Cindy McCain gifts antipope Bergoglio a murderous Hopi demon idol for the synod

I guess she just knows he’s into demons, amiright? At the 0:08 mark:

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  1. I got a text of this “art” earlier in the day from someone and dismissed it as a fake. Surely no priest, not even the worst possible priest, would accept something like this. Well, I stand corrected now that I’ve seen this video and am shuddering right now. Cindy McCain you, like your daughter Megan, are an evil thing that rhymes with itch. Jorge Bergoglio, if you were the pope or even a Catholic priest for that matter, you would have thrown this evil thing on the ground right in front of her, stomped on it, said a quick exorcism prayer and then had Mrs. McCain physically escorted out of the Vatican. How very apt that this happened at the start of the sin-nod. Everyone, get to confession tomorrow because a time is coming where it will be outlawed by the antichurch and the effeminate little sheep in the chanceries and parishes will fall into line in false obedience.

  2. This isn’t trolling. They’re all manifesting their allegiance to Satan.

    4 years ago Bergoglio consecrated a demon in St Peter’s. 63 years ago the Church was dedicated to Satan in a black mass as close to the main altar as possible . I believe it was in the Pauline Chapel .

    And we’ve all seen the way Bergoglio looks at the Host

    1. More and more, I think we’re converging on the point of the Triumph – or maybe even the Sign of the Son of Man – as 2029 or 2030. One hundred years from the requested consecration that never materialized, seventy years from the desecration that issued in the errors of the false council – itself seventy years from when Leo XIII said that the Smoke of Satan had entered the Vatican, and that Christ had handed power to the Evil One for a little while.

      Someone else did research on this, and noted that there was confusion between whether power was handed to the Adversary for one time, a century, or two periods of sixty-seventy years. I think, along with this person, that it is becoming perfectly clear there were two periods of seventy years – one to afflict from the outside, one to afflict from the inside – just as what happened to Job.

      Let’s hope the ending is the same as that of Job.

  3. I discovered what this figure is: “Ms.” McCain can be hear saying “it’s a warrior, a warrior”. But that is not accurate. Apparently there are many different types of kachina representing different entities. In the past, Hopi people would dress up as these figures as part of a ceremony.
    This a figure is a particular “Ogre Woman” which preys on children.
    According to the Lam Museum website:
    “This figure is distinguished from other ogre women because of her butterfly whorl hairstyle, which indicates she is not yet married. She carries a knife and crook and has a basket on her back. These items are used to catch her prey, children, and carry them away. Children are expected to provide food for her, and if they don’t, they are told she will eat them instead.”
    “On some mesas she may be the ogre that threatens a small child who has been naughty and bargains with a relative to ransom the child, but on others she is not.”
    (Barton Wright, Kachinas: a Hopi Artist’s Documentary)
    The hair is a dead give away. The crook is not visible in the video, but that is what this is. It seems that the was a sort of Hopi “boogyman” used to scare children into behaving. This is also depicted as a bearded woman, which is odd. The blood stained knife is chilling. What a hideous thing.

  4. My, another Synod, another demon worshipped. I’m smelling a theme developing here…and I’ll say it: Bergoglio could literally worship Lucifer in public, and Trad Inc would still say “Francis is Pope, shut up stupid”!

    1. Mark, exactly. I have said this before but it’s worth repeating… Jorge Bergoglio could host an internationally televised and live-streamed black mass atop one of those Myan pyramids in Mexico, complete with human sacrifice. And, all the Trad Inc people and their followers would STILL insist that he’s the holy father and those of us who say otherwise are damned to hell for doing so.

    2. “True, he may be raping the Church and calling the Church’s mission solemn nonsense and consecrating demons at the Vatican and saying that priests are free to bless unrepentant sinners, but he is–without a doubt–the Holy Father, stoopid schizo!”

  5. See, when I talk about everything being run by Lucifer worshippers, normies be like, “You mentally ill”. They openly manifest their presence and have plans published on public websites, but if nobody mentions it on the MSM it’s just delusional conspiracy theories. It’s not so much as the devil hiding it as much as pushing it in our faces to troll us and paying journalists into calling it a conspiracy theory.

    1. I am convinced that it is not a question of “will not”, but a question of “cannot”. Most people _cannot_ step outside of the paradigm-lens, driven by “consensus”, that is manufactured for them. Those that can are either men of great will and leadership, the socially-insane autists, and the true Philosophers, who love Truth above all other things.

      I know I fall under one category, don’t fall under another, and pray I fall into the third. But I guess what I’m driving at is, people are sheep, don’t blame sheep for being sheep, blame the shepherds for leading them astray.

  6. The 2019 demon worship did a number on us. More demons=more chaos. Covid 2.0, some kind of new lockdowns. And then we have war knocking on our door.
    And so it worsens.

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