Feast of the Assumption: Mary, Destroyer of Heresy

Blessed feast, everyone!







Mary, Destroyer of Heresy

This is THE class on the role of Mary in Christ’s Victory over Evil. 7 part mini course honoring the 50th anniversary of Our Lady’s warnings at Akita of the Devil infiltrating the Church. Learn how Mary leads her children to victory over errors both inside and outside the Church: from the Passion to Pachamama. Virgin Most Powerful, Pray for us!

$125 Choose “Mary Mini Course” and Enroll Today! ($99 Discounted price for Meaning of Catholic Guild Registered Members https://meaningofcatholic.com/guild/register/)

Live Classes start Tuesday Aug 15th, Feast of the Assumption at 6pm Pacific and will run approximately 70-80 minutes. Q&A will follow for 10 minutes or more for those who can stay. I will suggest readings. No tests. No pressure. Content: Ages 13 and up. Recorded video link will be sent afterwards so you can watch on your own time!


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