3 thoughts on “Updated: Please pray for Fr. Nix and Jesse Romero, on the ground in Israel”

  1. I love Father Nix. So holy! So intelligent. I’d like to direct all readers here to his blog, Padre Peregrino. Every column is a beautiful catechism lesson.

    St Abraham, our father in Faith, pray for Father Nix and his fellow pilgrims.

  2. Been worried about them ! Love listening to Jesse Romero on the radio . May God bless and protect them and get them back to the US safely!

  3. Thank God they’re safe and on their way home.

    On a side note, it’s interesting that Jesse backed out of the Patrick Coffin event not long ago because PC denies the legitimacy of The Francis. Fr. Nix does as well. I’m hopeful that Jesse is coming around on this.

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