8 thoughts on “TFW you’re so indoctrinated that you support the side that would throw you off the nearest tall building”

  1. I’ve got a great idea for them. I think they should take a trip to Saudi Arabia, and specifically Mecca or Medina. There, they should stage a protest for LGBTWXYZ rights and hand out flyers to the locals, promoting the importance of diversity and inclusion. If anyone gets angry, just scream “shame! shame! shame!” in unison. I think a big demonstration with rainbows and unicorns right outside the Grand Mosque of Mecca would be totally awesome. Come on your good little warriors, do it in the name of social justice.

  2. I linked to this on Facebook, adding we have Hamas supporters over the river (Mississippi River, Twin Cities) and locally. Within seconds, the post was deleted and I was placed on restriction. Badge of honor. Deo gratias.

  3. Bergolio accepts another demonic idol from Mrs. McCain while dogwhistling for sodomy, and this war suddenly happens. Coincidence?

    If there was a Pope, he’d cancel this Synod and order all the bishops there and elsewhere to consecrate Russia with him right now. Invite Zelensky, he won’t mind, he’s already somehow already blaming Putin for this, and that guy would love to be anywhere but home.

    Iran is denying involvement, but it seems Hezbollah is eager to support, and missiles are coming in from Syria. Likely because the USA’s own backed jihadis against Assad are just as excited to join in, and Afghanistan has lots more American weaponry to share. This whole thing can escalate regionally into a greater conflict.

    Why Israeli intelligence and security sat around doing nothing on the anniversary of Yom Kippur given historic precedent while knowing how muzzie jihadis operate whilst Hamas paraglided in on bright colorful wings is a mystery with shades of the 9/11 security apparatus failure at every level for which nobody was held accountable; much like how good a job they do now of guarding (deliberately sabotaging) the US border. It’s as if they want problems to happen! Who knows? Nethanyahu is likely thakful for the distraction from his internal issues. Perhaps he should pledge more protections for LGBT rights beside his openly gay cabinet minister for another big parade in Tel Aviv next year. Heck , have it in Bethlehem in Palestine once they flatten every alleged Hamas hideout into the ground, so that trannies can mock the Nativity and Holy Family right from the vicinity. The folks above will be happy to fly there and ‘support’ Palestinian ‘rights’ and Francis will be happy to bless them.

    Now the US government is considering jamming Israeli and Ukrainian military funding onto the same bill. Will Matt Gaetz and the Republicans and next house speaker dare to stop it? Somewhere, McCarthy is laughing!

  4. On the other hand, they can support the well spring of all that is anarchy and unnatural

    Including an apartheid state right in front of you fellow readers…

  5. I mean, is it any worse than “conservatives” who reflexively support the same group that enslaves them through usury, censors them, fills their country with porn and debased culture, immigrants them out of existence, propagandizes them into destroying themselves, controls and manipulates their economy, can command immediate billions before funding a dime for Americans, etc., etc.? Just saying.

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