told she will eat them instead.”  https://lammuseum.wfu.edu/2022/03/hopi-ogre-woman-kachina/

And now, confirmation:


20 thoughts on “UPDATE: Turns out the Cindy McCain synod demon is not the priest murderer but a child murderer”

  1. The New World Order is fake news and misinformation because it’s been rebranded as the Great Reset, so no worries tinfoilers.

    1. I’m sorry T, can you expand on that thought a little?

      Can you explain any context in which it would be a good idea to present idols of demons to the pope?

      1. I’m just joking. I’m thinking of fact checkers who say ridiculous things like it’s a conspiracy theory theory that George Soros does anything when in fact it is his son.

  2. Hamas apparently beheaded several babies and left their bodies out in the open.

    Add those to the abortion facilities’ output, and Bergolio’s new synodal friend has plenty to eat.

    1. The same connection appeared to me. This pagan demon doll thing stands for liberals, abortionists, trans mutilators, Hamas, Aztec sacrifices, all evils done to children and other defenseless. Time and space does not separate these evil actions because they are all controlled by the same source.

      Why does nobody learn from history? These people make no secret of their intentions and never have. They proclaim that they want to destroy everything outside their moon cult, and we just smile and let them in. We are such fools.

      1. It’s more than this. These people have always been around. When Bergoglio consecrated Pachamama that was a signal to the evil demons that they could tear the mask off, manifest, be bold and proud in their sin. They will have preternatural protection. This Hopi doll is encouragement to the diabolically elected to , as Luther said sin boldly.

        Comfort and aid. If this was the last supper we’d be at the moment where Jesus told Judas to go do what he was going to do. Evil’s time is now.

    2. There is no situation in which Cindy McCain doesn’t appear evil in this. Seriously. She didn’t just go to a “Hopi Gift Shop” and pick one of these up. She’s a well known, and theoretically educated personality, in an area where such things would be known. Its like having some “Amazonian” go to a gift shop and and pick up a Pachademon idol because it looks like the BVM. Not happening.

  3. I was always a little creeped out by Cindy McCain. She seemed like some type of non-human stepford wife. The question I have is did she know what she was really giving his anti-holiness or was she doing what her deep-state puppet masters told her to do?

    1. Do you have a link? I recalled the good ol’ Iraqi Baby Incubator propaganda when I first heard it, which is why I qualified my sentence with “apparently.”

      Not that I don’t believe musloid jihadis are incapable of it any more than Planned Parenthood employees.

  4. It’s the favorite motif of the satanic/Masonic/illuminati „elite” that rules the world in the name of the ultimate wretch. Here’s another very telling specimen that belongs to the “art collection” of the infamous Tony Podesta: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EjzD9fyXsAIFesQ?format=jpg&name=medium

    And yes, displaying this vile trash in the open is ritualistic and aims at unleashing the forces of darkness upon the world as we are nearing the final showdown.

      1. From what I can gather, there is a semantic game being played. Perhaps deliberately by using vague early reports.

        The 40 babies beheaded story obviously evokes imagery in the imagination of systematic ritualistic beheadings or murders collectively in one location, as done recently to several orthodox men by the seaside. The only footage shown has been a few scattered covered bodies in various places.

        There are indeed babies dead amongst others, but no verification of men deliberately going around cutting heads off. A few might have been beheaded, but probably as a random result of bullets, explosions or schrapnel. Either way, still terrible, and Hamas is responsible, but Israeli attacks on populated areas will be similar. The difference being that Israel let them know that it is coming.

        Either way, the demon is feeding.

  5. The IDF is pulling a Francis on the baby story. They can’t officially answer the dubia, but will be very happy that you assume it is true! Gee Whiz! Looks like maybe we oughta assume otherwise about anything they say!

    Russia is sceptical about why the US failed to detect a Hamas attack that was being planned for a year. Even Israeli citizens are sceptical about their own government. The military is of the belief that rather than conspiracy, it is likely that the IDF and Mossad are no longer as capable as they used to be, and the Iron Dome missile defence system is outdated and the arabs all know how to circumvent it.

    However questions remain about how so much was accomplished on the ground without anyone noticing!

    Also, because Israel supported Ukraine against Russia, Russia is signalling that they will support Palestine.

    There is the possibility of Russian military ships escorting Turkish vessels carrying aid to Gaza. Will the US and Israeli navies dare to blockade it?

    If Hamas is better prepared than they think, and more actors get involved, will Israel get desperate and go nuclear?


  6. The Hopi demon is one whose primary role is kidnapping and enslaving children. Consuming them is later. These may be distinctions we may see exposed in the near future

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